I guess this is a good photo to coincide with my interesting weekend.

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99 Captions for “Boozer”

  1. Chim

    Well, the evening began at the gentleman’s club, where we were discussing Wittgenstein over a game of backgammon…

  2. Angie

    Im always drinkin too early in the morning.

  3. hero

    Three shots, two smokes, and 4 Viagra tablets later… Dale realized that pimping ain’t easy but it sho’ is fun!

  4. cari

    When lawn ornaments go bad.

  5. Benjamin

    They say it helps preventing Alzheimers disease…

  6. Adam

    ah well, at least they didn’t shave me when they kicked me outta the party..

  7. dungeonmaster

    quick, steal his nuts

  8. dungeonmaster

    “who cares if i left the gas on” (eddie izzard fans might get that one)

  9. dungeonmaster

    S*~t where are my pants?

  10. dadro

    ….and the next thing I know I’m waking up in the gutter with one hell of a hangover and chaff marks on my ass.

  11. -x-

    Damn mexican kicks my ass everytime

  12. Iwan Sjokotov

    Hey, that’s the bastard that cracked my bar !!!

  13. Karen Berreth

    Oh yeah, Rocky can fly!

  14. Kenn

    After the cancelation of the tv series, Dale got a job as a double for Rocky, but Chip ended up on a different course. In the end, he was reduced to juggeling his nuts in exchange for drinks and smokes.

  15. Steve 1

    Outrage over mad doctor’s dead squirrel in put-up photo [photo courtesy of Dr Pickering’s Chanhole Project]

  16. dan

    God damn Maude. I should of known she would have left me for the golf pro.

  17. zagood

    Seriously…I only need to crash for a few nights…wait this isn’t bob’s house.

  18. xoot

    Don’t do what Daddy does for a living, kids.

  19. harry_k

    no matter what, the tail has to look good…yeah

  20. siddslater

    “Yeah, (cough, cough) I was sober for seven years and what did it get me? Nothing. So here I am”(cough, cough)

  21. Alex Kaseberg

    “Things got tough for Rocky once the royalty checks stopped and that ingrate Bullwinkle cut him off.”

  22. Anonymous

    It’s sad what central park will do to a squirrel.

  23. Anonymous

    Uhhhh, I need an advil.

  24. Anonymous

    damn someone must have stolen my nuts

  25. monke y spunky

    damn someone must have stolen my nuts

  26. antonhaiseru

    Disagreeable, however it may already become …

  27. koutarou

    A “GINKOUIN”(bank clerk) of Mizuho Bank, who has been in rocoery work of the ATM and transfer trouble, sleepless for ten days, takes a break.

  28. Anonymous

    Mini-bar my ass…was plenty of bar for me…

  29. Micah

    One bottle airline tequila – $5
    One marijuana joint – $7
    Framing America’s favorite flying squirrel – Priceless

  30. V-DOG

    After the shock of watching his bitch get hit by a car…. Karl decides to make the pain go away with the help of his close buddy JACK D.

  31. Van H.

    Light me up, already!

  32. Salamander

    Sparky, the canine photographer, was a master at capturing previously unseen moments of neighborhood wildlife.

  33. Akhilles

    Appears to be dead. $20 OBO.
    Call after 7 PM. If old woman answers, hang up and call later.

  34. peter

    “The street is no place for a small mammal.” said the mayor at a recent press conference as concern over homeless squirrels grows.

  35. Anonymous

    …This is your brain on drugs.

  36. Flavis

    All Your Nuts are Belong to Us!

  37. Jimmy Flowers

    Amsterdam…where even the animals are free to get squirrely.

  38. Jowy

    Duuuuuuuuuudeee…… stoner squirrel! DUUUUUUUUUUUDE

  39. Anonymous

    Whoever took this picture after doing the dirty deed, please note that necrophilia is illegal and Alvin was underage. Arranging his corpse to look like he was a hooker won’t help you in a three strikes jurisdiction.

  40. Slow Burn

    Shhhh. I just about got her fooled into coming over here.
    (shameless theft—variation of a very old joke about a rooster playing dead waiting for a hawk to get close enough to screw it).

  41. Cybbis

    Hell, you can OD this good only once in a life time!

  42. Anonymous

    she doesn’t have nuts.

  43. spit

    You can kick my very drunk friend for just $1.00!!

  44. coley

    you think *hic* you’re better’n me?! *hic*

  45. maria

    “Yeah baby!”

  46. Lo

    I’m jush a *hic* shquirrel trying to *hic* get a nut

  47. Daelic

    I’m not as squirrel as you drunk I am!

  48. bert the squit

    now all i need to do is write that country n western song

  49. Earshot

    where’s mah horse…

  50. Emily

    It’s been a hard days night…

  51. Anonymous

    Finally it was known that Alvin was not, in fact, a chipmunk. But that only the first of many shocking revelations…

  52. brian

    I don’t need to climb no stinkin’ trees for no stinkin’ acorns!

  53. Pillipino

    Just a squirrel tryin’ to get a nut.

  54. AliasMoze

    After the photo arrived anonymously on the desk of Dean Johnson, Rocco’s dream of being the state’s first college graduate rodent was over.

  55. Red Writer

    The photographer would like to stress that no animals were harmed or put under any undue stress during this photo-shoot.

  56. Mo

    Hos up, Pimps DOWN!

  57. Anonymous


  58. Anonymous

    Damn you Ernie. So that’s were child support goes.

  59. Anonymous

    “Things got tough for Rocky once the royalty checks stopped
    and that ingrate Bullwinkle cut him off.”

  60. dalida

    Oh yeah baby … that’s the stuff …

  61. dalida

    Instead of saving forests you can always make the animals forget !

  62. dalida

    Stepping stone theory … my ass ! The fellows and me LEAP !

  63. zephyrus742

    awwwwwwwwwww, he thoughthe would get some.

  64. Dragonfire

    Never again will I see the light of day!

  65. The Stormbringer

    Tree rat?……I got yer tree rat right here baby……stupid !@#$% otter…Water Whore!!….

  66. Anonymous

    Necrophilism: the squirrel’s dead.

  67. Anonymous

    Kids: Taxidermy is no laughing matter. Don’t try this at home.

  68. Lanen Visammben

    “Honey,I swear that wasn’t me!”

  69. ej

    Meryl the squirrel never made it to see the redwoods……..

  70. Veshka

    He might have a mighty hangover when he wakes up, but perhaps he’ll forget vomiting on that cute chippy’s chest.

  71. Sethu

    Yo-Ho-Ho and a bottle of rum!

  72. jamie

    Booze and Booze alike

  73. Zorbs

    isawthisdrunkensquirrelwithacigaretteandiwaslikeohmygawd weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

  74. Anonymous

    A bottle of tequilla and a squirrel costume: PRICELESS.

  75. ktownman

    When good Squirrels go bad….

  76. scott

    Why lie? So what if I do want a beer.

  77. PowerHouseLX

    Disney’s Chip and Dale’s LAST adventure…

  78. dan

    look its scott fisher!

  79. mando

    Here’s one of my three photos in my collection. This one’s of a squireel doing an impersonation of myself. The other two are one of Norman Rockwell beating up a child and the other is of Harry Houdini locking his keys in his car.

  80. Karl Marx

    Taxidermists with too much free time

  81. Cory

    Keith Richards had finally hit bottom.

  82. KDawgTheShit

    I thought alchohol was supposed to make you NOT get an erection.

  83. Gilbert

    Let them pink elephants come on now, if they dare

  84. godsmack

    Next, on Behind the Music. Stevie Squirrel squanders all his royalties on booze and dope. Can he bring himself out of this shameful life? More, after this…….

  85. Detroit Dave

    Animal studies prove smoking and drinking are bad… m’kay.

  86. tps

    another who thought dot-coms were a sure thing

  87. james h

    At West Virginia University even the squirrels party!

  88. red southneck

    The Geico twin off the set!

  89. alan seaton

    things really got tough for medi-cal recipient Irvin J.Squirrel after he exceeded his plan limits for prescrpition Vicodin and had to resort to corn whiskey and pall malls.

  90. Callous

    Conker’s Bad Fur Day.

  91. Capcom Freedom

    What is this? Double X?
    Oh my, 5 big X’s!

  92. Impfac

    Sally realized her drinking days had to come to an end when she woke up to next to him

  93. dustin cobwebs

    where are they now…

    Alvin from alvin and the chipmonks

  94. Mark

    Fuckin’ gravity.

  95. frylock

    Rocky got his booze and his smokes, but how such a little squirell sucked enough dick to afford them, no one will ever know.

  96. fishersm

    The question of whether or not human beings are the most advanced creatures on the planet becomes a lot clearer when the others try to emulate us.

  97. Tramadol

    The secret of health for both mind and body is not to mourn for the past, worry about the future, or anticipate troubles but to live in the present moment wisely and earnestly.

  98. Tramadol

    Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal.

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