Brain Sucker


A new bread of killer brain eating moth is spreading across the world. We are doomed.

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63 Captions for “Brain Sucker”

  1. Anonymous

    Fear Factor Next Generation. For the toddler set. Next week the babies compete to see who can eat the most strained peas while seated on Santa’s lap.

  2. Sammael

    Is that one ugly baby or what?!

  3. (pdw)

    The butterfly says ‘it started with a wart on my left wing’.

  4. Drake

    After the butterfly had grown in his nose for weeks, the sudden leave of his new friend came very hard to little Billy.

  5. Greg

    Universal’s new movie “The Butterfly King” didn’t do to well at the box office.

  6. jk

    ‘First that priest and his junk, now this thinggie, I WANT BACK IN THE WOMB!”

  7. Henry Red

    Now the butterfly, who was heading for the mouth, knew it had to do something about it’s short-sightedness.

  8. Kereltje

    Sticking a butterfly to his forehead was the only way to distract the attention from Brian’s heavily distorted face.

  9. Anonymous

    Oh GOD You’re ALL retards. That thing on his forehead is a MOTH, NOT a butterfly. Jeese, I mean a butterfly folds its wings after landing, a moth has them spread out. And even the original caption to this says its a moth. Can’t u all f*cking read? You guys are ALL F*CKING DUMBASSES. And none of these captions are funny, except for maybe the “wart on the left wing” one.

    Congratulations go the next person that uses the word “moth” instead of “butterfly”. That person will probably be intelligent enough to have a future, unlike most of you posting here.

  10. steve just

    the moth man prophet sees.

  11. Alex Kaseberg

    Oh, look at the cute insect. And the butterly is pretty too.

  12. Anonymous

    Hey, it’s not the kid’s fault his mom’s a Hell’s Angel and tatooed in womb.

  13. Anonymous

    Only freaky NERDS harp about the difference between a MOTH and a BUTTERFLY.

  14. GreyDuck

    “Oh look, he has the most interesting eyes! Um… nevermind, that’s a moth’s wings.”

  15. Anonymous

    Baby: “Waaah…Waahhh….It’s a moth damnit not a butterfly…Waah …waah….”
    The mother quickly changed his diaper because he was full of sh*t.

  16. Mr. Ramon

    He’s really crying because Michael Jackson is holding him.

  17. Anonymous

    “Oh GOD You’re ALL retards. That thing on his forehead is a MOTH,
    NOT a butterfly. Jeese, I mean a butterfly folds its wings after landing, a
    moth has them spread out.”

    WOW some people are SOOOOOO anal!

  18. Anonymous

    Lol, to be honest, it is kinda funny that people thought it was a butterfly even after the other caption said it’s a moth.

  19. Anonymous

    The relatively new moth species “Catocala facada” has not only evolved 2 eyes on the wings but an undergrowth resembling the face of a horrendous screaming baby as a way to scare off predators.

  20. Anonymous

    Moth/Butterfly…who the hell really cares. While you dicks obsess about it, the kid still has the damned bug on his face and he’s not happy about it!

  21. armand

    On the forehead of this ugly baby,even that moth can look like a butterfly!

  22. anal bug expert

    Knowing it’s a moth, Baby Bob is upset whenever someone compliments him on his beautiful “butterfly” birthmark.

  23. jwd

    After Baby Bill burped up a moth, his mother vowed to stop feeding him live caterpillars.

  24. sarcasmfolife

    it was then that baby jacob realized it was not a butterfly. His face twisted into horror as the soft padded walls of security he had built in the symbolic nature of the butterfly came crashing down…

  25. s. chandler

    Where’s moms titty? NEED the titty NOW!

  26. K.S.


  27. Roadcrew

    The alien, after taking the shape of a moth, begins to suck the brain juice out of the baby as its unsuspecting parents look on.

  28. alan seaton

    What’s all this talk about a butterfly? I’m just taking a dump for the first time and loving it.

  29. Anonymous

    madam butterfly ain’t over ’till the fat lady sings

  30. Steve 1

    Ultra-hip baby (sporting the latest style in hyper-real jewellery) bawls in fear at his dad’s 70s check shirt

  31. Anonymous

    Notice how the moth tries to adapt to camoflage itself in it’s surroundings…

  32. guy ann

    its in my hair! its in my hair! its in my hair! *pause* its on my scabby little head!its on my scabby little head!its on my scabby little head!its on my scabby little head!

  33. Kael

    I think some retard has forgotten this is a site meant for CAPTIONS! You want to make your opinion? Go join a chat room or message board, you humourless moron. for my caption…

    As he looked into a mirror for the first time, Tommy realised just how big his head tumor really looked.

  34. Anonymous

    Brian Paused: He knew what the black dot meant, and he knew what the red dot meant, but he still wasn’t sure whether he should address the baby as Miss, or Mrs.

  35. BoMoFo

    “who wants to marry a millionaire” couple’s first born, aptly named: Larvae Conger

  36. alan seaton

    After little Billy got the metal plate put in his head, Mom had no trouble finding a place for her extra refrigerator magnets.

  37. Anonymous

    The Butterfly : “So mister vet. , what do you say about this? me shitting a baby?”

  38. Creepy

    I need the child welfare bureau!

  39. Kevin S.

    Early concept drawings for the “Silence of the Lambs” movie poster produced mixed results.

  40. Waaaaaaassup

    The survival technique of the moth shows great intelligence. While on the forehead of a human child, the moth knows for sure he will not be swatted.

  41. Clark W. Griswold

    Another satisfied reader of The Silence of The Lambs.
    Hannibal Lechter, Jr.

  42. Anonymous

    “Hmm, this isn’t as good a source of nectar as I thought it might be…”

  43. Ron

    Be quiet!! Or every kid will want a moth on there head.

  44. keith

    Safe landing. Where’s the hangar?

  45. Satu Largi

    OK, where is the Moths other testicle?

  46. iranreallyfar

    little timmy cries in agony at the anticipation of his 15 minutes of fame being ruined by people obsessive over determining the correct species of insect on his face, he only wished it was a grasshopper so everyone could agree.

  47. alan seaton

    Even as an infant, Winston Churchill found himslef being tormented by local Hitler youth.

  48. aimitatme

    Who cares about the moth, I’m a constipated baby for christ sake!!

  49. Crunchy

    Try as he might, Mothzilla could not fertilize the fleshy pink egg.

  50. Sarah

    Landing on the forehead of a baby, the moth decided that the mouth would be some what of a warmer, more desirable climate to retire in…

  51. Jimmy the Fish

    aw, honey, stop, crying! this is nothing compared to your tongue piercing!

  52. Anonymous


  53. Tom Smith

    To his horror, the newborn suddenly realized he was Mikhail Gorbachev Jr.

  54. Aaron

    SILENCE OF THE LAMBS;the early years

  55. lawrence

    A butterfly walked into a bar with a baby stuck to its butt….fer REAL!!!

  56. Mark Beular

    No moths were hurt in the production of these picture but many babies were

  57. Mothbaby

    Mothbaby Prophecies!

  58. Peachy

    Get this thing out of my face whaaaaaaa!

  59. dustin cobwebs

    funny at the time jims parents didnt realise that this species of moth was deadly and that theyre child was slowly contracting aids… in the ass

  60. tim fortune

    the butterfly is fine….. but… this in general is why i dont want to have kids.

  61. swill bill

    now quick hop into my mouth

  62. Terry

    Someone said something nasty mummy!

  63. Heather

    I never knew so many useless people had so much time on their hands….GET A JOB

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