Bucking Bunny


I know it was photoshoped but I had to put it up here anyway.

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57 Captions for “Bucking Bunny”

  1. you

    Look. A big rabbit.

  2. (pdw)

    ‘Saddling the rabbit’: another fine eufemism for masturbation.

  3. spat

    Rabbit: “I knew there was something wrong with that carrot!”

  4. Anonymous

    The cowboy’s lucky rabbits foot wasn’t going to help him here.

  5. spat

    Cowboy: “If only it would give milk…”

  6. spat

    the interbreeding of rabbits and horses is still in its early stages…

  7. Anonymous

    “That’s nothin’ – I’ve got a hamster out back’ll make your eyes bug out.”

  8. steve just

    Genetic Engineering is evil and must be stopped. If god wanted people to ride rabbits, he would have made them bigger than horses.

  9. Major Adventure

    Hoss once again had to comfort his trusty steed with the the tale of the “ugly duckling”.

  10. Warren Fwy

    “Screw a big-ass bunny on Hefner’s Ranch!”
    Circle 19 on the reader interest card.

  11. lilburro

    Earl had saddled a lot of fillies in his day, but something about this new mare just didn’t seem right.

  12. Veshka

    Alice was suspicious of the cookies with the instructions “eat me”, so she got the rabbit to try them first…

  13. Sting327

    I am going to be a millionaire! Anytime now it’s going to start laying those yummy chocolate eggs!

  14. Anonymous

    At the President’s private “bunny-wabbit” breeding lab back home in Texas

  15. Anonymous

    Who’s calling me fat

  16. Anonymous

    Well, Mr. Clinton wanted a “fleshy bunny”, and that’s what he’s gonna get

  17. harry k.

    the tiny man tried to calm the frightened rabbit…just when it looked like he would suceed, he was crushed to death under a horse hoof

  18. Anonymous

    Mmmm. Soft.

  19. Anonymous

    The bunny was always let loose on intruders.

  20. Lex Mansky

    When Thunder apparently turned into a bunny, Tex decided, once and for all, to quit swallowing his tobacco juice.

  21. Lex Mansky

    Easter is a little differant here in “Everything’s big” Texas.

  22. Maxx

    How the Easter Bunny supports his crack addiction after May.

  23. peter

    Wayne squinted in the noon day sun, peering out from under his stetson and fiddling with the toothpick tucked in the corner of his mouth. His riding boots kicked up a good amount of dust, and the occaisional fist size pellet as he approached the animal. “Easy there Thumper..” he intoned softly, “atta boy. I got some nice cabbage for you.” -excerpt from the “Bunny Whisperer”.

  24. superfly

    let’s see that f-ing tortoise beat us know

  25. Anonymous

    Allright, now all we need is another CLK-GTR. This time I’m putting my money on the rabbit.

  26. Moscow

    Wife! Son! Come over here, we’ve got food for a whole friggin’ year!

  27. tom

    “Maybe if I get this saddle on him the rest of the horses will accept him as one of their own.”

  28. Maxx

    I hope this stupid groundhog doesn’t see it’s shadow like it did last year.

  29. The Beaver

    Now be a good bunny and I’ll let you go out on the north forty and play in the carrot patch.

  30. spat

    Earl, wanting to become a terrorist, started by blowing up the rabbit.

  31. onebad427

    Coming this summer: 8 seconds part 2

  32. Alex

    Now that’s a gooood *uckin tip man!

  33. Steve 1

    Shall we use the bridal suite? No dear, I’ll just hang on to your ears.

  34. Drake

    After stuffing it with hormones, Roger finally could get even with the guys who always laughed about his “little rabbit”.

  35. babylon

    Hmmm…I should’ve took that left in Albuquerque

  36. Zoinks and away...

    “Mah, you been mixin’ Plutonium in with the rabbit feed again?”

  37. fisher

    Several months after the infamous Lewisburg horse-rapings, local police released a list of suspects including Bugs Bunny and Roger Rabbit. Said Rabbit, “I was ffffframed.”

  38. deathbystereo

    It’s about… and can jump about… that’s no ordinary rabbit! THAT RABBIT’S DYNAMITE!

  39. Anonymous

    Based on power to weight ratio’s, this new breed of rabbit should be able to make it through both goal posts in a single leap!

  40. ellis doppler

    the easter bunny’s day job

  41. Anonymous

    Hi, I’m Johnny Knoxville………

  42. MISC

    Stop Nuclear Power Now!

  43. MISC

    Hare today goon tomorrow!

  44. mark

    don’t think i can’t hear you sneaking up from behind me.

  45. dzine

    Now that I have PhotoshopÆ I’ll get those relatives in Arkansas to beleive anything.

  46. Stephen N.

    I think this might have something to do with those new radioactive carrots I’ve been using!

  47. Jimmy the Fish

    The results of Congress following their ‘Don’t mess with Texas’ policy on genetic engineering.

  48. Jimmy the Fish

    Shucks, cookie put them dang mushrooms in the chili again!

  49. jesse G

    Be berry quiet i’m hunting rabits

  50. SsollosS

    Just ten thousand more like you and my Unholy Western Army of The Night will be ready for world domination! MWA HA HA HA HA!

  51. Resisobilus

    The deep, dark secret of Cadbury’s.

  52. LadyKea

    Everything’s bigger in Texas.

  53. Mark Beular

    this has been an experiment my your friends at Microsoft

  54. one_liner


  55. Go Go Girl

    Who’s Your Daddy! Who’s Your Daddy!

  56. Casper

    Easy now Wabbit. This’ll hurt me worsen you!!!

  57. Audiodoode

    Gettin ready for a ride on “Barry, the Balco Bunny”!

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