Bush says:


Here’s your chance to subtitle fiscal policy.

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97 Captions for “Bush says:”

  1. Mayhem

    Bush says, ‘Oi Clinton, that’s my wife not a intern. Get it out of her mouth”.

  2. Anonymous

    That’s my Limo, over there! The one that says “Bad Ass” on it!

  3. Anonymous

    Hey, Cheney! Yeah, you! Go get the White House Tailor RIGHT NOW and tell him I want to have a little “chat” with him about why he forgot to shorten these here britches like I told him to!

  4. Anonymous

    You come here and say that, and I’ll set my marine on you

  5. Crunchy

    ‘Scuse me, son! Yeah, you with the baggy trousers. How much for an eighth?

  6. Anonymous

    …Stop…in the name of love…

  7. filkertom

    This Sunday at the Rose Garden! Economy? You’re goin’ DOWN! Bill of Rights? DOWN! Rule of law? Corporate accountability? The frickin’ biosphere? You’re goin’ DOWN DOWN DOWN!

  8. filkertom

    … Okay, now I want one of those little jockeys over on this side for balance….

  9. shrub

    “I know you are, but what am I?”

  10. donkeyman

    The President misquotes himself again.

  11. jwd

    President Bush contributing to global warming.

  12. Anonymous

    It’s the welfare moms that are helping al-Qaeda! We must stop this menace!

  13. Anonymous

    Dick, where DID you get those shoes! They’re just darling!

  14. Cary Kingdom

    I need a hero! I’m holding out for a hero ’till the morning light…

  15. Laura

    Uncle George Wants YOU to Join the Army.

  16. kudmunky

    Chaney, Dont Take the brown herbal exctasy!

  17. Dave

    man, i dont know what that guy’s smokin, but i WANT SOME!

  18. Anonymous

    “You can’t prove that I drove that forklift!”

  19. Datz It

    I Dont Give A Shit What The Army Says, Move All My Forces, Right There!!!!

  20. Datz It


  21. Les

    “….and over there we’ll put the shrine to me. Once I brainwash America, there’ll be no stopping me! MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!”

  22. Anonymous

    You tell them that I want some frickin’ sharks with some frickin’ laser beams attached to their heads, OK? Throw me a frickin’ bone here, people!

  23. presidential dumpster

    Hey, you! Pull your pants up and stop taking a dump on my lawn or else this marine will kick your ass on my command.

  24. s.chandler

    “I’m a little tea pot,short and stout.Here’s is my handle,there goes my spout”

  25. Take That

    I have 1 Marine here that says he can take Bin Laden down. How much will you give me for him?

  26. mugwump

    . I said “SIT”….. not Shit !!!!

  27. Visca

    Are You Talkin’ To Me?

  28. Horsy Laze

    “You say I have the brain of an amphibian? Well then tell me, what’s an amphibian?”

  29. Anonymous

    “Hey Gore! Gore! Yeah you! You didn’t get president! Hahahahaha!”

  30. Anonymous

    “I know I look like an idiot, Gore! But you… You look like an idiot that lost the election! Hahaaa!”

  31. Dooose

    “Yeah, after I’ve had Iraq, I’ll attack you!”

  32. Anonymous

    Lord of the Rings will be released on August 6th. Save $11.98 on your copy now!

  33. Creepy

    Dude! That’s my wife you’re making out with!!!

  34. hobber knobber

    Hey watch your step, fido just pinched a loaf on the lawn.

  35. Anonymous

    Read my lips

  36. Anonymous


  37. Ubergeek

    Hey Buster! I just added YOU to the axis of evil! How ya like that?

  38. Anonymous

    “It was a planters wart and the good doctors determined that I should ampulitate both feet. And I agreed. Next!”

  39. spat

    Next to dyslexia, the president also seems to suffer from dysfingeria.
    Here he is exersizing the F.ck Y.u sign (wrong finger in the wrong direction)

  40. resisobilus

    Shut yo’ hole, Laura! I’ll be back by 5 and my dinner BETTER be on the table, bitch!

  41. paul

    bush: “okay guys, this isnt funny anymore..some come out here and mow this cement-grass down so me and mr stiff guard can get out of here!

  42. wayne

    …..and any more of that Saturday Night Live shit from YOU Dana Carvey,me and my Dad are gonna fix you up goooooood!!

  43. Anonymous

    Yo Yo YO!!! Me and my homies be chillin in da hizhouze be-yatch!

  44. skw

    Someone go call a priest! I see a dead marine ghost floatin around! He wants me to return his shoes!

  45. bgray288

    I think the marine is over…there.

  46. Pokejedservo

    You there, the only person on the planet that has made a joke on me that hasn’t been done WAY too many times! Oh yeah I forgot you don’t exist, nevermind.

  47. Anonymous

    thats not fair

  48. Bill Whyte

    “I pay good money to have this lawn manicured , so can you just GET OFF!”

  49. Pace

    Your next Saddam Hussain!

  50. Steven Chapman

    “Hey, we’re stuck in this deep grass and all you guys can do is take pictures!”

  51. Mike

    I just love men in uniform!


    Hey you, give me back my teeth

  53. Anonymous

    i want your cock in my mouth

  54. johnny

    You Tell That family OUT OUT!!!!!! This WallMart is taking over.

  55. spat

    “I’m not going to TELL you again, you Jews and Arabs PLAY NICE together!!!”

  56. papercow

    …and then i told her to leave. i couldn’t do it with her kid watching

  57. Anne


  58. Anonymous

    Hey you! Get the landscaper to cut this damn grass. I just stepped in a huge pile of dog crap. You imbeciles!

  59. Anonymous

    Damnt! This whole anti-terrorrism mumbojumbo is givin’ the jitters… Where’s my damn private jet to Camp David? Come on people! Get with the program! ..the PROGRAM!!..

  60. johhny522

    i pitty da foo, sucka!

  61. Jim

    Marine in background “Boy, George sure has a nice ass”

  62. Kymbo limbo

    HEY Jackass!! If you caption me with somethin’ that makes me look damn stupid,I’m coming after you..you S.O.B..
    Do you HEAR ME? DO YOU HEAR ME???

  63. Kymbo limbo

    Is that my plane down there on that beach????
    OK ..who just giggled?

  64. Pablo

    “You da man! No, YOU DA MAN!!”

  65. David

    “you put your left arm in, your left arm out, in, out, in, out, and shake it all about…”

  66. mike

    attacking iraq is EXACTLY what jesus would do.

  67. hi-lo dude

    How many times do I have to tell you Clintons… IT’S OVER!!

  68. Doozer

    The idiot son of an asshole

  69. whiterose

    hi~~ man~ you too?

  70. Anonymous

    a dancy Bush

  71. Anonymous

    Out there honey… God damn it, I don’ know where I put those damn shoes!

  72. Anonymous

    “I am the greatest !”

  73. Anonymous

    all your base are belong to us!!!

  74. Mark Beular

    i told u not to get those horses at the back of the white house where no one can see them

  75. Kingfisha

    “Word to yo mutha!”

  76. Brian


  77. rw

    get that damn dog off my grass


    Girls, I told you never to get drunk on the white house lawn again!


    You can see it in the way he steps, his popularity is SINKING!

  80. mullet

    go red sox!!!

  81. Atrocity

    And what do foreigners know about foreign affairs!

  82. allen

    Hey you! Get off my Daughter!

  83. Peachy

    where is my bitch!?!

  84. paul

    “what, you’ve got saddam?”
    kill that guy

  85. me

    ok kids! Im just going to my restroom to have some drugs and coffee.. Noo im only joking.. I’m not really having the coffee

  86. quacky

    And one more thing: Always…no…never misunderestimate the power of this office.

  87. Renjith

    (scen1:The first day of Bush in white house).
    Bush: At any cost i need l Lawnscy as mt personal asistant.

  88. George Bush

    Can I stick that in my mouth?

  89. jhon hapner


  90. Dick Cheney

    I’m sinking into a morass of quicksand! And I’m not just talking about Iraq.

  91. Grizzlychicken

    That’s just FABulous!

  92. dustin cobwebs

    hey is that weapons of mass destruction!

    uhh.. thats a fire hydrant sir

  93. idlehand143

    You’re stuck with me for 4 more years…even though half of you hate me! For my next trick…”I GOT YOUR NOSE!”

  94. fred

    oi! let me fuck the badger

  95. mini u

    grrrr im scary

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