Camera Shy


Guess which kid had 2 helpings of Wheaties? (thanks Mike)

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56 Captions for “Camera Shy”

  1. Yarivon

    oops i did it again (damn britney!!!!)

  2. armandbourg

    ‘Damn, I hate it when people draw circles around me.’

  3. armandbourg

    Coach:’So,everybody likes the new shirts?’

  4. mark schwanz

    i train with them, i work with them, but pictures as well with them?

  5. Anonymous

    But Daddy, I don’t want to play ice hockey! I want to be an ice skater like Brian Boitano.

  6. smioux

    I am the human sausage making machine

  7. Anonymous

    Always an extremist, it wasn’t enough for little Billy to just make a goofy face for the team photo.

  8. MITB

    OK! now i’ll use my vaccum powers to clean the room!

  9. Mortius

    Billy’s team mates were unware about the brain sucking alien Billy kept hidden in his mouth.

  10. Mayhem

    Dairy Queen: Where we use real lumps of 5 year old fruit for your enjoyment.

  11. Kate

    I said “Cheese” not HEAVE!

  12. Les

    Dear Jesus God, I feel like a kid from Family Circus!

  13. jwd

    It was Billy’s turn to be the Zamboni.

  14. Kereltje

    This was Ronny’s perfect chance to pay back Oliver, the brute who smashed his balls three weeks ago.

  15. Drake

    As Henry, the team manager in the brown jacket, squeezed his behind a third time, Jeremy couldn’t hold it any longer.

  16. pukeman

    Johnny has a flashback of the nude photos of Tori Spelling he saw on his dad’s computer.

  17. cybbis

    New Hollywood concept, two sequels in one movie: The Mighty Duck Exorcist.

  18. j3rry

    After the ref made that call, Billy ate him… but he didn’t realize that the ref had some baaaaaad fish

  19. Patrick

    I guess he just blew his chances for that Chunky Soup commercial……

  20. spat

    “Damn, my tongue is still frozen to my hockeystick”

  21. dzine

    Ooops, hairball.

  22. Anonymous

    The photographer later retook the picture, but this time with the kid in the front row so no one else would have to change their jerseys.

  23. joeblow

    billy always had a thing for stuffing his mouth with his mothers panty hose while pictures where taken of him

  24. spat

    I’m so full… if anyone talks about food, I’m gonna puke… what did he say? cheese? …

  25. Anonymous


  26. don


  27. JK

    Kid thinking to self-‘Somebody get this old guy to take his hands out of my pant or, oh no, not again…’

  28. Alex Kaseberg

    Just as he said “Cheese” the cameraman quickly found out just how lactose intollerant Billy was.

  29. aviad

    Bless you!

  30. dzine

    Look out belowwwwwwwwwwwwwww

  31. dzine

    Little Billy’s parents would become forever grateful for the existence of Photoshop.

  32. dzine

    Linda Blair’s son was always trying to upstage his mom.

  33. Sepharo

    Everyone, just keep looking at the camera, Billy is fine look at the camera.

  34. Mike

    Kevin was so happy to be on the hockey team, he could just puke.

  35. Alan Seaton

    Everyone knew Eugene was special when he could suck his own penis out of his stomach on command…..

  36. Matty

    .”hey its nut my problem if i like to bite of cocks

  37. Philip

    Vita-wheat did it again.

  38. wuj

    puking doesnt usually occur until after the fight breaks out and someone gets the shit beaten out of them.

  39. FED

    When Tommy said “pull my finger” Billy just expected a fart.

  40. FED

    Guess where’s Grandpa!!!

  41. J‰ger

    Well, at least it tastes better than my dad’s cock!

  42. Anonymous

    “Suck, Billy. Suck. ‘Blow’ is just a figure of speech.”

  43. babylon

    Ahh.. so sweet .. must be related to that carpentar singer…

  44. Monkey-Boy !!

    Little Timmy was feeling nervous.His mother had said, it was simply a case of butterflies in his stomach.
    Well take a close look at what came out of Timmy , and yet another urban myth blown to hell!!

  45. janeln5

    That mean ole Billy ! I’ll teach him not to check me into the wall !

  46. Dave


  47. Anonymous

    im sick of this photo.

  48. Darkman

    Johhny shows the new scare tactic of his peewee hockey team: The Chunker!

  49. Anonymous

    Pastel blue uniforms. Is it any wonder the kid’s puking?

  50. lawrence

    Little billy belches up a quater kilo of coke…revealing the kind of mule he really is.

  51. Kelli

    In a split second, the kid right under little Billy isn’t going to have such a big grin on his face.

  52. Robbie

    At this moment they’re all smiling, the next moment they didn’t…

  53. Jontar

    The regurgitation was a physical response to the psychological trauma caused by the assistant caoche’s finger being shoved suddenly up Billy’s ass.

  54. Jontar

    The regurgitation was a physical response to the psychological trauma caused by the assistant coach’s finger being shoved suddenly up Billy’s ass.

  55. bradley G

    Can we tell which kid was forced to watch the final season of friends?

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