Car pool


New meaning to the phrase car pool.

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92 Captions for “Car pool”

  1. tucker

    See honey! I told u the carpool lane would be faster!

  2. mike

    Yep! I think she could do with some more driving lessons…

  3. benwood

    Oops, I thought you said you wanted a “diving” lesson.

  4. bw

    I told you the car wouldn’t start if you flooded the engine!

  5. r.b.

    Ya, you can make it, you still have a couple inches …..

  6. jk

    Police on the scene have not pressed charges, but authorities are taking immediate action that Stevie Wonder has all driving privileges revoked permanently.

  7. jojo

    with its trunk-fin slicing the water’s surface, the great white Honda searches for its prey.

  8. Les

    Ahhhh women drivers or divers take your pick

  9. spat

    “Honey, I think there might be a little water in the carburator…”
    “What do you know about cars!”

  10. “aw shit honey! my cell phone’s in there!!!”

  11. filkertom

    Friends confirm that Herbie the Love Bug had been extremely depressed recently….

  12. filkertom

    First test-drive of the Chrysler Kaplunk

  13. jimmythefish

    “It doesn’t float!”

  14. bgw

    And with that, I call this meeting of the Keith Moon Fan Club to order.

  15. bgw

    And with that, I call this meeting of the Keith Moon Fan Club to order.

  16. lawrence

    Unknown to his parents, Herbie the lovebug jr. jumped into the pool without his waterwings on, the police are still investigating to determine if herbie consumed hi-octane petrol 30 minutes prior to swimming or whether this was just a freakish attempt for attention.

  17. Fartman

    That was the last time James Bond drove a BMW

  18. Fartman

    Carpooling, it’s good for the environment.

  19. nurg

    “My motherf*ckin’ Dad says no Nintendo until I was the car, I’LL SHOW YOU HOW I F*CKIN’ WASH THE GODDAM CAR!”

  20. nurg

    ALL right, caption machine fans, let’s ALL do it in unison now: “And THAT’s how much I hate goddam Japanese cars!”

  21. s.chandler

    “Shut the trunk lid,you’re lettin’ the chlorine in!”

  22. Diademe

    It’s not the car that’s in the pool, it’s the pool that’s around the car.

  23. Drako

    Testing whether fish can drive.

  24. Winona's Allibi

    OK, the ad said the apartment had a pool and parking spot. It didn’t mention they were the same thing.

  25. Ottodachat

    Call the tow company and don’t forget to leave the keys under the drivers seat.

  26. tom porter

    The new 4X4 tests negetive for marine travel

  27. bladder

    Marlon Brando wets himself after accidentally driving into a dry swimming pool.

  28. danage

    Society glamourized them. But how many of us understood the Transformers inner pain: the fear that they had no TRUE self, were neither vehicle nor robot, could never truly be known. All too many Transformers felt far, far less than Meets The Eye.

  29. Uncle Mike

    Fred went over to Stan’s house to go swimming. Unfortunetly, Fred forgot to stop and get out of car first.

  30. Justin

    I thought my new Honda had traction control… I thought wrong…

  31. Prowl

    Knowing that “Transformers Robots in disguise” was failing, X-Brawn decided to end it all in Koji’s pool

  32. alan seaton

    As dad’s alcoholism got worse….. he just started hiding from everyone

  33. Clark W. Griswold

    Bin Laden School of Driving…Target: Hollywood

  34. Lisa H.

    After the crash, the police did an under water car search & recovered 80lbs of marajuana from the trunk area.

  35. Richard

    Q finally had enough of James Bond recking his BMW’s so Q got some pay back…

  36. Maxx

    Oh, Toonces, look out for that pool!

  37. MaryAnn

    Hey, I KNOW we’re rich, but isn’t pool statuary that shows our disdain for BMWs and Jaguars a bit pretentious?

  38. nurg

    Yeah, yeah, now he’s gonna dive in and retrieve the French-English dictionary; stupid Levi jeans commercials…

  39. captionmakerman

    Wait, this isn’t MY pool!

  40. eduardo martinez

    is still burning?

  41. DS

    The police prepared to carefully fish out the car with their giant banana peels.

  42. tandeme

    a rejected navy seal applicant trys to prove he has what it takes by sending the navy home footage of himself in action during a neighborhood gang war.

  43. emkay

    “Johnnie!! Come here, you’re in BIG trouble!! You left the trunk open!”

  44. Mark Smith

    No officer i amna nat drank

  45. Soulburner

    Quick!!! Throw it a life vest before it drowns…

  46. Lisa H.

    Officer… My car caught on FIRE! I had to put it out somehow!

  47. Lisa H.

    It was such a hot day here in Arizona, that even the cars are taking a dip.

  48. Rob

    “We regret to annouce, we are retracting the Ford, float-a-car from the market”

  49. tim

    gah… not again…

  50. Loonquawl

    Sadly, Helen did not understand that ‘cruise control’ still required her to steer.

  51. SailmanR

    Moral: Leave the map-reading to somebody else if you are dyslexic.

  52. I'll clean the trunk if you wash the windows... got that one handled. Aqua tread, they work!

    Mother and Son Arguing Part II

  53. SisteroftheSun

    Next time just use the regular carwash place, ok?

  54. Nini

    When I asked if you could get my banana from the bottom of the pool, I meant aaafter you got out of the car…

  55. kt

    DAMN! Now if I piss in the pool I will stain the seat-covers.

  56. bugjuice

    What a rotten time for the windshield wipers to go out!!

  57. bugjuice

    See, right here! That stupid computer driving directions map said to turn right!

  58. bugjuice

    Merlin and Gwendolyn fondly recalled the days when they’d really steam up the windows on a car date.

  59. bugjuice

    With ten ticket punches, you get a free under chassis wash and the deluxe hot wax.

  60. Dan

    “wait, so, Mr. Insurance Guy, you mean the tires in the car won’t make it float on water?? REALLY??”

  61. gt

    The production crew for the new James Bond film deny that cutbacks will mar the finale of the car chase

  62. don

    OK Sherlock, let’s try and pull this out with a thin, yellow rope.

  63. Alainn O'Lindley

    Friends don’t let friends re-create scenes from _Speed_

  64. Andy and Aria

    Hello Ociffer Beer……I only had one keg…..take me drunk, I’m home!!!!

  65. ^#NeVer@@@HotShitmAAIl


  66. Mongo only pawn

    Saturday morning at the Kennedy residence.

  67. bookarama

    I just KNEW I should’nt have made that wrong turn at Chattanooga!

  68. Crunchy

    Day 1. Driver’s Ed. Kennedy Compound.

  69. toad


  70. lecoptre

    Another end to the “Best Party I’ve ever been to” He frikken drove the car right into the POOL DUDE!! Ah hahaha!! It was awe-summmm!

  71. Marta Sousa

    Acho melhor pensar duas vezes antes de construir uma piscina


    I’m SWIMMING in the rain. I’m flooding in the rain. My engine cannot run….


    The car bungee jump didn’t go exactly as planned.

  74. MeeMah

    Is that a MINI?

  75. Atrocity

    Overflow parking.

  76. Lunachick

    erm.. Dad?.. about the car….

  77. flo

    I meant for you to get out of the car before getting into the pool!!

  78. Impfac

    Rodger’s last day at the Valet Training Institute.

  79. Impfac

    Sarah dried off and went home to eagerly await the results of her drivers test.

  80. dede & court

    told you the car won’t float

  81. dustin cobwebs

    i hope its been more then 30 mins since that car was filled up… because of the cramps.. ahhh forget it

  82. jake

    Out of a sheer drunken rage, KITT charged at Herbie the Love Bug and missed, drowning in the pool.

  83. Salman

    hmmm…!!! Its cool here..!!!

  84. Chris Golden

    Guy 1:dude, where’s my car dude?
    Guy 2:(laughing)
    Guy 1:its not funny dude, the car is gone!
    Guy 2: (still laughing) dude, have u checked the pool dude?
    guy 1:why would my car be in the pool?
    guy 2:because…..ummmm…. it was the only place to park…..
    guy 1:what the f*ck you f*cking a*shole, im gonna kill you for that!!!!!!

  85. sh*tfaced

    (saying with his mom right there)

    “hey mom, u know the car is in the pool”

    “well no sh*t sherlock, god, i shouldn’t have dropped u on ur head so many times when u were a baby”

  86. boobla

    and the to make the car float was a complete failure

  87. town slut

    welll, u can’t have sex in the back seat in that thing no more

  88. Mohammed Arif

    Hey did you really wanted to that CAR WASHED!!!!!!!!!!

  89. pradeep

    LEAD, follow or GET LOST

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