Careful who you drink with tonight

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47 Captions for “Careful who you drink with tonight”

  1. s.chandler

    Beer dominio’s! ALRIGHT!

  2. Elton George

    New meaning to “you made your bed, now lie in it.”

  3. Elton George

    The good news? When he comes-to, he has a job at Beck’s promotional department.

  4. Gentaur

    Jeff missed the whole point of motion capture.

  5. Gentaur

    Before Tom finally passed out, the rug was white.

  6. Gentaur

    o/~ 99 bottles of beer on the floor, 99 bottles of beer… o/~

  7. Dave Katz

    C.S.I. – Milwaukee

  8. JR

    Running on empty.

  9. Advertising King

    Hitting the deck with Beck’s….enjoy our holiday spirits!

  10. dumber

    Hey dude…Where’s my car?

  11. trinawoods

    Sadly, Mike’s love of Navajo rugs is forever unrequited.

  12. Simon

    Aside from flipping out and killing people, Ninja’s can also blend into the background of any setting to where they are virtually invisible.

  13. Simon

    Drum they told me Parumpapum pum. A drunk dumb fuck to see parumpapum pum. Now he’s out like a lamp parumpapum pum. Not really a beer drinking champ parumpapum pum pumpampum pum pumpapum pum…

  14. Arko

    my bed partners!

  15. fartman

    At the murder scene:”We didn’t have any chalk, detective, so we improvised.”

  16. Dick Cheney

    George W. Bush, the early years

  17. trinawoods

    The beer bottle alarm clock never fails to awaken Pete for his job at the brewery.

  18. trinawoods

    Its not just any man who can pass out exactly centered on a rug like Don can. Easy, ladies.

  19. Reut

    Captured on this screenshot are beer bottles molesting a young kid! If you have any visual encounter with this monserous individuals please contact us immidiatly at 1-800-Beer-Attack.

  20. trinawoods

    The Pop Art exhibit at Germany’s Hoffbrau Museum captured the essence of the native peoples to perfection. Travelers in from Ireland were also extremely impressed.

  21. Shadowbat

    In a stroke of pure military genius, the Liliputians used beer bottle camouflage to mask their attack.

  22. Tone

    Sorry Guv we’ve ran out of white tape.

  23. Mascot

    You might want to check out these links:

    …just kidding!

  24. Kenn Young

    Tom was well liked, and had many friends, but being a quiet sort of guy, his friends did not notice that Tom had expired until it was his turn to ask the waitress to bring everyone another round.

  25. Rex Strother

    Bob was deftly outlined at the amateur beer-throwing contest. Many were amazed at the blindfolded throwing demonstration.

  26. Jim S.

    Becks…….It’s german for drunk!

  27. trinawoods

    Dave’s ability to detect an approaching beer delivery truck was uncanny.

  28. Sandhurst

    99 bottles of beer and a dead guy on the wall,
    99 bottles of beer…

  29. henry

    Jim’s friends were soon to find out it wasn’t a good idea to fill the bottles with urine.

  30. Ms. O

    “How did i end up here? Darn, i must’ve been drinkin’ again.”

  31. Ms. O

    “How did I end up here? Darn, I must’ve been drinkin’ again.”


    Bill’s friends thought it was an hilarious prank until they checked his pulse.

  33. Max

    I wish he was holding my Bottle!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. Kenny

    Two weeks later’ they realized Tom was more than a little Tipsy

  35. Kenny

    After studying the “CAVE ART” drawings on the ancient carpet, science shows how mans artistic abilities have truly evolved.

  36. jazzgeek

    Next week, on “CSI-Milwaukee”…..

  37. princess2

    Ha! Those CSI guys are so funny!

  38. Kev-O

    They told me these were non-alcoholic!!!

  39. Robert

    The new exhibits at the Museum of Modern Art take a surprisgly new direction.

  40. drew

    When your buddies get you trashed at hooters its probably not just to see you have a good time. Motive anyone………..

  41. swill bill

    So You Want The Job Of The New Bar Sign? Your Hired

  42. Tim smedley

    Today, there was a tradgic murder, police hurried to the scene. The only problem was they ran out of chalk so the used the old trusty friend BECKS BEER.

  43. dawn sharp

    Mothers Against Drunk Driving and their impressionistic art

  44. y hunt

    Suitably relaxed & uninhibited …… Ken showed off his skills as a life model.

  45. Ray R.

    This is a crime scene where they ran out of chalk to trace the dead body.

  46. Ray R.

    This is a crime scene where they ran out of chalk to trace the dead body, so they had to use these instead.

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