Cart Boy


This submission came to me anonymously. It shows the trials of life, the internal struggle of man against an immovable obj…. oh hell I can’t do it. It’s a fat guy pushing a bunch of carts.

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121 Captions for “Cart Boy”

  1. Brent

    I can almost taste the chocolate cake! Only…..ten…..more…..yards!

  2. Anonymous

    Next time I’m backing my car up to the door.

  3. chad

    In a cost cutting effort SuperValueFoods fired all but one cart boy.

  4. Anonymous

    Fatty fatty bo batty, banana fanna fo, er, fatty!

  5. Anonymous

    The little fat boy who could:

    I think I can. I think I can…

  6. Anonymous

    3 for a dollar on twinkies. Billy stocked up.

  7. erin

    i hate shopping for Thanksgiving.

  8. Anonymous


  9. Mike

    Goddamn gremlins again…

  10. Anonymous

    After repeatedly falling off the wall, Humpty Dumpty took a job at Rainbow Foods.

  11. DJ

    Little did the slow fat boy know that the supermarket cart store simply couldn’t hold more than 2024 carts.

  12. barbara

    “okay Bob, I told you I could do it. Where’s my 5 bucks? Bob? Bob?”

  13. mike

    He was never the same after the alien anal probe.

  14. Snork

    Gotta stock up! The FRITO LAY truck just arrived!

  15. brian

    Where’s the book of world records?

  16. John

    This is what you get for stealing *all* of the next-door-supermarket’s carts.

  17. Eric


  18. cecilia =)

    i need that much of carts to hold my stuff.. hmm..or maybe a second round later..

  19. tuck

    Pappy always told me.. “It’s not the size that matters .. It’s how hard ya push it!”

  20. Jeff

    All these people didn’t return their carts, I thought I would help!

  21. Lynne

    The myth of Sisyphus, retold in modern terms.

  22. Dan

    After ‘South Park’ was cancelled, it was the only paying job Cartman could find…

  23. Porked Your Mom

    Here we see Bubba, just seconds before he hit the ground, which scientists believe was certainly a contributing factor in the massive Earthquake that struck this small town earlier today…

  24. Inxply

    Possibly the greatest achievement any man can make is the 100 cart push into heaven!

  25. Steven

    hey! stop pushing on the front!!

  26. Dickey

    I don’t know about you, but it seams to me that the this was a staged photo just to show the helplessness of fat people. Ha, funny, but you would think that this guy might start loosing weight after this public bashing…

  27. Newt

    It’s all muscle baby, wanna catch a movie?

  28. slc

    Cletus was voted most likely to work at Wal-Mart in high school. We salute you, Cletus, for assuming your proper rung on the social ladder.

  29. Scatena

    One size fits all.

  30. Wedge

    I am ready for some tacos.

  31. shawster

    Wadda ya mean I coulda made two trips??
    I hate my job.

  32. BlueBox

    True Jedis us Depends.

  33. BlueBox

    I love it when the script places the quote in the wrong area 🙁

  34. grey

    Putting the carts before the cow.

  35. BoJangles

    twisted metal 9…..

  36. Camillion

    Everyday the super market opens one our early so Big George can do his shopping.

  37. Y2Khai

    Louie Anderson goes Twinkie shopping.

  38. hvstalker

    Mr.HOLMES OUT FOR SOME LUNCH! (hillview inside joke sry)

  39. Nate

    Fred takes the Gold in the Olympic Shopping Cart Push.

  40. Micah

    Next stop, Special Olympics!

  41. Jack

    I think my wife can lay on this, now i need three more rows

  42. Anonymous

    Almost…there….maybe this’ll get me a world record…

  43. 9Nails

    What 51 homeless people are thinking…
    “Damn, someone stole my cart.”

  44. Fat Seanny

    No wonder he’s in such good shape!


    it’s ok tubs, it happens to the best of us

  46. Anonymous

    Tards always have all the fun

  47. Lou

    If you think the fat guy is funny, you should see the trampled old lady blocking it at the other end.

  48. nathaniel vincent

    bobby’s parents never gave him a toy train

  49. Wulfgar

    “I’m gonna get that possum!”

  50. Furry

    I think i’ll have enough room for all those donuts….

  51. virtuoso guitarist

    Billy had a plan: he’d been saving his pound coins for years – now finally he’d found a stash of trolleys large enough to get at least one trolley in every river in England.

  52. Smiley

    That’s what you call bored on the job.

  53. Erica

    After cleaning crap off the bathroom walls in Walmart bathrooms for 10 years straight, John was finally promoted to senior cart manager. Sadly, he isn’t as good at pushing carts as he is at cleaning up other peoples’ shit, but there may be hope for him yet. Hey, at least he’s got a system.

  54. Quique

    Be all you can be!

  55. fisher

    After getting into the Guiness Book of World Records, Nathan Zamowe realized that everyone just skips past his page to get to the world’s oldest woman and the lady who never cut her fingernails.

  56. littlemermaid

    Hey, isnt that your dad?

  57. fool

    “damn, i KNEW i should’ve hired some employees”

  58. Dumbass540

    Thats what happens when I get turned on!

  59. pejamo

    Lothar did do battle with the horrible cart serpent as it emerged from its strip mall lair.

  60. Lay-Z

    Bubba might have been a few fries short of a happy meal, but he worked hard for that $5.25/hr

  61. Anonymous

    Is it just me or is that guy stupid?

  62. Anonymous

    Don’t worry dear…we don’t NEED a quarter!

  63. Jordan Woll

    It’s Superman in an elaborate disguise lifting off with the illegal shopping carts, freshly smuggled in from Amsterdam.

  64. tr

    wait so if F=ma, and f=un, and p=mv . . .hollllly shit i’m late for lunch !!!

  65. clifty

    I’m gonna fill these up as I’m obviously not on a diet!

  66. Mr. Ramon

    It took Billy Bob a full 45 minutes to realize that Prankster Paul had slipped a brick between the wheels of one of the carts, bringing the whole wagon train and Billy Bob’s life to a standstill.

  67. Anonymous

    Centipede Unplugged

  68. anonymously amused

    If Richard Simmons says I can do it then gosh almighty, I can do it!

  69. Drox

    Just gotta push a few more in and I’ll be set

  70. jo

    i ate all the pies

  71. Iwan Sjokotov

    I never go shopping for all of the neighbourhood again !!!

  72. Hecata

    After his head on collision with that freight train…Billy Bob couldn’t work a real job so he went to work for K-mart!

  73. Steven

    Giving it his gastro-intestinal all, maybe, just maybe “Lil” Jimmy will get all the Pic N Save carts inside the store at once.

  74. -x-

    Eh Gad… Imagine the roids on that guy

  75. aphrodite

    John boy hearding the silver buffalo.

  76. CloudNine

    Looks like a certain someone wants first dibs on Episode II action figures!

  77. Dimmm

    Me hungry!!!

  78. Toes

    I’d like to see the picture at the backdoor

  79. Bart

    Father of a big family!

  80. Fenris

    its funny cuz its true

  81. JC

    I’m sick of these damn carts hitting my car!
    Screw it–I’ll put’em away myself!

  82. Anonymous

    a huff… puff.. PUSH!!! a huff.. puff..

  83. Major Adventure

    World’s Strongest Man competition reaches a new low in the poorly conceived “Shopping Cart Event”.

  84. mdc58

    He’s not fat.. It’s the hernia.

  85. phknuts

    Richard Simmons next tape “Sweatin’ with Cartboy!!”

  86. cutie!

    i dont think its gunna fit…

  87. Techno Duck

    ‘Why over exert myself when i can just make one trip?’

  88. liam j

    someones hogging the twinkies

  89. Anonymous

    damnit Leroy, push harder!

  90. Roy Cohen

    Never mind, I’ll order online.

  91. Anonymous

    thoes 400 shopping carts we bought should keep the fat kid busy for a while…

  92. Anonymous

    Just picking up a few items for the weekend.

  93. andrew

    its so long

  94. Stephen N.

    And this is a slow day!

  95. Anonymous


  96. javilez

    I hate it when these damn carts get stuck

  97. Wit

    “Mr. Macho can flex, but can he do this?”

  98. U-boat

    Lazy!? Is that what you call me?

  99. alan seaton

    despite numerous warnings from upper management, Anthonee continued to do his physics homework on the job

  100. Newt

    They grocery store just showed an efficency video in the break room and everyone is pumped up.

  101. Tie Domi

    Size DOES matter!

  102. Shawn

    Shit, which one had the squeaky wheel again?

  103. Lisa H.

    Talk about the size of the hernia this guy’s gonna have when he’s done!

  104. John A

    I thought shopping online was suposed to be easy.
    After shopping online for over an hour.. Cemore’s crdit card was no good.
    Now he has to return the goods.

  105. rob

    ..just going to buy an x-box..

  106. paul bonser

    well let me do my shopping now

  107. Anna

    pushing for a promotion

  108. Newt

    Easy buddy, we’re paid by the hour.

  109. etl

    it wasn’t till he had finished the job when he noticed that the carts were in the wrong store.

  110. Dom

    The grocery store gives birth!

  111. Werd

    I thought the caboose was supposed to be the best looking part of the train!

  112. fattywalt

    I gotta get my STUFF!!!

  113. Kramer

    The Star Wars Kid at Work

  114. quacky

    Bitterly frustrated by the inability of his wife, Betty, to keep a “reasonable supply” of hostess Ding Dongs on hand, Big Ned decided to purchase every snack cake in Sam’s club. He would no doubt need many carts.

  115. joe

    “yummmm!!! its dinner time”
    “im as fat as a beast in my mothers swimming shorts”

  116. Andrew Anorak

    AHHHHHH the David Jason carts are escaping!”

  117. Dax

    goddamn I need to go on a diet! deese fuckin carts are too much

  118. Qfan

    Ghetto Limousine

  119. kevin

    hey MR.ENDLER i have your carts ready. do you want paper or plastic? i know you have a big race this week and i put money on the the other guy ..he is awesome!

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