Chia nighmare


I didn’t double check my sources on this one, but it’s believed that this is a never before seen look into the secret labs of the Cha-Cha-Cha-Chia corporation. (shoot me)

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161 Captions for “Chia nighmare”

  1. Anonymous

    Is that Alyssa Milano?

  2. Damion

    “I thought it was only supposed to grow on your PALMS!!”

  3. Damion

    “No, I’m just happy to see you……why?”

  4. Damion

    In retrospect, the other clowns realized that Zabbo’s practical jokes were getting out of hand……”

  5. Damion

    Clown Local 142 finally gets to show the Ringmaster what they really think of him..

  6. SpiteCookie

    I heard some party clowns can be little pricks, but this is outragous!!

  7. cletus

    No wonder people are afraid of clowns!

  8. ronincyberpunk

    And the world may never know what a female clown looks like.

  9. ronincyberpunk

    Smilagra – Smiling is all you need to see, the rest is simply known.

  10. guava

    Satisfy your S&M partner’s clown fetish the natural, organic way. Don’t forget it’s spiked for their/your pleasure/pain.

  11. claudia

    clown with brown pants front row: Does anyone else have that burning sensation?

  12. Anonymous

    Debbie does Barnum and Balies.

  13. Eden

    Front row at the Prickly Pear Peep Show.

  14. Melanie

    Um, ladies? Wouldn’t that suck?

  15. Sam

    The Reds outnumbered the greens both in number and size.

  16. aaron

    “Happiest Show On Earth my ass. Honey, grab the kids, we’re going home.”

  17. Megs

    Introducing the testing dummies for extra durable condoms that can withstand even the smallest prick.

  18. Anonymous


  19. dcurrie

    This is really going to pump up those Viagra sales.

  20. smellykid

    *ceramic clowns watching a porn*
    modern art

  21. vikram

    Buy super Gro.
    Do you still need a reason?

  22. ClitCommander

    “we fight to the death!”

  23. Invisagoth

    The experminemt to prevent clows from masturbating is a success!

  24. Inxply

    We took 12 clowns and 1 tube of …

  25. Anonymous

    aversion therapy aids for the kitschy

  26. Jimmy Flowers

    Cover to the new album by the Insane Clown Posse — Prickley Prick

  27. Jimberley

    Prickled….For her pleasure.

  28. Zachary

    Now we know why clowns are sad…they can’t have sex since they have pokey penis

  29. semi-

    So-o, do we water th’ plants or do th’ plants water us?

  30. James

    Peter Piper Picked A Peck Of Prickled Peckers

  31. benny p

    you’d be the only clowns with a frown if your dick looked like this too!!!

  32. slc

    You think you got it bad? Try getting laid when you have a cactus for a dick.

  33. Elminster

    “Mine’s bigger than yours!”

    “…………..Is not…”

  34. Ashley

    Just when you think the clowns are safe-they’ll attack you when fired up for a night in bed.

  35. grey

    Photo taken just after the most painful VW Beetle ride in history.

  36. hawk

    I’d hate to date the girl this belongs to.

  37. Cecilia =)

    clowns nowadays dun play with balls anymore..

  38. oni424

    The san Fransico Clown Parade

  39. enar

    sucsessful lubricant add

  40. Micah

    Clowns – putting a whole new meaning on the phras “Stick ’em up!”

  41. Anonymous

    Inappropriate cactus pots.

  42. AllRPGer

    Clowns and erections just don’t mix.

  43. George

    It seems that their father was a big cactus.

  44. Anonymous

    how come my girlfriend won’t give me anal?

  45. C-Mo

    Not the best place to send a dumb blonde. Unless you’re up for a good laugh.

  46. Anonymous

    Not the best place to sit when ur horny….no pun intended

  47. Jim Bob

    The French think this is art.

  48. Patrick

    is that a cactus in your pants? …

  49. Maxx

    You’d be sad too if you couldn’t touch it.

  50. Fat Bitch

    PRICK: Ouuh He stuck me, Ill never shit again.

  51. Fat Seanny

    As you can see here, these clowns are sporting the all-new French Prickler.

  52. Diane Dinero

    “Honey, don’t turn around. This won’t hurt–that much.”

  53. Xena

    Jimmy’s fears of clown were re-inforced after happening upon a gaggle of clown’s with cactus dicks

  54. Pete.

    Remember that Lady Friend of Bill Clintons? You know, the one that allways
    wore Braces?

  55. Tortured soul

    Well at least they won’t go blind

  56. Jesus

    Barnum & Bailey’s new act

  57. Anonymous

    K-Y required… Lot’s of it!

  58. Lou

    love hurts!

  59. nathaniel vincent

    the reason why clowns are always smiling discovered

  60. Furry

    so …. do you wanna get naked….

  61. Furry

    I’m just gonna poken through the back door….

  62. Gram

    “Go ahead… Make my day…” said Steven Seagul to the Mafia’s henchmen ninja clowns, who were strong in the art of dickpoke’waitee. Steven was never seen again.

  63. me

    horny little prick…

  64. Jowy

    Thank you for coming to the Sleaze Brothers Circus, here’s your complimentary house plant.

  65. leisureleague

    only in america, or sweden. I’m not sure which.

  66. BC

    you know what they say: Big feet…..

  67. Quique

    Reminds me of the Catholic Church for some reason…

  68. fisher

    Allegations of fraternity hazing surfaced again today at Arizona University.

  69. Joane

    gee, when they say the first time hurts, I guess they hadn’t met the Clowns yet.

  70. Jason

    Another great alternative to those penis shaped balloons the clowns blow up.

  71. Slow Burn

    The website ad promised a big prick, but this is ridiculous.

  72. Bob

    Hey Bozo, I’m sorry about your condom problems last night…you should really try the new Trojan Nickel Plated series. Anyone got any Preparation-H?

  73. AmbientBleue18

    What? What’s so funny? Why are all you people laughing at– oh, yeah, i’m a clown!

  74. Katrina Crow

    The Horny Clown Army

  75. anonymous

    No wonder she keeps getting pregnant.

  76. rj the magnificent camel

    “i hate being in front….”

  77. Justin

    A new British law now requires registered sex offenders to wear a special prosthetic penis that would keep them from ever getting laid again…..

  78. nacio

    ….”I tell you Fred, KY jelly just doesn’t help”….

  79. CatShoes

    Mommy,I want one!!!:D

  80. jade

    short and thick will do the trick, but long and thorny is best when horny !!!

  81. Geo

    Mommy, my bottom hurts!
    And that cactus clown keeps visiting me in my dreams.

  82. Lay-Z

    Not only does Viagra help Bob Dole and his erectile disorders, it makes a great fertilizer too…

  83. Robert

    I think my face would be white, too.

  84. tfstrum

    Look ma!, no hands…

  85. Sadie

    Is THAT why it’s called a prick?

  86. wurk

    Hey Doc, it hurts when I pee…

  87. Me

    and the whore walks by…

  88. ned

    Priests put on a show for the kids of Boy’s Town.

  89. d.

    the cactus looks like a penis.

  90. Van H.

    Hey boys, check out the leaves on that Geranium across the street…

  91. iamdrunk

    after having britney spears visit clown school, all the students seemed to come down with uncontrollable boners and std’s

  92. jonjon

    “The cast waits patiently for Debbie to begin the gangbang”

  93. Mr. Ramon

    Doctor, it feels like I got needles in my cock whenever I take a piss. Did I get burnt?

  94. Anonymous

    …so blind people can hate clowns, too.

  95. VenomHead

    DOC, whenever I masturebait, I get sharp prickles on my hand? Explain doctor! Help me. IT HURTS!

  96. anonymously amused

    cactus prick is to clown as active prick is to priest

  97. Drox

    New “STIMULATING”Toy for those lonely nights … new added feauture.. mini pricks

  98. mehljo


  99. p-diddy

    in the army now

  100. Jack

    Those bastards killed my inflatable doll! I miss you, Sugar.

  101. kraziekt

    “i know it says ‘ribbed for her pleasure’, chuckles, but there aint no pleasure!”

  102. Hecata

    One prick..two prick’s…three pricks four, five pricks…six prick’s seven prick’s….”Counts the she picks the needles out of her tongue!”

  103. honeybeep

    Jerry Baker’s newest cacti fertilizer recipe….1 part beer, one part Viagra…add some mouthwash….voila!

  104. magpie steve

    the big battery…, John killed them!

  105. Wally

    give me a blow job

  106. Big M

    No batteries needed for that wonderful tinkly feeling

  107. >*>


  108. Chris

    Unused and collecting dust…Relics of a failed dildo product line.

  109. Chris

    What a bunch of pricks!

  110. Benjamin

    Probably some woman’s joke…

  111. CloudNine

    Let’s see Trojan and Durex cover this one!

  112. Jade

    There once was a clown from nantucket…

  113. TankZilla

    Like the Trojan Horse, the Chias planned their revenge from the inside…

  114. Brian

    Hey look at that clown’s prick!!

  115. bANAAL

    Hellraisor(the porn-version)

  116. Babylon

    And where do you by that brand of condoms?

  117. NRae


  118. Anonymous

    Miracle Grow really works!

  119. octavian

    oh, my god. no, it cant be….thats my reoccuring nightmare!

  120. Anonymous

    Buy one get one free.

  121. dalida

    And you thought deepthroating was hard enough as it was

  122. Fenris

    the pufferfish of the clowns. except more dangerous to certain reproductive organs.

  123. Zorbs

    can’t sleep…clowns will poke me

  124. Anonymous

    *Strictly for novelty use ONLY.

  125. _AK_

    i had a bad dream i sat on one of them once! OUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  126. _AK_ & Tezza

    i had a bad dream i sat on one of them once! OUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  127. scott

    ICP on Viagra!!!

  128. PowerHouseLX

    Just say wack and you’ll do fine.

  129. Anonymous

    “get your fuzzy clown condoms”

  130. liam j

    ronald mcdonald arrested after bloody grusome attempt to shaft a hedgehog!

  131. adam

    The lonely clown brothers could never quite figure out why women always seemed to reject them.

  132. Brad

    The suit against the condom company didn’t hold up very well in court.

  133. Roy Cohen

    They went that-a-way.

  134. ...

    ….I hope they don’t like guys….

  135. Brad

    After many generations of Bozo family doing jail time, Darwinism finally kicked in.

  136. matguy

    Scary thing is, My Grandma has one of these in her bathroom. (no joke)

  137. CISCO Class at AHS

    Dont send in the clowns….
    Dont send in the clowns….

  138. Mike

    and… the number one reason while children are afraid of clowns… is…

  139. Barry

    I should have kept the Viagara in the medicine cabinet.

  140. Anonymous

    This gives a new meaning to the word PRICK!

  141. Anonymous

    Kitchy porn.

  142. Anonymous

    Clinical drug study gone terribly awry.

  143. Anonymous

    Executives at Disney didn’t think that the original screenplay for Pinnochio would go over well with parents.

  144. Anonymous

    UltraStudded – for HER pleasure.

  145. IVAN


  146. IVAN


  147. KY

    the clown army is just a bunch of big pricks.

  148. alan seaton

    The new line of X-rated lawn jockeys was a big hit at the mexican flea market.

  149. Resisobilus

    Quick! Sell my Precious Moments stock!

  150. J. Carter

    How would you like to have this many

  151. Wario

    Tricky the clown had brothers!

  152. Jen

    Honey, I thought it was only supposed to bleed the first time…

  153. posted a caption

    No wonder their hands are in their pockets…they sure as hell can’t masturbate. I guess they could make it with a Venus flytrap perhaps.
    Gives new meaning to the kids’ jibe “Go ride a cactus”, doesn’t it?

  154. drunkenpsycho

    So I said to the manager, well people are tierd of seeing twelve clowns fit in a small car so i figured I would fit all of these in my ass….

  155. justin

    It burns when i pee!

  156. Tramadol

    Experience is that marvelous thing that enables you recognize a mistake when you make it again.

  157. Tramadol

    The secret of health for both mind and body is not to mourn for the past, worry about the future, or anticipate troubles but to live in the present moment wisely and earnestly.

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