This image reminds me of me.

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109 Captions for “Childhood”

  1. Anonymous

    Gorby and his younger brother, Sergei at the age of 10

  2. o

    Storm Poopers unite

  3. boney

    dogboy and his brother apply high tech methods to butt sniffing

  4. tabby

    the young Kirk and Spock practice searching for Klingons

  5. kudmunky

    After this little incident TK42K and THX1138 werer banned from doing Darth Vaders laundry forever!

  6. (pdw)

    Wham!, the early years

  7. onebad427

    The Butthole Surfers before they became famous

  8. GreyDuck

    “But Tenchi’s dad says this is the proper attire for peeping!”

  9. bred

    After Jeff was laid off from the construction site, a home made haloween costume was the best he could do for his kids

  10. clamsarenthappy

    It’s all fun and games until you realize you have a skid mark on your superhero mask…

  11. Anonymous

    Ewww! There’s a brown spot.

  12. Reut

    “She gave me her panties maannnn…”

  13. Laundry Day

    Why UnderwearMan never really became a super hero — he hit skid row.

  14. filkertom

    “This child is IGNORANCE! And this child is WANT!”

  15. filkertom

    The very first Mummy movie had a limited make-up budget

  16. Din Viessel

    Sadly, as a boy band, the Buttheads never made it and hit the skids.

  17. lee

    the poo klux klan!

  18. spat

    This picture sure beats the one with the diapers on our heads.

  19. spat

    OK, let’s go and rob the bank!

  20. Les

    How do you get a skid mark on your underwear when its on your…..OH MY GOD!!!!!

  21. bad news

    We finally see why Middle Eastern children are so angry at the world.

  22. nebelung

    the ultimate sniff test for laundry: is it -really- clean enough to wear just one more day?

  23. jk

    Halloween in Afghanistan

  24. filkertom

    … and those of us looking at this picture are the Butthole Surfers, I guess….

  25. cutetexasgal

    Hey, Matthew, what’s that smell? I don’t know, Paul, nothing smells bad from my “end.”

  26. MTV

    Young Bill and Roger Clinton got tired of answering the question “Boxers or briefs?”

  27. mgoldsmith4

    Future college fraternity brothers.

  28. Bisquitlips

    Future Taliban warriors! Move over Osama, your replacements are on the horizon!

  29. Cooljerk

    “The hobo down the street said he’d give us his ‘magical masks’ if we’d agree to touch his wacky spot!”

  30. Anonymous

    If I had known we would play this game at this birthday party, I would’ve listened to my mom when she asked me to change underwear.

  31. Anonymous

    At that moment, Ronny farted again, but now it landed on the carpet.

  32. Susan

    Tide just isn’t what it used to be….

  33. Kelli

    … and they’ll be dressed like this till they are 30.

  34. Patriot

    the kkk were trying desperately for a new look

  35. resisobilus

    Hey, was this pic Tom Green’s inspiration for “Stealing Harvard”s robbery scene?

  36. Dennis

    god ! what’s that smell??? did you farted ,lil bro?

  37. Paul C

    The real story behind why Sand People are the way they are.

  38. Anonymous

    *SNIFF* *SNIFF* Do you smell something??

  39. Anonymous

    Mom!!! I think Johnny passed out!!

  40. Anonymous

    Good thing these people did not have a panoramic lens!! YIKES!!

  41. Reg

    Even as a child, Michael Gorbachev’s mom couldn’t cover that spot on his head.

  42. tony

    Pack of childrens underwear: $5
    Role of film: $6
    Knowing that niether kid knows what “skid-mark” really means: Priceless

  43. mgoldsmith4

    Look, it’s a s—head and his lil brother!

  44. alan seaton

    Child abuse comes in a variety of flavors.

  45. jimmy

    hey jonny, this smells like grandpa’s taint!

  46. jimmy

    Dad can you take your dick out of my ass now?

  47. jimmy

    and at that exact moment, jonnies dad walked in the door of their trailer park home and raped the life out of him

  48. Mark


  49. Anonymous

    the kid on the right is wearing poo stained underwear HHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHHA

  50. Maxx

    Wild teens hand-jobbing eachother.

  51. Mark Beular

    Did u fart?

  52. nabil

    that is new year in israel

  53. nabil

    they are the new power rangers.

  54. Pokejedservo

    Makes you wonder why nobody has done a “Jerry Springer” joke on this one yet huh?

  55. Crunchy

    A key piece of evidence in the murder trial of Billy Fred Feckless, shown here on the right at age 9, accused of beating his father to death with the deceased’s own digital camera. When asked if he had anything to say on his own behalf, Feckless only muttered “He shoulda deleted that one.”

  56. Datz It

    It took Jimmy 3 years to understand what they meant by ‘your face, my ass’.

  57. Datz It

    Jimmy never once was called a dickhead

  58. Datz It

    Have you ever wondered where the bevis and butthead creators got inspiration from?

  59. Jodene Sparks

    that’s not a skid mark, i know skid marks…thats a poop in your underwear mark

  60. Emanuel

    “Why do I feel like such an ass?”

  61. JBob

    Brown-noser’s potty training accident

  62. Lisa H.

    Boy Wonderwear snickers behind Underman’s back… if only he knew of the skidmarks on his face. Maybe I’ll give him some Underoos for Christmas. Then he’ll get the hint for sure!

  63. Brian

    Yum, my underwear tastes like corn and peanuts…

  64. Billyboy

    DIGITAL CAMERA……..$500
    Having to tell your cousin there’s a SKID MARK on his head….

  65. yarivon

    That’s, children, the perfect example for a shity head!

  66. mr. poopy

    How Stan Got The Name Fart-Boy

  67. larry

    heres that site i was tellin ya was on one of the freshman floors

  68. Flappo

    It takes a village to raise a child.

  69. MeeMah

    Future Nude Bare Connoisseures

  70. Vera

    just sniff to get high…

  71. mm

    This is me with my friend Mark – hang on, they look like a pair of mine….

  72. Chris

    The kids were pissed, they wouldn’t were their underwear the normal way because they weren’t the right brand, they wanted Adidas underwear, the brand with three brown stripes.

  73. flo

    Can anyone else get that disgusting smell or is it just me?!!

  74. carlo

    michael jacksons problems started when he was just a little boy

  75. carlo

    michael jacksons problems started when he was just a little boy

  76. Ewout

    I’m wondering if they’ve got a hat on their dicks too…

  77. carlo

    when the bandages in iraq ran out they used alternative stuff to cover the wounds

  78. carlo

    when the bandages in iraq ran out they used alternative stuff to cover the wounds

  79. strawberry

    hey billy i remember those from last year!

  80. meg & ange

    How is it that I always end up with your undies on my head?

  81. Renyna Smith

    This reminds you of someone and it ain’t me.

  82. Pedro from MÈxico

    Well, at least the skid mark was on the outside… lucky kid.

  83. Gary Coleman

    Clippers fans

  84. LinkMasterJoe

    Digital Camera: $600.00
    Boys Underwear: $4.00
    Not telling your cousin his mask has a skid mark: $Priceless

  85. Steve

    Digital Camera: $600.00

    Boys Underwear: $4.00

    Not telling your cousin his mask has a skid mark: $Priceless

  86. mdw

    Digital Camera: $600.00

    Boys Underwear: $4.00

    Not telling your cousin his mask has a skid mark: $Priceless

  87. princess2

    Dad said it would be funny. But oviously not to Mom!

  88. ryan kavanagh

    is this al queda online

  89. art crow


  90. art crow


  91. Bohatnik

    Future Nascar fans.

  92. Sam Reavill

    Even from an early age Tony blair had his head up Bushes ass!

  93. Bill

    Child Hood Friends

  94. Daniel Flynn

    There’s only one thing worse then your brain on drugs, your brain in underwear.

  95. nick

    Their secret identity remained a secret until the government agencies realised the poo on the pants was not normal..It was inhuman.

  96. nick

    Everyone finally took them seriously as super heroes after they got their new masks, there was one problem..The pants which would hopefully stop anyone identifying them had poo on them

  97. El Tardo

    So thats what thee education system is doing for us …

  98. Ian

    I guess there ARE buttheads in this world.

  99. Mike

    After a night at the Neverland Ranch these poor children were found on the side of the road just like this.

  100. Ben


  101. fred

    well they are dick heads

  102. anonymous


  103. dawn sharp

    Terrorist in training practice Infidel Calvin Klein poses.

  104. rick queen

    digital camera-$300 boys jockeys-$3 not telling tim that his superhero mask has skidmarks—–priceless!

  105. Will

    Little did they realised there underwear got swapped round in the wild bumming session.

  106. Corey

    Mom, Dilian says you missed a spot!

  107. Joe

    DIGITAL CAMERA……..$500
    Having to tell your cousin there’s a SKID MARK on his head….

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