Chivalry, what’s chivalry?


Who says chivalry is dead?

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78 Captions for “Chivalry, what’s chivalry?”

  1. Tyson's accountant

    “Hurry up, woman, or we’ll be late for our couples therapy session.”

  2. cryptic

    Earlier that day Carlos had hypnotized his ex-girfriend to believe she was a cargo mule.

  3. admin

    you put your left foot in
    you put your left foot out….

  4. the good old days

    Ah… finally, a picture of the way things ought to be.

  5. jk

    “Heh, he looks all smug and shit with that cigarette NOW, but let’s see how he feels after the plastic explosives in this bushel detonate outside of his synagogue. HALLAH ALLAH HALLA!!!”

  6. isaaa

    boys are stupid throw rock at them!!!

  7. Pati

    Ok…I get it, I carry the load while you roll it up & get loaded?!!

  8. Cecil Beaumont

    Wow, if I knew the circus was going to be this expensive, I would’ve but my camel to share with him my own personal triumps of hate and joy!!!?

  9. oddrob

    I’ll trade ten american women for one of them.

  10. oddrob

    Sadam managed to sneak out of the Iraq by hiding in a bushel of sticks.

  11. Gentaur

    Brenda began to reconsider her feminist principles.

  12. filkertom

    Indeed, the second little pig was so lazy that he hired someone to build his house of sticks for him.

  13. filkertom

    “I cannot believe this toad cannot hear me sneaking up on him. Now, one good WHOMP to the top of the head, and….”

  14. filkertom

    Superman and Wonder Woman — the bitter, trailer-trash years

  15. eric


  16. s.chandler

    Dr. Susan Weber bates the average urban gorilla with it’s favorite food and cave nesting materials.She’s doing a long term study on imbecility and has found the perfect animal.

  17. Kit Kat

    One day, on the way to the Jerry Springer show…………

  18. filkertom

    He’s sucking down carcinogens and looking like a lazy ass, she’s exercising and getting sympathy. And he thinks he’s winning.

    Why, no, this isn’t a metaphor for our time. Of course not. Nope nope nope.

  19. jwd

    Despite his disgust, Milosc was still able to hide his repulsion about his wife’s big, hairy mole.

  20. jwd

    “Get out of the way, Gomez! I need to take Cousin Itt to the hospital right away!”

  21. Mascot

    Just when you thought it was safe for a leisurely stroll…then…out of nowhere…it’s OSTRICH WOMAN!!!

  22. anon

    I’m a militant heterophobe like the Mike Burdick woman haters!!!!!!!!!!!.

  23. clorox

    and they say woman are good for nothin…

  24. Josh

    What the hell is she doing out of the kitchen?

  25. lawrence

    My wife would walk a mile to catch up to me and ask me for a camel to smoke…

  26. nurg

    “Ooh, sweetie, look at the peacock walking right behind you!”

  27. DUCK


  28. Gentaur

    Afraid of losing him, Jill worked very hard to support Jack’s marijuana habit.

  29. Bry

    look at her! She thinks she’s people!

  30. ron

    look at that big bush shes got!!!

  31. Impfac

    Honey, we’ve been over why! It’s not ME who has the nesting instinct…

  32. Newt

    What a gentleman, makeing sure there’s no big rocks for her to trip on.

  33. Joe

    This cocksucking whore will eat my semen later.

  34. Werd

    In order to get the Fonz’ autograph, Irma decided to disguise herself as a shrub until the right moment came about.

  35. PC


  36. I masturbate for money

    Ok honey, you can put our bed down. This looks like a good spot.

  37. spat

    “Don’t worry, be happy mann…”

  38. Gentaur

    Betty gave up trying to untangle her hair years ago.

  39. Gentaur

    Rapunzel’s hairdresser promised amazing results from the new barn swallow treatment.

  40. Cam

    Woman: Juan, why don’t you just BUY a pickup truck?

    Man: My way’s cheaper.

  41. fortune

    bet the bitch don’t even shaves her legs.

  42. Alan's Woman

    Why would I bother if the b*tch is willing to do it?!

  43. Adam

    Okay! Okay! I’m SORRY I cut off your penis in your sleep last night! Can’t a girl get a break?!

  44. Pokejedservo

    Girl (thinking): I wonder if this big bag of shrubs is heavy enough to kill him.

  45. "Alan" Natalies' Man

    sadly,the arabian Mentos commercial didn’t do as well as its American counterpart.

  46. KD

    Man of the Year Contest (Link)

  47. KD

    And the winner is…

  48. KD

    We have a winner!

  49. Bisquitlips

    The real secret to Hector’s foolproof “My wife lost 20 pounds in 3 hours” diet.

  50. Cime

    While she was carrying an enourmous bundle of grass, he decided to help her by smoking it.

  51. yaniv

    this woman seems to follow me wherever i go…..

  52. just me

    Man thinking: “I’m the one her mama warned her about!” Woman thinking: “So this is what mama meant when she warned me about him!”

  53. Naz

    lol… check the guy’s shadow!

  54. Bill Kozy

    Hey come on, I got my hands full with this tasty cigarette!

  55. Mark Beular

    After his big buy at the slave market Marcos takes his sex slave for a little walk with all her things

  56. Pyro

    sadly…It was not the cigarette that killed him.

  57. hamsterman

    Who ever said that all woman’s rights were secure?

  58. Whittaker

    “Whatever happened to the man doing all the labor!”

  59. patricia

    não é por nada mas is this happen in Portugal??

  60. Kramer

    “Hey, those things’ll kill ya, you know”

  61. jcw

    If he huffs and puffs and blows this house down one more time I am leaving and I am never coming back!

  62. Sidro

    Erma decides being an Ostrege for Holloween wasn’t the smartest thing she’d ever done!

  63. whatever

    This is my last cigarette, bitch…when you get this bale of tobacco home, shred it and roll me a couple more cartons for tomorrow.

  64. Henry

    “You know, the word ‘faggot’ can mean a bundle of sticks and twigs. It’s not used very often these days, but I thought you might like to know anyway.”

    “What word was that?”





    “Yes, faggot.”

    “Oh, OK. I’ll remember that one. Faggot…”


  65. russel

    it is a quiet morning and joan has just finished shaveing her husbands back

  66. russel

    guy: damn, i think i broke a nail!

  67. USA 2007

    USA 2007

    after the Supreme Court has rolled back women’s rights)

  68. Kenny

    And the female flaunts her nesting materials, trying to win the heart of the male during courtship.

  69. Kenny

    Sweetie, do the women of your family ever worry about osteoperosis??

  70. Daniel Flynn

    That’s good weed..I’m glad we bought it in bulk.

  71. David Knight

    “Quick dear…the giant man-eating eagle will be back any seconds now looking for it’s nest.”

  72. sammy

    “honey can i get a little help?”
    geez i would but this ciggarette is so damn heavy!

  73. Kennny

    What are you bitchin about? I said I’d carry the money we made from the market back down the hill.

  74. aseaton

    Hay! wait for me.

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