Compact Truck


The size of these SUV’s is getting a bit out of hand.

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56 Captions for “Compact Truck”

  1. Visca

    no longer willing to take chances, the atf began smashing all white vans they came across.

  2. (pdw)

    OJ Simpson finally finds the real killers.

  3. petey

    Ford releases an all new SUV.

  4. Nugget Rancher

    “Susie, let me call you back, I think I ran over another car.”

  5. Nugget Rancher

    Introducing the new Ford Destroyer. For those many frantic soccer Moms who would much rather drive over a car than wait five seconds for it to pass.

  6. Oops

    Hey Bob, have you seen my truck? It was parked real close to this here hill last time I saw it.

  7. Les

    Today Mac Trucks introduced an all new family vehical, Road Rage 2003, “for when that damn jerk yakking on his cell phone freakin cuts you off in traffic!!”

  8. spat

    “Yessss, now I can change the 72 into 73…!”

  9. dzine.

    In the proud tradition of Explorer, Escape, Expedition and Exursion, Ford introduces the 2003 Excessive.

  10. moogoo

    Oh great, now everyone in my neighborhood will have to rush out and get one of THESE to replace their Expeditions.

  11. mgoldsmith4

    These damn imported vehicles really piss me off!

  12. Ashton

    Ford is finally forced by paranoid federal automotive testers to introduce: “SIDE-IMPACTS BY BUTT-HUGE TRUCKS” tests!

  13. jk

    When P. Diddy found he could not get the 116″ chrome rims to go along with his 4 6-foot subs and 2 80,000 watt amps in the trunk, he decides to go ballistic on Lee Iacocca yelling “Bad Boy for Life!”

  14. Drake

    On his way to the beach, Abdullah the Palestinian meets Eli the Israeli.

  15. Bull

    Seconds later, the car transformed into a huge robot that killed all the other Afghans.

  16. filkertom

    “Happy Birthday, Dad!” “Wow! Thanks, Will. Thanks, Robot. Ummm… where’s Dr. Smith?” ” LINING THE TREADS. HA HA HA HA HA.” “– Help me!

  17. nurg

    Thud-THUD! “D’you feel that?” “Nope.” “Me either, this thing ROCKS! Whoooo!”

  18. Bisquitlips

    Bumpersticker: With multiple pee streams, Calvin is seen pissing on Chevys, Fords, Toyotas, Nissans, and Dodges. Nuf Said.

  19. Reut

    Size DOES matter..

  20. Pokejedservo

    Sorry sir but the positions for “Transformers Armada” have been filled out.

  21. Ralph Nader

    CONSUMER WARNING: Certain SUVs can cause minor tire damage to gigantic mining trucks.

  22. woot

    think he’s compensating for something…?

  23. Uncle Mike

    Tom’s winning streak of playing “chicken” came to a sad, violent end.

  24. Sarzie

    Oops darn those rabbits!!!

  25. Sarzie

    Damn!!! What a place to put a speed hump

  26. LiZor

    John – Bob. Bob. What was that?
    Bob – Rabbit.
    John – A rabbit?
    Bob – Yah. Volkswagen.

  27. lawrence

    Dr. Seuss’s new line of books starring “Tonka” grows wildly as he is fed on a diet of foreign vans and suvs.

  28. Fartman

    Driver: “I thought you said you liked monster trukcs!”

  29. Reut

    Ok, write down DO NOT CRASH THE VAN WITH A 70 FOOT TRUCK on the WARNINGS page Bob…

  30. proofreader

    Hey Reut, what’s a “cation”?

  31. Crashinoz

    Clearway: 3pm – 7pm
    Offending Vehicles Will Not Be Towed

  32. Lisa

    45 blue 45 blue HUT HUT!

  33. Maxx

    Trucks have to eat too.

  34. Richard

    DUDE! That’s my car!!!

  35. cyder

    as john looked to the side and saw the giant vehical appraoching, it suddenly occured to him that a life time of dungeons and dragons and a kickass collection of stamps had left no one that would mourn him.

  36. Stu

    Larry thought a quarry would be the perfect place to get peace enough to think of Larsson rip-offs for The Caption site,but Gary had used his last royalty check to buy a truck…

  37. tandeme

    M.A.D.D. propses new testing procedure for all vehicles that claim to have side airbags

  38. Stephen

    New SUV gently rolls over large bumps and has enough storage capacity for the state of Rhode Island.

  39. Mark Smith

    Warning drinking and driving through a consturction sight is not a good idea

  40. pangie

    the lesser-known enemy of the six million dollar man.

  41. rob

    Tonka rules

  42. Becky

    Oh, crap.

  43. lecoptre

    From inside the SUV to the new clients. “And this is where we quarry the…cR-uMP-le AhHh! no ! wait! CrUnCh!!”

    Oddly enough I’ve actually been nearly run over by one of these trucks while getting Hot Top Mix….

  44. My Horn Hurts

    Hey Jim i’m really sorry

    about your car, I thought you meant

    the back parking lot.

  45. MusWatcher

    The new Hummer 72 pick up on a test run at the monster truck trials.

  46. P3L1C@N M@Nn


  47. Atrocity bloopers

  48. inevitible

    Car service: If it ain’t broke, we’ll break it.

  49. decay

    2005 4×4, Sudden Death, Last Man Standing, Quarry Shoot-Out won by a ’72 Jeep CJ with a J.C. Whitney lift kit.

  50. decay

    Judge in Utah devises “scared straight” program for road rage offenders.

  51. Kenny

    “On Star, we have just detected an air bag deployment, is everything okay?”

  52. Josh

    Maybe he will think twice before takeing my parking spot again.

  53. dawn sharp

    Pimp my ride woofers were pounding out Beyonce’s latest…to the dump…to the dump.



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