Computer Fish


I have no idea what this is, but I bet you creative folks can make it talk. [thanks Kate]

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156 Captions for “Computer Fish”

  1. Viehauser

    “Another reason why polluting our lakes is just WRONG!”

  2. benny

    “isn’t this how they use iMac these days?

  3. Salamander

    Be sure to cut all the rings on your computer before you throw it into the trash.

  4. vespa boy

    When Steve Jobs said “Think Different,” he never envisioned this.

  5. Red

    “Front cover of new J.K. Rowling novel —
    Harry Potter and the Disgruntled Meter Maid”

  6. Anonymous

    Cyber-Carp, the latest genetically engineered food.

  7. Seriousgrl

    the last real use for an old ‘puter….bait

  8. Syd

    Ho hum, time to check the e-mail. WHAT THE ….?

  9. Dave

    Who did our market reseach? Bring me their heads!

  10. wiredgonzo

    Another CARPy parkings space?! Geesh! Now I’ll not only have CARPal Tunnel, I’ll have sore feet as well!

  11. Kate

    Introducing, the new iMackerel!

  12. Bingobowden

    Hey, pal, you got any change for the meter?

  13. Ben Morrell

    Something’s fishy with that computer…

  14. Lee

    “I didn’t know that’s what they meant by express shipping!”

  15. erin

    “erm…. the inter-fishing-net?

    (so terrible. i apologize)”

  16. fertile_jim

    WARNING: Those fish tank screen savers may be virus-infected…..

  17. Alex Kaseberg

    I know they said I would have acid-flashbacks, but Jesus!

  18. macgeek

    Apple designer Joe Normal was released from his job yesterday afternoon. Mr. Normal, who had a desire to write science fiction and a minor in genetics, declined comment.”

  19. ginny

    whew ………. “we deliver fresh fish” has a new meaning with on-line ordering

  20. Charlynn

    The next step in 3-D technology goes a little too far…

  21. Captain Caveman

    Think Different

  22. cecilia =)

    kissing fish looking for similar-sized partner

  23. Christian

    Of course i haven’t been masturbating at my computer. This is why it smells like fish …

  24. Eric


  25. Cappy

    Part Computer. Part Fish. All Conversation Piece

  26. Cris

    Oh damn, the meter expired and Ronald still isn’t back from the Starbucks!

  27. Anonymous

    I coulda been somebody! But no, I swallowed that Apple ad hook, line, and sinker.

  28. Ladychem

    They neglected to tell Jimmy that the convert-your-old-apple-computer-into-a-fishtank kits were not rated suitable habitats for deep-sea fish…

  29. Mehljo

    “Boy In Costume: Trick or Treat…
    Lady: What are you supposed to be??
    B.I.C: A iMAC with a smell program.
    Lady: Oh good heaven’s!!! A porn site.”

  30. Anonymous

    Has anyone seen may tank?

  31. Flik

    is he paying for that meter?!?!? GET THE METER MAIDS ON HIM!@#!

  32. Anonymous

    Parking Meter: Ha,Ha! at least i get paid for standing here

  33. Jimmy Flowers

    (Associated Press) Finally, people everywhere have found a use for their iMacs…art! Sacramento artist Bud Lydell took a talking fish he bought at Walgreen’s added it to his iMac case. He was astonished when he made $1000 at a street fair. Lydell says, “I felt like I was on the Antique Roadshow. Thank God I got some money back from this thing.”

  34. Mitch

    (Public Service Announcement) People please, when you are done surfing the net, try not to bring anything back with you.

  35. Mitch

    (Public Service Announcement) People please, when you are done surfing the net, try not to bring anything back with you.

  36. brian

    Steve Jobs was always a marketing wizard. That is until… Apple used viral market techniques.

  37. Anonymous

    I guess even porn has that fish smell

  38. Anonymous

    Steven Jobs thought he was tapping into a new market when he introduced his iFish

  39. Knotso Cleva

    if Apple had access to stem cells

  40. dbj

    Their romance was destined for failure. Fish-based electronics just don’t date parking meters.

  41. parallax e.

    Our fate as techno-fish: the new paradigm of cyborgian evolution.

  42. Lynnise

    I suppose you really should pay the parking meter?

  43. Sporkey

    Fish to Meter: “Hey, buddy, uh, could you help me out here?…Uh, where’s the nearest lake?…River?…Puddle? Hey, buddy? Forget you, you’re no help.”

  44. Bella

    “excuse me, do u know where i can find a ‘ms. barbara streisand’…she seems to have stolen my career…”

  45. Kenn Young

    Unfortunately, those engineers assigned to the task of redesigning the Plymouth Barracuda had lost track of automotive design trends since the Woodstock years.

  46. C.

    First prize in the PostModern Avant Retro Design Competition goes to the Dual Paid Time Restriction Enforcer. Interactive Ictheo-Monitor received Honorable Mention. Decisions of the Judges are Final.

  47. Brian

    Just for the older UK folks:-


  48. D.L.

    And to think we all evolved from this!

  49. Anonymous

    When teleportation goes seriously awry…

  50. Melanie

    I hope my computer doesn’t do that…

  51. Anonymous

    One of the less effective plans to infiltrate the human race.

  52. Lynne

    After the Big Mouth Billy Bass phenomenon wore off, Mattel tried to get in on the game…

  53. Lynne

    After the Big Mouth Billy Bass phenomenon wore off, Mattel tried to get in on the game…

  54. Anonymous

    Don’t you dare kiss me your *Fuc##ing* read neck.

  55. Sylvain

    don’t…let him…slip me the tongue…again….

  56. Inxply

    I dropped my straw guys,can we do another take?

  57. jojop

    Oh, and he got so close!

  58. Anonymous

    Yup, that’s definitly a ‘stash coming in. Ya know, Laura uses this great bleach stuff on hers…

  59. Runfaster

    Noodlehead and Iceberg Loins. Hot action. Wasp love. Check out the unbridled heat between these two. Subscribe now for $5.95 a month.

  60. Bush is a terrorist


  61. Anonymous

    I’m sorry. It looks like that mole’s not going to come off no matter how hard I suck.

  62. Anonymous

    dry hump me baby… we will be bigger than slick willy

  63. grey

    (insert bob dole viagra joke here)

  64. hawk

    GW unhinges his jaw and swallows connie chung

  65. Tim Zeiss

    Listerine: Even THIS guy gets laid with it!

  66. Camillion

    G.W. Rock’em Sock’em Realistic Headbutt Robots On Sale!!

  67. Anonymous

    whiff now or forever hold your peace.

  68. Anonymous

    YA! And just what are you going to do about it, TOUGH GUY!

  69. Micah

    Okay, maybe we should just shake hands instead…

  70. George

    Can we wet our lips only

  71. Anonymous

    the case for forced sterilization…

  72. indy jones

    who would want to kiss this gay man, jesus christ.

  73. Jim Bob

    Clinton woulda had his tounge down her throat.

  74. jade

    You need a breath mint!

  75. Indy

    “Back off u gay man”

  76. Brighella

    Annie! Annie! Are you OK?! Someone call EMS!

  77. Fat Seanny

    To himself: “Okay, let’s get this over with — just close your eyes and think of Cheney…”

  78. Anonymous

    You mean I just close my eyes and click my heels three times…

  79. Shorty Robinson

    Mmmmmhhh, is that a tasty wart there on your chin??!!

  80. indy

    remember I’m gay and this is just a publicity stunt

  81. ENAR* and not one made by josh but an original made my nick and this name is getting too long but hey, its part of a really really really long joke and I hope you liked it as much as I did so thank you very much.

    awww MAN! Talk about one prune wrinkly pair of lips!

  82. Indy

    remember I’m a gay stud, and this just a lesbian stud it is also just a publicity stunt

  83. Anonymous

    Let me smell your perfume… Is that Texan oil fragrance?

  84. Ces

    Monkey see, monkey do.

  85. nathaniel vincent

    My god woman, that black head is bigger than texas!

  86. Anonymous

    I used to drink bacon grease by the gallon.

  87. Furry

    another day in the birdhouse….here we see geoprge preening another bird…

  88. Tyler Barton

    Oops, missed again!

  89. 4


  90. jasonclick

    Right before Mr. Bush woke from his first wet dream.

  91. fisher

    And we thought Gore was an awkward kisser!

  92. Jason

    Damn, every time I drink I can’t seem to find the hole.

  93. Slow Burn

    You drinking again? Wasn’t one DWI enough?

  94. AmbientBleue18

    W.’s foray into the porn industry, a breathtaking work entitled
    “Right-sWingers, in da heezy for sheezy”

  95. AmbientBleue18

    W- “Don’t come any close to my face you dried up, soul-numbing succubus”

    L-“Not to worry, you silly, impotent old retard. Just make sure i get my paper at the end of the day…”

  96. Invisagoth

    “just pretend it something else”

  97. Slow Burn

    You really did lose Florida George, and your breath stinks like cheap beer.

  98. Anonymous

    Don’t move George…my chin hair is caught between your teeth!!

  99. cari

    Secret service #1: What’s the hold up
    Secret service #2: Um, he’s indisposed
    Secret service #1: Don’t tell me they’re singing again
    Secret service #2: They’re halfway through “Summer Nights” – 2 more minutes & quit your bitching at least you don’t have to hear them – he’s tone-deaf.

  100. Reed

    “That’s as close as you’re getting, bitch.”
    “Your breath makes me gag.”

  101. Paddy

    If I can just get to his left ear I can deactivate his power circuit and power him down

  102. Elf

    “I thought you loved me, George!”
    “Erm, honey, I found Bill Clinton, remember?”
    “Remember last night?”
    “That man in my room with the wig?”
    “Oh, yes!”
    “Well.. I’m marrying Bill Clinton.”

  103. Big M

    A cigar, a cigar, my presidency for a cigar!

  104. George of the Jungle

    Damn your ugly

  105. iamdrunk

    hope no one finds out you are a man

  106. Mr. Ramon

    If I gave you some money, would you make out with me? I have 50 cents, and uhh, huh huh, Beavis has like, a quarter, so that would be like, uhhh, huh huh, a dollar.

  107. anonymously amused

    I didn’t think I’d be kissing a dick until I got home tonight….

  108. Shocky

    Yeah? Say that to my face! No, you say that to MY face!

  109. Drox

    Why Couldn’t I have been married to Clinton instead.. at least I ould have ben able To LOOK at his face .. Damn I just realized what an ugly husband I have WOOF WOOF

  110. Hecata

    Just act like we’re kissing dear, while I get that BOOGER off your chin!

  111. magpie steve

    fancy finishing this back at the White House with some Vaseline?

  112. Steven

    One word – BOTOX!

  113. Bloodthirster

    If it gets as rough as this in public I wonder what the weddingnight was like

  114. Bloodthirster

    Honey I think that thing in your neck is growing

  115. Don Mat├ło


  116. Big M

    Damn it, woman. I want you to shave next time.

  117. Malice

    As a last resort, the president uses his sucking power to consume the evil-doer

  118. R2D2

    Is this dumb & dumber or ugly & uglier ?

  119. Benjamin

    I’m kissing her chin. Her lips could have gersm on them. Or was it “germs?”…What am I saying anyway?

  120. CloudNine

    You got a lil’ somethin on yer cheek there… Ew, it walks.

  121. chris

    Proof that Politicians use Drugs

  122. Sean

    “You put a little white powder on your upper lip and then inhale, that’s right, just like this” — Yet another presidential faux pas.

  123. BigM

    You can actually see him thinking: where can I kiss THAT without infecting myself?

  124. JC

    EEEEECCCCCCKKKKK! Don’t let him kiss me!

  125. Big M

    You see folks, politics isn’t always fun, you have to marry a bat and kiss it in public before you can ever run for office

  126. Anonymous

    Nope…nope. I can’t see that moustache you are always waxing.

  127. kevin

    Im not even going to say anything

  128. Weare Richer Denhue

    I can’t see the teleprompter. Can you remember what I’m supposed to say next? I have told the stupid joke about marrying over my head a 1000 times and I screw it up every time anyway.

  129. Mike

    ugh, i should have stuck with clinton. At least he put out every once in a while.

  130. Anonymous

    You have the most beautiful teeth I have ever seen!

  131. Anonymous

    Bush and Dole as mimes pretending to be kissing in a prison visitation room.

  132. Anonymous

    “I wuv woo.” “No. I wuv WOO!”

  133. Mike

    All those years of high school and college and even marriage and George W. Bush never could get the knack of making out.

  134. Len Patterson

    So George W. sez to the snotty Senator from Oregon..’madam,I’m here to tell ya that you ain’t got a snow balls chance in Hell of winning because I am the Staredown King of Capitol Hill!’

  135. Anonymous

    Oh poor little Pumpkin that is a nasty little zit. Would you like Georgey pops to sueeze it all away for you.

  136. J Priest

    Oh poor pumpkin pops that is a nasty zit. Would you like Georgey poos to squeeze it all better for you.

  137. alan seaton

    Shit an invisible window, your an off duty mime aren’t you!

  138. alan seaton

    President Bush tried desperately to attract the vote of the national coalition for mime voters, but could never seem to get past their “invisible box”

  139. Anonymous

    Having realized the difficulty in getting people to switch to lower calorie and healthier foods, Weight Watchers is unveils its new plan for weight loss: make costumers lose their appetite.

  140. Anonymous

    sorry if I seem awkward, to tell you the truth I’m used to kissing ass.

  141. Johnno

    Is this th beginnings of doggy foreplay?

  142. Johnno

    Is this the beginnings of doggy foreplay?

  143. joseph thomas

    You are the most beautifulest thing to me.

  144. joseph thomas


  145. Capcom Freedom

    Pres. Bush isnt that bad, he’s had to go through more then most presidents.

  146. Kit Kat

    Hey! You’re not Monica!!

  147. Rowland Allsopp

    i did not have sexual relationships with that women

  148. dustin cobwebs

    “lean forward and tell me those 3 little words i like to hear”

    “I just farted”

  149. Tramadol

    Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal.

  150. Tramadol

    Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal.

  151. jerome

    im working my project about teleportation

  152. grizzlychicken

    Where will you be when your laxative starts working?

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