Computing nun


I just had to add this photo. This cute little granny looks like she is up to something she may have to confess to later.

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192 Captions for “Computing nun”

  1. Ron

    Granny smith was a Fragging Machine at QuakeCon 2002.

  2. Anonymous

    Weeee porn!!!

  3. Anonymous

    Mother do-gooder banishes evil on the internet. A true “white hat” hacker.

  4. Anonymous

    The missionaries of the 21 century.

  5. Anonymous

    Sister Mary planning dates on the Adult Friend Finder network.

  6. Anonymous

    Sister mary concentrates as she struggles to find the start menu.

  7. Erik

    “This will teach the pope to dump me” Sister Mary says as she signs John Paul up for every mailing list she can find.

  8. Anonymous

    what PC tetris will do to a nun.

  9. Anonymous

    i met ernie and this is a really great photo, especially capturing that cute thing he does with his tongue.

  10. Anonymous

    Yeah, but I didn’t know ernie wore glases.

  11. Anonymous

    I knew Ernie was too funny, NOT to be nun. Nuns crack me up.

  12. Jo

    Finnaly the culprits behind the DOS attacks has been revealed. Sister Uber Geek.

  13. Rogan Frooze

    Shortly after a seductive gesture or two, Sister Mary’s webcam lens cracked.

  14. minders

    “Boy, I’d like to get my hands on that young sex machine,” Sister Sue said dreamily. “Maybe he could help me find my clitoris,” she thought as she licked her lips in anticipation.

  15. Anonymous

    Consentrating hard for better than 40 seconds, Sister Mary prepares to double-click the mouse.

  16. Guava

    ìNothiní but net,î thought the Sister as she scored the winning basket and clicked her initials into NBA Liveís hall of fame, imagining the hype and bucks she could make at the next papal gaming conference if she came out of retirement.

    ìBring it on Brother Bernard,î she muttered to her Capucin cyber-competitor. ìThis game the wimpleís coming off my shiny pate and Iím Sister Shaq.î

  17. brian

    eBay has the Picture Bible. Jigga WHAT!????

  18. Nicole

    The nun types this in the chat room shes just entered..

    “im sweet 16 and never been kissed,who wants to pop my cherry? My number is 555-4755”

  19. Anonymous


  20. passion

    “Mmmmmm, that Bill Gates sure is yummy.”

  21. Peter

    Mother sending out another penis-enlargement message. I’ve been wondering who was responsible.

  22. M. Papaya

    When Sister Mary-Francis discovered the slash site, “Jesus Christ Estrogen Brigade”, it was all over.

  23. John

    Why did I ever give my life to God when He gave us this typa thing?

  24. Margen

    This nun is one of many now obsessed with the newest virtual league, Fantasy Clergy.

  25. megwen

    yesss! My rating on Is up to a 7.9!!! praise god

  26. Cletus

    Thank Jesus for gay porn!!!

  27. cecilia =)

    now then i know how Britney looks like..

  28. Eric


  29. Cappy

    I need no help with this computer! You will no my name… everyone will no my name…

    Sister of Suffering signs on again! Ph33r me fraggers!

  30. saucy

    Sister Mary Catherine downloads newest JAY-Z MP3s

  31. Chris

    Papal Pornography: Get into it…but not too much.

  32. Chris

    Vice never tasted this good….Mmmmmm!

  33. dean cameron

    Funnyman Marty Allen checks email from young fan during intermission of new show “Hello Dere, Jesus!”

  34. Mehljo

    Why did I become a Nun??? Look at all the fun i’ve been missing out on!!!(Looking at porn site)

  35. tuck

    Even a nun cant resist Everquest’s grasp.

  36. tuck

    Even a nun cant resist Everquest’s grasp.

  37. Chris

    Yea, If only I were 40 years younger.

  38. peter

    1 @M 3L33T!!!! g1\/3 m3 \/\/@r3Z d00d!!!

  39. Knotso Cleva

    if only Quake 3 had more blood and crosses!

  40. Laxsmi

    Sister Mary shows of her ambidexterity.

  41. Anonymous

    HotSxyNun08 has entered chat room “Blink182 Chat 83”

    HotSxyNun08: I’m 14/f/hawaii any hot guys press 6969 or IM me!

  42. Anonymous

    Look at the SIZE of that thing!!!

  43. K-dub

    “Venus butterfly, so silent you can wear it in one will know!”..hmmm add to cart……..

  44. Aya


  45. Julia

    “and i thought JESUS was sexy…..”

  46. Anonymous


  47. fred savage

    My mentadent stopped working, so now I just use my tongue to hold my dentures in.

  48. Alex Kaseberg

    “Me? Oh, I’m 21 years old, I work as swimsuit model, and I love to talk in chat rooms naked.”

  49. cletus

    I just love those school uniforms… WHAT THE HELL IS SHE DOING?!?!

  50. Lynne

    Sister Annette finds the “Kill Harry Potter” website.

  51. Anonymous

    Wanna French Kiss Now !

  52. Dan

    The Spring Nun Fashions are just what I’ve been praying for!

  53. ClitCommander

    mmmm, uh-huh, that’s the spot little tommy, stay down there till I tell you you’re done, lick it boy, oh yeah, I’m a naughty nunn, a NAUGHTY nunn!

  54. Inxply

    God knows I deserve him.

  55. Anonymous

    Sister Mary Joseph finally hacks the Pope’s webcam membership site…

  56. James

    should i go to www . godshairyass . com or… www . holycock . net?

  57. Tim Zeiss

    “Is it a sin to double click TWO mouses at the same time??”

  58. Camillion

    Father John disguised as a nunn chats with young boys on the net on his free time in the local library.

  59. oni424

    A nun, porn, and you can only see one hand, geez this is too easy

  60. enar

    (whispers) “i am jesus christ”

  61. Anonymous

    “Click here for naked pictures of the Pope.”

  62. Nate

    Wow. My confession will last a week.

  63. Micah

    Sister Catherine finally finds God’s webpage.

  64. Anonymous

    A nun surfing the net.

  65. ej

    “Life is EVER new”

  66. Anonymous

    You maybe surprised by who has “god like” skill in that Counter-Strike match.

  67. Anonymous

    Even as rigor mortis set in, it was evident that Sister Edna loved the internet.

  68. Urban Man

    Oh my, the Father’s steeple really is tall and sturdy

  69. Jim Bob

    Do you have 3l33t skillz d00d?

  70. jade


  71. ENAR


  72. Fat Seanny

    Local Man’s Boner Foils Habit Cross-Dressing Fetish

  73. Lou

    Ohh boy, In the afterlife I will get all this.

  74. nathaniel vincent

    sister mary updates

  75. Furry

    no…i’m not wearing anything…YOU?

  76. Tyler Barton

    Damn it … I knew SXYnun69 wasn’t really a hot 17 year old bisexual girl from Hawaii …

  77. Jowy

    That’s some niiiiice Jesus you got there!

  78. Anonymous

    take it off sister wendy, take it off…

  79. fender

    SWF seeks SWM w/Cross + Interest in Healing, making wine, ability to ressurect is a +++

  80. Quique

    And the Lord saith to the people of the cloth, “Thou shall surf the net, and use Yahoo Mail and be plentiful, but thou shalt not look at porn, for I am the Lord, your God.” Ten minutes later, Sister Mary was struck by lightning from nearby atmospheric disturbance…

  81. Anonymous

    I’ll turn my cam on if you turn your cam on…

  82. fisher

    Embarking on an all-out campaign to save kittens from the Lord’s wrath, Sister Mary Duquesne worked tirelessly over the internet to alert masterbators of the feline implications of their perversion.

  83. Jason

    Sister Agnes, giving up dessert for lent, stumbles upon

  84. AmbientBleue18

    … I’d love to cyber, but I’m married, you see. Where’s my husband now? He’s actually looking right at you…

  85. Katrina Crow

    yum yum…cheese logs

  86. Justin

    Catholic preists have been accused of being perverts and sex offenders, well where are the people keeping nuns like this in check??????

  87. nacio


  88. nacio

    go to

  89. CatShoes

    looks like Sister Fran got Grand Theft Auto 3 in the mail last night…

  90. Anonymous

    This DOOM Game is incredible! (Kill them all).

  91. Lay-Z

    And you thought pediofile preist was the big worry over at the catholic church

  92. Anonymous

    Nuns and netcams, lets just hope they DONT open a live netcam sex site…

  93. SailorBob

    DoOd!!!!1 LoL RoFlMaOf DoOd!!!!!

  94. Reed

    An effort to revamp the Catholic Church has gone horribly wrong as Nuns get hooked on free kiddie-porn.

  95. tfstrum

    This Michael Jordan game gets my tongue going…

  96. Me

    *proceeds to rotate camera 180 degrees*

  97. George of the Jungle

    Ooooooh…a nude pic of The Lord in bed with Madonna…

  98. Elf

    Diabetes! I can’t get my fingers on this thing!

  99. iamdrunk

    the sister thinks to herself anymore of this and ill be double clicking my mouse too.

  100. Mr. Ramon

    Why is it MY job to clean the altar boy porn off Father O’Sullivan’s hard drive whenever the cops come knockin’?

  101. Anonymous

  102. Pimp$hiT.ô

    She thinks to herself: “I can use this picture for the wallpaper.”

  103. anonymously amused

    Another Nun changing habits

  104. Drox

    Damn! After all these years Now I realise.. Why the fuk did I join the sisterhood instead of looking up male porn. .Thank GOd I have found the Light!

  105. stijn

    It’s soooooo fun chatting with the big boss !!!

  106. Samuel Clemons

    OOO porn i love the sperm i can almost taste it on my lips mmmmmmmmmmm…

  107. Hecata

    Alternate Lifestyles…mmm..I’ll sign up for this one and change my name to PleasureQueen!

  108. Steven

    Sister christian oh the time has cum!

  109. Mark

    Holly Heck….Nice beef curtains!!!

  110. Don MatÈo

    Hey Theresa i found this real cool site,, and you’re on it!!!

  111. -x-

    you michael jordan wannabee

  112. Anonymous

    Ha ha ha, Satan never thought of the internet..

  113. Curly

    oh my god, i would love to put that dick in my mouth, while i have those ones there in my asses

  114. Benjamin

    I love CNN. This Saddam is so sexy!

  115. Anonymous

    After learning how to actually turn the pc on, Sister Mary got even more excited.

  116. CloudNine

    Oh curses, damn these pop-ups!

  117. Anonymous

    nun: Hey internet, guess what?!
    internet: what?
    nun: JESUS!
    internet: This is worse than spam

  118. Anonymous

    *** Connecting to (6660)
    Local host: MotherFr (
    ::: Your host is, running version bahamut-1.4(32)
    ::: Usermodes: oiwscrknfydaAbghe Channelmodes: biklLmMnoprRstvc
    :: Now talking in #h4x0rnunz
    (MotherFr) fj33rkthxstfubye
    ::: (ERROR) Closing Link: (Z-Lined (May Satan Be With You }:) )

  119. Sean

    He, he, he……and they thought the priests were the bad ones….

  120. Jess ica

    “refresh” nothing. “refresh” nothing.


  121. Bas

    Chatting Virgin looking for some action

  122. Bert

    Hey, this friendly looking fellow resembles a bit like our Jesus ! What’s his name ? … O-s-a-m-a …

  123. Tom M.

    “D00d! Ph33r |\|y l33t ski11z!

  124. parad0x

    Sister Catherine prepares to log onto ‘’

  125. kittykat

    Those gay priests are hot! Take it off!!

  126. Fenris

    Sister Agnes blissfully plays her newly bought version of Sim Church©

  127. Fenris

    nun’s have more fun

  128. o2bjang

    Defragin for Jesus

  129. induhvidual

    Net filters my ass! I’m gonna get me some hot lovin!

  130. krucial

    Perhaps, thought the Mother Superior, a simple virus would teach those god-cursed Protestants to think twice before staging another “Reformation”.

  131. ktownman

    when good Nun’s go bad!!!!

  132. _AK_ & Tezza

    nun mary find and interesting site she quickly signs up and begins to like the day the church got the internet father paul looks on it horrori want a turn!

  133. mdc58

    Umm, naked pictures of the Pope!

  134. Frank Chibu

    So, what are YOU wearing???

  135. phknuts

    innocently looking for a good price on a new badmitton set for the convent, sister mary types in…...

  136. Gram

    I need to bookmark this porn site.

  137. brian

    simply, move the cock inside,*cough* *cough* i mean aside

  138. Karl Marx

    …and ever since the nuns have been on-line there has been a disturbing rise in “all papal action” sites out there.

  139. McPoop

    This is what a hot night of cybering with Father Smith looks like.

  140. AARON

    sister bah-heky-da-da finds out what Porn is all about

  141. liam j

    im sick of all this jesus shit,im gona go smoke a bifta

  142. Anonymous

    The newest addition to the -|Fuk-em-All|” Counter-Strike clan.

  143. Anonymous

    huh huh…hey look, the hampsters dancing!

  144. Brad

    Sister Helen finally discovered a website with detailed instructions on how to do the “Tounge Hurricane” she had heard so much about.

  145. Mike

    damn JavoNoid

  146. Adam Ciacelli

    That’s my dad there lookin’ at the porn on the PC… I’m the one ON the PC…

  147. Anonymous

    Sister Mary Elizabeth after the porn filter was turned off.

  148. skenny

    virgin, divine looks seeks ….

  149. Anonymous

    After hours of surfing, the good sister realizes how much fun golden showers can really be.

  150. Jay


  151. Jay

    And to think the bishop thought his was big!

  152. cutetexasgal


  153. Anonymous

    Sister Elizabeth receivees her first IM from (Pic attached)

  154. tps

    This is the hot and horny 21 year old vigin you thought you were having chat room sex with.

  155. missy

    why did the convent install the internet nanny?

  156. sandy

    My teeff is superrr biteyy!!

  157. Anonymous

    i’ve heard of a net nanny before, never a net nun

  158. Resisobilus

    The bidding for my sweat-soaked wimples is really frantic. Bless you, E-Bay!

  159. Les

    Internet bingo, the only way this sister can score!

  160. alan seaton

    Woody Allen in his newest movie

  161. boompty

    Just another day for the sisters of PERPETUAL INDULGENCE.

  162. Lachlan

    Looks feisty, wonder how fast she could do me

  163. Lachlan

    More chins than a chinese phone directory

  164. Capcom Freedom

    Oh ya! Say hello to mr gernade launcher! BOOM! Your gunna feel that in the morning!

  165. timmay!

    “okay, little Jimmy, tell auntie Agnes where your parents are tonight…”

  166. yogurt

    Sister Mary finally finds the Pope’s gallery in’s archives

  167. ConManXVII

    “18/F/NY hottie here wanna see my nude webcam?” – (poor guy never knew what hit him)

  168. Jeff

    John Ashcroft’s secretary scans the internet for prosecutable material.

  169. Rowland Allsopp

    im still a vigin wanna see whats up my skirt?

  170. Sam Herman

    When they leave Granny alone, she searches for porno.

  171. kourush

    photo nun free sex send for me

  172. Gary Coleman


  173. Go Go Girl

    MMMMMMMMMMMM….I Love it when they shave their ass holes!

  174. storminrebel

    God’s enforcer, prime time. zzzz zapped another one.

  175. Andrew Anorak

    u r a 0t nun. I m gon 2 chase u & spank u u 0t nun

  176. decay

    Left click, options, here it is, “send spammers to hell,” left click..

  177. decay

    SP2 was created after Bill Gates discovered 100 large mysteriously diverted to the Sisters of Mercy.

  178. trmadol

    I always have terrible trouble with comment-related plugins that require me to put some line in the comment loop; I can never seem to find the right spot. Can anyone tell me where I should put the php line in my comments loop? I haven not modified anything much, and I would be very grateful. Thanks!

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