More animals doing strange things.

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102 Captions for “Cowabunga”

  1. Les

    Sammy finally gets the chance to play Tarzan

  2. onebad427

    I told you not to let Nippy watch Spiderman with us.

  3. (pdw)

    Other squirrels: ‘Let the balloon GO! dumbass’

  4. toad

    Another eye witness steps up to the Warren Comission to disprove the “Lone Gunman Theory”, on that Fateful day in Dallas.

  5. Danshoopty

    I get into that bird feeder yet…..Damn squirrel guards

  6. Sheriff Bill

    Stealin’ birdseed is a hangin’ crime around these parts!!

  7. Knut

    After 3 teeks Tarzan was a bit upset, ’cause Cheetah still hides his shaver.

  8. Lisa H.

    Squirrels all over have been caught training for something. Are they concerned about their weight? Are they planning an attack? Beware & be aware. If you see any suspicious squirrels, call your local police department.

  9. surfmoc

    i didn’t think erections had this effect on me… boing.

  10. Mojo

    Tonight on “The Amazing Squirrell Race”, Stewart overcomes his fear of heights and bungees his team to first place

  11. narcosis12

    What the f*ck?

  12. onebad427

    Wheee! This is Fun!!

  13. onebad427

    Tarzan when he was a squirrel.

  14. filkertom

    George, George, George of the Jungle,

  15. filkertom

    Okay, I’ve GOT the Goodyear Blimp — now what do I DO with it!?

  16. filkertom

    Most kids didn’t realize Rocky and Bullwinkle used extensive blue-screen SFX.

  17. s.chandler

    Cirque-de-sol not just for people anymore!

  18. spat

    How to catch a squirrel.

  19. nurg

    It’s interesting when a squirrel gets bitten by a radioactive spider, but not very useful.

  20. onebad427

    I am onebad427, gay, and proud! I am so happy being gay that I feel like a squirrel swinging outside! And my captions ARE funny! I can prove it! I give free blowjobs and swallow everything!!

  21. Lisa H.

    A sure sign that being a squirrel is boring.

  22. Lisa H.

    Suicidal tendancies are known to run heavy in the squirrel population these days.

  23. Lisa H.

    Nutz the squirrel couldn’t climb trees, but he COULD climb ropes.

  24. Lisa H.

    Nutz realized that maybe he could’t get the nuts down this way.

  25. Lisa H.

    The new dog toy from Purina brand
    dog food.

  26. Lisa H.

    Nutz thought he would do some tree climbing, but he tied the safety rope to the wrong part of his body.

  27. Santa Claws

    “Otis, that’s not what girls mean when they say you are hung like a squirrel.”

  28. stylz

    Even the squirrels took a hard hit when the transportation authority went on strike..

  29. stylz

    JACKASS fever enven catching on with the squirels.

  30. 4aDancer

    Simply Squirrel Suicide

  31. jill

    Mr. Bluebird was sick ‘n’ tired of the missing birdseed…

  32. top-gun

    Spider-Squirl, Spider-Squirl, Does whatever a spider can …

  33. Christina C.

    This is the last time I let my friends talk me into Bungee jumping!

  34. Reut

    You don’t wanna know where he is hanged from…

  35. Wicky

    Me Tarzan!

  36. pangie

    he’s gaining on us!

    that’s inconceivable!

  37. aseaton

    Having never learned the “hangman’s noose” knot in boy scouts, Bobby the squirrel’s suicide attempt slipped right through his fingers.

  38. dawntreader


  39. michelle

    me tarzan, you jane

  40. Pam Thomsen

    They call this the mating season?

  41. Reut

    Squrill: “Look I’m standing on my tail”
    Audience: “We can see the wires..”

  42. buuunnngggggEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. Schmoopy

    I’m just a squirrel trying to get a nut so move your butt.

  44. Ricky Yoder

    Marine training for squirrels, climb that rope soldier.

  45. Indus

    Hanging on for dear life…

  46. Phaeton

    All of a sudden, it was like being in gym class all over again.


    The Sierra Club really protested against the squirrel yo yo, and for obvious reasons.

  48. breet

    All the other captions suck ass

  49. smitch

    Squirel Pinates.
    Newest craze in Suburbs reaches news lows.

  50. Mary

    If I am David Lee roth, I might as well Jump.

  51. paul reynolds

    ALIENS CAUGHT ON CAMERA!…Fishing for squirrells from flying saucer

  52. arjan

    last time that i participate in this new-age sex….

  53. D. Hollingsworth

    Believe it or not, I’m walking on air!!:)

  54. Don’t let the fluffy tail fool you, he’s really a bad ass secret agent.

  55. Mark Beular

    After they left the squirel alone with the spider and it got it real drunk the squirel gave birth to the first “spirel”

  56. kelli

    No one could critize Chipper’s new movie once they found out he did all his own stunts

  57. Gaffer

    For the love of god, let go of my dick!

  58. DrewP

    Stock photo from the PBS documentary, “Pavlov, the Vodka Years”.

  59. Datz_It

    Teliban in training….

  60. Datz_It

    Teenage mutant squirrels

  61. paul bonser

    i ve always wanted to be a swinger

  62. 96RebeccaL

    Whee! This is definetly fun!

  63. Izzy

    Can he swing from a thread?
    Take a look overhead…

  64. Izzy

    Watch out for that…

  65. Scott S.

    After Bulwinkle died Rocky just couldn’t take the loss.

  66. Trenton

    The amazing adventures of spider-squirel!!!

  67. no name


  68. Jeremiah

    Zipper’s patented “tail balancing act” was known all over the park as being the most innovative thing a squirrel had ever done, until that day, much like Mili Vanili when they noticed he was supported by a string.

  69. Darth Zarad

    If this works I bet this will get
    on that Geico commercial.
    Then all of the other squirls will envy me.

  70. James

    Now you tell me why “Tobey Maguire” got the part… Look at me I am great!

  71. Captain Caption

    Don’t bust a nut, dude!

  72. Zwiel

    Indiana Rodent and the Temple of Nuts.

  73. gman

    Muahahahaha! Since I’ve eaten those radioactive nuts, I’ve gone mad with power! Muahahahaha!

  74. megan

    the salem squirrel trials? what the hell?

  75. guiman3000

    Mary Poppins wannabe

  76. guiman3000

    i told you not to suck up the helium!

  77. Gentaur

    The Pentagon reveals its latest special forces division: Navy Squirrels.

  78. Scott


  79. Atrocity

    Chip’s hung himself due to Dale not loving him back in the same way.

  80. Babylon

    Mission Impossible theme please.. Secret squirrel mission #25.. dont drop the nut.. dont drop the nut

  81. mike

    So the ambitious squirrel devised a method of crossing the road without getting run over so he can save his species. Poor little guy, you’re swinging too low.

  82. Justin

    basic training was hard but all he wanted was to serve his country.

  83. firestarter

    you can feel free as squirrel with- TAMPAX!

  84. amber

    help! help! help! help! help! help!

  85. Gentaur

    The special effects for the live action “Rocky the Flying Squirrel” could have been better.

  86. Jason

    I one of few, the Elite.. I am…. SPLINTERSQUIRRELL

  87. John3pq

    Quasimodo the squirrel -or-
    I don’t remember his name but that squirrel sure rings a bell…

  88. Allison

    A still from Atari’s lesser-known video game: Pitfall for Squirrels

  89. yogurt

    The news that Chip and Dale were gay was too much to bare for Elise.

  90. moe


  91. Mark Beular

    Tarzans need sidekick Nutty the Swinging squirel

  92. etl

    its Indiana Squirrel and the acorn of doom.

  93. ilovethe80s

    Crouching Hedgehog, Hidden Squirrel has begun filming!

  94. Peachy

    ahhhhawawawaaa I’M Tarzan… yeah right

  95. Ron

    Squirrel go WEEEEEEE!!!!!

  96. bg36

    “There can be only one!!” Skippy shouts as he deals the death blow to Duncan Mcleod

  97. GinaV

    New research confirms that male squirrels, like their human counterparts, are almost certain to require emergency medical attention after saying the phrase, “Hey, watch this!”

  98. Grizzlychicken

    me Squirrelzan! king of lawn!

  99. dawn sharp

    PERSONAL: Rodent…swings both ways.

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