Crazy fan


Still more evidence that soccer fans are the craziest in the world.

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87 Captions for “Crazy fan”

  1. Rut-Roh

    I may be small, but my Daddy does this while driving all the time!

  2. Anonymous

    Hey Ref, Up Yours!

  3. But Mom!

    Still move evidence that painting your children’s face half red leads to violence.

  4. Mortius

    “When children attack IV”, coming to a TV near you soon.

    Lots of children harmed people in the making of this show…

  5. Mayhem

    “Smell yer maw!”

  6. Anonymous

    You can see the crazed look in the boys eye, the blood dripping from his face and the finger flipping off the 3 five year olds he just beat the crap out of.

  7. fury

    ‘yeah, and your red paint sucks too!’

  8. fury

    ‘and then the bad man did this and ran away with the paint!’

  9. Creepy

    I can’t find the exact words to say! So there!!!!!

  10. (pdw)

    Macaulay Culkin, before it went horribly wrong

  11. Visca

    (the reason George was pointing and screaming.)

  12. Anonymous

    Luv my soccer

  13. Spanky Dukes

    Little Stewie finally snapped and let his great Aunt Lucy know what he thought of her red lipstick and sloppy kisses

  14. Phaeton

    Even at a young age, Billy was being primed for a life in politics.

  15. Les


  16. Patrick

    F you Hasek! I’m glad you RETIRED!

  17. GreyDuck

    Clearly a prime example of the quality of parenting in this day and age. The gesture, the face-paint, and the naked-chick silouhettes on his shirt… they all add up to “fine childrearing skills” in my book!

  18. spat

    Easy way to spot hooliganism at an early stage:
    they use their fingers to count.

  19. onebad427

    The real life inspiration of Cartman.

  20. Anonymous

    even though George Bush’s little known son was raised all the way in Great Britain, he, unfortunately took after his father

  21. Anonymous

    Down MiniMe!

  22. Crunchy

    Ricky Schroder Jr. in a recent nursery school production of “Braveheart.”

  23. Anonymous

    Aah, this is what football is all about.

  24. Anonymous

    “You think this finger is small!?! Take a look at my other ‘finger’!”

  25. resisobilus

    In a related story, Whitney Houston declares she now no longer believes the children are our future.

  26. paul

    my father is such a good role model..what?! well F@#$@ you too!!

  27. paperycow

    right back at ya, Mr. Bush

  28. Anonymous

    Just another disappointed fan at the Monster Truck Rally

  29. Anonymous

    OH MY GOD. You are all IDIOTS. Everyone can see that that isn’t a KID, that’s a 20 year old MIDGET!

  30. Cary Kingdom

    *%$^ you! I’ll watch Mr. Rogers all I damn well please!

  31. Vid

    During his first day at soccer camp, little Billy’s coaches began to think he might actually have more potential as a fan than a player…

  32. bgray288

    Hey teacher!…Leave us kids alone.

  33. Pokejedservo

    An evil Jonathan Lipnicki or an evil Macauly Culkin? Who knows…

  34. Da Konz

    Future XFL star……oh..wait….nevermaind

  35. L.J.T.G. aka Twister

    Shows you what those jackass Carolina people teach their kids, huh? Oh yea, that must’ve been right after Hasek was raising the cup wasn’t it? Or maybe after Yzerman was reciving the Conn Smythe.

  36. alan seaton

    Little Barnabus was finally kicked out of the nudist colony after he kept getting into everyone’s “hair” around (that) time of the month.

  37. Anonymous


  38. iceman

    This young “soccer” fan is so crazy, he’s wearing a HOCKEY jersey. You dimwits!

  39. jwd

    Poor Johnny always got into trouble after losing most of three fingers and a thumb in a peewee hockey accident.

  40. Steven Chapman

    Wee William Wallace makes known his displeasure at Scotland’s 10-0 defeat at the hands of the hated English.

  41. Anonymous

    Jimmy didn’t make it to the Summer High Junior Team, so he was appointed the team hooligan.

  42. Anonymous

    Ten years later Harry bought a gun and shot twelve class-mates.

  43. WiNgSFaN88

    Hey mommy look what daddy taught me to do!

  44. L.J.T.G. aka Twister

    Shows you what those jackass Carolina shits teach their kids, huh? Oh yea, that must’ve been right after Hasek was raising the cup wasn’t it? Or maybe after Lidstom was reciving the Conn Smythe. Or maybe when Yzerman gave the Stanley Cup to Bowman.

    P.S. The first quote just like mine is not me it was a dumbass friend of mine who doesn’t know anything about the Red Wings so just ignore the fact that he took my idea!!!

  45. L.J.T.. aka Twister

    Hey guys! Juvy hall was great!!!

  46. KissMyAss

    Onebad427 dork, right at the bottom where the cheating prick belongs. Give the cheating a break eh!

  47. F*#k off

    Dear Kiss My Ass, just look at the picture, enough said.

  48. Uncle Mike

    Eminem’s kid went to a hockey game last night.

  49. SuckMyButt

    And that’s how you got from so far down the list to number 1 a few times running eh!

  50. rivercardz

    After the girls in his pre-school used the red paint during draw time to express their displeasure with his shirt, little Helmut retaliated the same way he’d always seen his dad retaliate against his mom.

  51. haddie

    Look what I learned from Daddy.

  52. David

    Oh yeah? Well take a look at the size of THIS bugger!

  53. ???

    mommy…what does this mean??

  54. helen

    Tidy my bedroom? How does F**k off grab ya?

  55. hi-lo dude

    After his bloody fight with a team owner, Billy decides to take on the entire team…

  56. pr

    the refereees a wanker!!!

  57. yarivon

    1 hotdog please….

  58. Henny

    “It is NOT herpes, Ok?? It’s Rosesia you uncultured prick!”

  59. Anonymous

    He didn`t clean his teeth tonight.
    Bad boy !

  60. Anonymous

    “Screw you guys, i’m going home !”

  61. benjamsandwich

    you think thats good u should hear what i can say bitch!

  62. Mark Smith

    Even the kid know the call is bull crap

  63. sara

    north carolina welomes the NHL.

  64. MeeMah

    It’s Dennis the Menace in the flesh!

  65. Atrocity

    Ted Nugents kid.

  66. swweetttt

    what the …. what is he thinkin i’m the soccer god, get to live BICH

  67. Applejuicemaster


  68. Robbie

    Another peacefull fan who lives the sport

  69. idlehand143

    What do you mean “Barney isn’t real”?

  70. suck a nut

    What the f**k do you mean BARNEY isnt real

  71. Stew Pidassle

    Hey ref, you suck you stupid son of a b!@#*. Go f#@* you f@#*ing mother and take that c@#* out of you f#*@ing mouth you dirty c@#* sucking wh@#*.

  72. Peachy

    hey! look at me i know to do the finger!

  73. Audiodoode

    A Yankee fans humble beginnings.

  74. heather

    daddy taught him well

  75. werty

    If bawny was here he kick your ass and smack your weenie!

  76. ali p

    Even davids son had lost faith in the bechkams

  77. dustin cobwebs

    what do you mean nap time.. ill give you nap time

  78. Carol


  79. decay

    “No Child Left Behind” poster boy

  80. decay

    ….and the horse you rode in on!

  81. Homer Simpson

    “When I grow up I’m going to be President of the nited States!!”

  82. Audiodoode

    Yeah, bite me, Nanny McPhee!
    I got your friggin “time out” right here!

  83. jessie

    “I learned this from Bush!”

  84. Damon

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