Cubs Curse


The curse of the cubs wears a blue hat and lives near the left field wall. This fan forced the cubs to go to a game 7 in the ALCS.

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52 Captions for “Cubs Curse”

  1. Man Called True

    Chaos settles on the world, as Satan becomes a Cubs fan.


    But I wanted to catch a foul ball. Have you ever thought about my desires, Mr., “I want to get to the World Series.”

  3. Weird As A Bagel

    This is the last straw, MLB. Move the seats back so that fans cannot interfere with balls-in-play.

  4. MST3K Fan

    Cub Fan-os: The Hands of Fate.
    (see link for reference)

  5. Masked

    And we all thought that MLB players were really stupid. Just look at some of the fans.

  6. jwd

    What’s Moises Alou doing on Waveland Avenue?

  7. (pdw)

    ‘Let go of my hand moron! I look like a dick hanging here….”

  8. Gentaur

    “I got the ball! I got the ball!”
    “I got his head! I got his head!”

  9. s.chandler

    How many men does it take to catch ONE ball?

  10. jwd

    He’s listening to the fat lady singing on his headphones.

  11. ugh

    I wish Bob Uecker was in the front row, not this moron!

  12. ugh

    First man entered into the Witness Protection Program due to crimes committed at a baseball game.

  13. karenjones

    Where’s my fifteen minutes of fame?

  14. fishsticks

    I wonder how I’ll spend the million dollars the Marlins will give me and does it snow in Miami???

  15. fishsticks

    Hey! Can I borrow your glove, I want to catch this ball.

  16. Southsider

    Who’s the goat now?

  17. mrdav76

    A play that will live in infamy.

  18. Pat

    Who’s the sissy boy next to Bartman?

  19. filkertom

    As the temperature plummets in Hell, Satan sends one of his most trusted operatives to stave off the fracturing of reality itself

  20. curmugion

    cubs hat $15.00, kick ass seats at playoff game $759.99, being the biggest dumbass fan of all time, priceless

  21. Lexter Dexter

    This made me so mad I wanted to throw down Don Zimmer

  22. keith

    so this is how siamese twins sit when Wrigley Field is sold out!

  23. Gentaur

    Realizing he was surrounded by bad mimes, the Cubs fan had to do something to get out of there.

  24. NOTBOB

    “I thought he was tossing me peanuts…I want my 5 bucks back!”

  25. Mark D

    To Hell with the ball, I want Alou’s $400.00 glove.

  26. Gentaur

    Someone should tell the guy behind him there’s no crying in baseball.

  27. Larry R

    The ball was an uncatchable foul, and this one ball doesn’t equal eight runs. Get over it. Watching this kind of behavior explains the Cubs sterling record!

  28. Jeff

    this guy is posessed

  29. regor

    Evening news headlines: “Having nothing left to live for, 95 year old Cub’s fan takes his life only after killing the guy responsible for destroying his life dreams (shown here in his moment of infamy.)”

  30. Mascot

    Well, at least now you can blame your loss on someone else and pretend that the next EIGHT RUNS were just a fluke!!

  31. Shad-B

    I’ll win her heart foor sure if i catch this ball!

  32. Shad-B

    Hi Mom!

  33. southside sox fan

    An undercover sox fan carries out a suicide mission.

  34. n0rm

    Hmmm… How could I possibly screw up 4 generations of my blood line?

  35. n0rm

    Hmmm – I wonder how I can curse 4 generations of my blood-line?

  36. Phaeton

    Same curse, different goat.

  37. taz

    i got it no i got it it’s mine no it’ intended for me not you so get out of the way..

  38. Jack

    Now you see why we had to invade Iraq

  39. tim loverindge

    I can fly. oh shit who put the wall there

  40. tim loverindge

    I belive I can fly

  41. jcw

    Damn redneck–give me my ball back now!A whole lot of important people are watching me!

  42. manicuklawyer

    Despite their disabilty, Rodriguez and Carlos never let the fact they were Siamese Twins affect leisure activities..

  43. cyanide sid

    3-6-9 the goose drank wine, the monkey tried to cath the ball but its mine all mine

  44. Tarantino_7meia5

    thatstupd sport!!!!
    most popular sports in the world are Footboll (soccer) and Volleyboll. And Brasil are the Bast in this sports.

  45. E_the_E

    “I caught the ball AND I get to be the scapegoat for a bunch of losers! Cool!”

  46. VICTOR


  47. Jennifer

    If I see Bartman, he had better be wearing a cup.

  48. Martha

    Hey Bartmna, How does it feel to know that no woman will ever want to be with you because she will know you are a loser and she doesn’t want to be ostracized in public?

  49. stacy decker

    well now i believe the curse is fake all you can believe in that ho ha and hogwarsh but not me.

  50. Laura Bush

    It’s October 2004 and it’s happening again!

  51. flowers

    perfect site !!!!!!!! Perfect piece of work fellows !!!!!!!

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