Deer vs. SUV


This is a real photo of what happens when a Deer jumps off an overpass and lands on an SUV. The driver walked away with cuts and bruises.

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137 Captions for “Deer vs. SUV”

  1. Mo

    Bambi vs. Gaszilla-2003

  2. Sadam

    Bin Laden’s newest recruits begin their first wave of deadly strikes…

  3. Chev man

    Radical Plants’ Rights Activist group – which hates animals AND SUVs – strikes first in Minnesota!

  4. Equus

    North Pole Tragedy: Blitzen got a little too ‘blitzed’ on Christmas Eve and made a wrong turn….

  5. John Doe

    It seemed that EVERYONE wanted to get a closer look at Bob’s shiny new Durango.

  6. DOUG!


  7. filkertom

    To quote the Simpsons:

    “A deer!”
    “A female deer!”

  8. filkertom

    Well, buck me.

  9. filkertom

    “Dammit, I thought this was supposed to be a Dodge Durango…!”

  10. filkertom

    Contrary to popular Christmas mythology, reindeer do not so much fly as plummet

  11. Brandon

    Here comes Santa Claus
    Here comes Santa Clau……SMACK!

  12. Brandon

    Allstate Car Insurance (Check all you wish to be covered for.)
    [/] Rear-End
    [/] Tire Blow-Outs
    [/] Smashed Windshield
    [ ] Deer jumping from overpass crushing your vehicle and it’s occupants.
    [/] Engine Trouble

  13. Weird as a bagel

    Poor deer.

  14. Weird as a bagel



    ELF strikes again!

  16. Dr. Flirtcube

    Speed Bump. Fosters, Australian for BEER!

  17. (pdw)

    Could’ve been worse. Could’ve been a suicidal Marlon Brando.

  18. s.chandler

    “Honey, It’s raining Jack-a-Lope’s AGAIN!”

  19. Bisquitlips

    How not to “Dodge” a deer!

  20. Fred

    Driver: What the hell was that?

    Passenger: No eye deer!

  21. Dr. Flirtcube

    “Honk If You Love Deer,” was their bumper sticker.


    It’s a Dodge “Ram,” not a Dodge “Deer.”

  23. No Say

    Deer in the window says “Lonely.”

  24. Larry Reese

    And people think BEARS are the most dangerous animal in the woods. Shouldn’t have left that bag of deer corn on the passenger’s seat.

  25. Impfac


  26. Impfac

    Deer bungee jumping was banned soon after.

  27. Impfac

    Frank thought his day couldn’t get any worse… until he remembered he’d left his lights on too.

  28. Impfac

    Deer: “GeronimOOOH CRAP!”

  29. aseaton

    John hits Deere……
    The rest is history.

  30. Gentaur

    “First a mountain biker, and now this! That’s it, next year we’re taking a cruise.” (Next year, a sperm whale hits the deck.)

  31. Gentaur

    o/~ My car got run over by a reindeer… o/~

  32. Gentaur

    One deer on the hood beats any number of horses under it.

  33. Gentaur

    Looks like they got about a mile from the overpass before they had to open all the doors because of the smell. Of the passengers’ crapping their pants.

  34. danniHealy

    This car is too dear ….

  35. Chris Healy

    A nice car, but a little too dear !

  36. Reut

    Al-kaida new ultimate strike force, deer-suiciders.

  37. Homer

    D’oh, a deer, a female deer,
    Ray, it dropped in from the sun…
    Me, I’m mamed, I blame myself,
    Far, far far far too much fun…
    So, my cuts will need some thread…
    La, I’ve hurt my friggin head…
    Tee, my SUV is dead…
    I’d better crawl right back to…..

    D’oh, a deer, a female deer…
    Ray, it dropped in from the sun…
    Me, I’m mamed, I blame myself,
    Far, far far far too much fun…
    So, my cuts will need some thread…
    La, I’ve hurt my friggin head…
    Tee, my SUV is dead…
    I’d better crawl right back to…..

  38. Nick

    Drew discovered he shouldn’t have used scotch tape to fix his new deer hood ornament to his truck.

  39. Machiko

    Bambi knew he would soon regret those Ballet lessons

  40. Machiko

    Bambi knew he would soon regret those ballet lessons

  41. s.chandler

    “Hey Man,can’t ya use a gun or bow like everybody else?”

  42. ConManXVII

    This my friends is what you get when an Arkansas hunter runs outta bullets – they improvise

  43. woo

    Santa and his sled were found in a field nearby.

  44. bANAAL

    The real Bambi’s live wasn’t as glamorous as Disney presented it.

  45. Mascot

    I can fix that windshield under a buck.

  46. Mascot

    Man, if I had a buck for every time I hit a deer…

  47. Les

    Rudolph’s lesser known brother, Simon, couldn’t take the pressure of having to live up to Rudolph’s celecrity status

  48. Les

    Rudolph’s lesser known brother, Simon, couldn’t take the pressure of having to live up to Rudolph’s celecrity status

  49. Eazyo

    Santa’s first tries at updating his vehicle proved rather catastrophic.

  50. Jeremy

    The newest and easiest way of hunting.

  51. Brett Rudduck

    The Buck Drops here

  52. larfus

    Got a joke for ya whats the last thing that goes through a deers mind when it hits the windshield…………its a55hol3..

  53. dood

    dood…..theres my car

  54. yonny

    that dear got hit by that car

  55. Ahaxaha

    Damn it with you John, do really have to collect the whole series?

  56. Gentaur

    Now those are powerful headlights.

  57. Mascot

    NHTSA has shown in recent studies that if that deer had been wearing a seatbelt it might not have been thrown through the windshield in that collision. Buck~le up!

  58. clorox

    Engulfed in rejection and anger, Rudolph took it upon himself to destroy Santa’s brand new SUV sleigh.

  59. Impfac

    If only Bob had read the instructions and not installed the animal repelling air whistles backwards…

  60. Billy Bass

    Car: “Needs salt.”

  61. Lawrence

    Question posed by Deer::”Are we there yet”?

  62. flooversmom

    …sometimes you’re a windshield…
    …sometimes you’re a bug…
    …sometimes you’re a deer trying to get the bug

  63. jwd

    This is why they don’t build overpasses in hippo territory.

  64. jwd

    Olaf always went to extremes in order to drive in the carpool lane.

  65. Bambi

    “I call shotgun!!”

  66. jwd

    Bambi learned the hard way: Mooning hunters while driving was a bad idea.

  67. Mr. McGoo

    Nearsighted EMT:
    “You’re going to be just fine, sir, but I’m afraid your wife didn’t make it.”

  68. Colonel Sanders

    KFC introduces drive-through venison.

  69. Mascot

    Jim Billy Bob: When I said “throw the deer in the truck” I meant in the back, dufus.
    Earl: Oh. sorry.

  70. Winky

    Why women, deer, and SUVs don’t mix.

  71. Listersmate

    GOOD NEWS!!!! They just saved money by switching to Geico

  72. fortune

    ‘…my bum sticks outte your windshield, my bum sticks outta yer windshield…’

  73. Jeramie Sivley

    After further testing, the new life-sized ram hood ornament was found to be somewhat hazardous due to the obstruction of visibility it created at 65mph.

  74. photogirl

    Prancer was so upset the mililtary wouldn’t let him join because he was gay.

  75. photogirl

    The buck didn’t stop here, it just kept running…right off the overpass.

  76. photogirl

    Just saw Gigli

  77. dor

    Look it’s like the 9/11

  78. Fat Seanny

    Introducing the all-new Dodge Deerango.

  79. yaniv

    damn! i should’ve jump higher…

  80. Brent Morrison

    The 2003 Dodge Durango….”Grab Life by the ….Holy Shhhh….!”

  81. Impfac

    Disney never released it’s sequel, “Bambi Two: The Revenge.”

  82. just me

    What to say when law enforcement arrives: “No sir… I did NOT try to hit that deer. He tried to hit ME! And he did a pretty darn good job of it at that!”

  83. phrenologist

    I wonder what the lumpy brown stuff on the roof of the car is…

  84. jivepuddin

    “Honey, Im gonna be a little late. I need to stop by Walmart on the way home and pick up a new pair of pants”

  85. Bill Kozy

    Driver throws in the towel, but the referee doesn’t see it on the door in time to stop the match.

  86. Bill Kozy

    Okay I said it was a Dodge Ram…not Ram the Dodge!

  87. Mark Beular

    Deer fought the Jeep and the jeep won.

  88. Gentaur

    What they needed was a deer-view mirror.

  89. Phaeton

    Although the judges gave him excellent scores on his form, they had to take off a tenth of a point because he didn’t stick the landing.

  90. _

    Crap!! Not Again!

  91. anesio


  92. mrdav76

    Sadly, Blitzen’s summer job as a crossing guard ends in tragedy.

  93. Alex

    The theory that reindeer could fly was tragically mistaken.

  94. Pat

    It was not until then that the other dears realized it might just be the PCP talking

  95. Pyro

    Oh My God… They Killed Kenny!!!

    You Bastards!!!

  96. Cime

    I ordered a deersteak in the drive-through, not an entire deer!

  97. flynny

    I DID see him coming…

  98. Hektor

    Damn, these things jump higher than kangaroos…

  99. Ghostdog72

    Canada’s Deer diving contest was a success again this year

  100. k

    It wasn’t me!

  101. JCreeper

    Dear today, windshield tomorrow.

  102. JCreeper

    Deer today, windshield tomorrow.

  103. edina

    Horrivel e dramatico!!!!!!!!!

  104. jay county

    this puts a whole new term to deer crossing

  105. jay county

    this puts a whole new term to deer crossing

  106. real deal

    And that is how the popular Christmas tune, “Reindeer got ran over by a grandma”, came to life…

  107. jcw

    And you thought there was no Santa! Scoot over you are on my damn new suit! $500.00 shot to hell what is the world coming too?

  108. Cairo

    “If I’m going down I’m taking you with me!!!”

  109. DEEZ NUTS

    Binladen’s new suicidal deer.

  110. DEEZ NUTS

    Driver sues Santa for a hit and run.

  111. DEEZ NUTS

    Damn deer mating season

  112. DEEZ NUTS

    New Road Kill Grill Restaurant

  113. Michael Berry

    Recent studies have shown conclusively that depression, which is commonplace during the holiday season, also has an effect on Santa’s reindeer.

  114. kyle tissue

    THAT’LLteach ya ta stop at those wildlife crossings!!!!!!!!!!!!

  115. manicuklawyer

    Rumours at why Rudolph’s nose was always so red were finally confirmed today.

    Ironic, some would say on the day he’d just signed a two year ‘image rights’deal with Budweiser…

  116. Delvok

    This is what happens when a deer tries to mate with a car

  117. EvilBalrog

    Tired of playing ninth fiddle to Rudolph, Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, and Donner; Blitzen commits suicide…

  118. sdsa

    HEy theres a bad move on the right

  119. canadiana

    hey fellas got a smoke

  120. Titus

    Thats why they call me Thumper!

  121. Go Go Girl

    When the deer start hunting back…

  122. Chad

    Billy Bob just could not wait to display his new prize.

  123. Chad

    Does this truck make my thighs look big?

  124. Audiodoode

    Look! It’s got a DVD, and see how soft the ride is for you & Fluffy!

  125. Khorne

    Key witness in Santa deer rape case found dead, police rule out murder.

  126. Grizzlychicken

    Rudolf always was attracted to red

  127. Grizzlychicken

    What part of “dodge” don’t you understand?

  128. russel

    sucide bombers from the north pole

  129. FallowBuck

    Homer simpson!
    He’s the greatest guy in historyyyyyy
    from the …town of springfield he’s about to hit a poor bamiiii………


  130. M. Lafferty

    When deer jump

  131. Scott Kendall

    Picking up deer deer hitchikers are a bad thing.

  132. Scott Kendall

    “im running, I’m running, I’m jumping…..OHHHHH SHHHH!

  133. Zinc443

    After 3 films, an oscar, and twice grand national winner. Bambi thought himself invicible… My Ass

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