Dirty Bomb


This fella has his own version of a dirty bomb.

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151 Captions for “Dirty Bomb”

  1. DK

    Join the Navy. We bring new meaning to the phrase “fire in the hole”.

  2. Pretty Big Duck

    Having spent his entire shore leave in a Turkish brothel, Lt. Masterson had a nasty case of the clap.

  3. Pretty Big Duck

    Navy researchers have developed a new way for downed pilots to signal search and rescue aircraft.

  4. The Beaver

    I think the chili is hot enough.

  5. The Beaver

    Got Marshmallos?

  6. drewboy

    Oooooh why did have another bowl?

  7. spat

    Do you have a sigaret for me?

  8. spat

    New gas resources found.

  9. jesse G

    who said you can’t light a fart?

  10. Rando

    I like Taco Bell, but it doesn’t like me.

  11. Jimmy the Fish

    Crouching Tosser, Hidden Dragon

  12. larfus

    Star for the next Preperation H commercial.

  13. Wobblebot

    Bobby tried desperately to escape the enemy battleship by developing his radical idea for the “ass propeller”

  14. Anonymous

    Pesky tourists, always think they’re the first to see the silly photo op.

  15. UBL

    You infidels may have captured our shoe bomber, but we have found a new place to stick explosives.

  16. Anonymous

    Finally proof that it wasn’t the dog!

  17. Anonymous

    Bob shows off his new dual exhaust

  18. Mike

    If you think this is nasty, imagine how he felt as it was building up inside him.

  19. Zachary Emig

    People, obviously the fire is not coming out of the man’s rear end. Please! The appropriate caption is “deck gun fires projectile”…

  20. Frigate

    Nerd trying to be interesting.

  21. Fifi

    Damn… forgotten my cigarettes!

  22. Professor

    As we can see two fires burning, the man in the picture isn’t really a man…

  23. Pimmetje

    Before he could make any fortune out of it, it was already gone.

  24. Anonymous

    Not to talk about the stench.

  25. deej

    Remember- only YOU can prevent forest fires!

  26. Drake

    Idiot losing a contact lens on oil platform.

  27. Cybbis

    Uh-oh. That feels better and now I need a shit.

  28. Cybbis

    Where’s Greenpeace when you need them?!

  29. Alex Kaseberg

    Devine Secret of the Ya Ya Brotherhood: Our farts are nuclear.

  30. poi

    the navy’s new propulsion system.

  31. Alex Kaseberg

    We can only pray that he uses his powers for good.

  32. Swift E

    Determining the “Don’t ask, don’t tell” policy was not working, the military developed a plan to help deter gay sex.

  33. Mel Moy

    Did you say, “Blow it out your ass?”

  34. Kevin S.

    Bob took advantage of the military’s “Don’t ask, don’t tell” policy.

  35. Peter B

    “Stop it Bob! Can’t you ever be serious? My Mother told me not to marry you. When are you going to grow up?”

  36. Mr. Ramon

    “I got hemorrhoids bad, my ass is killing me! I need help!” -Sol Rosenberg

  37. mjl

    Roy “Bunsen Burner” Whiting tests a new pair of asbestos shorts.

  38. mugwump

    ah maybe de gringo no like de medium chili sauce Jose …… you theenk we geeve hem de hot stuff next ??!!

  39. Bob

    Mars – here I come.

  40. kcdeez

    Mobil eat your heart out

  41. beaker

    Mama Mia! Dats ah spicy meatball!

  42. Rastafarri

    Geez I wish Gary wouldn’t eat so much spicy food!

  43. Alastair Mac

    So, you want to become a fire-eater, eh. Well, let me point out a few basics for you

  44. Boof

    “Chili con carne special sauce” were the only words Tom remembered after being hospitalised.

  45. Palace

    Johnny always was a popular guy at scouts camp fires.

  46. Anonymous

    Yi Chihuahua, burned my hand lighting that one

  47. Meatball

    The firemen got the fire under control, but Joshua’s balls were lost forever.

  48. Mortius

    After checking out this picture, Bill Pyro worked out why his friends didn’t want to stand behind him at the bus stop.

  49. Anonymous

    All his life, Bill was savagely attacked by heat-tracking missiles.

  50. Anonymous

    Every night, after sex, Buck’s wife changed into a fireman’s suit. They both remembered what had happened to his first wife.

  51. Jimmy

    Sorry Sir, But I Said Bite My Ass not Light My Ass!!!!!

  52. bgray

    With the new afterburner option installed, a man like this can easily cruise at 30 mph.

  53. tortured soul

    everyone wanted jim to be on their fighter during high stake missions.

  54. Len Patterson

    Albert rewrote the book on what it was like to be all fired up about something!

  55. Rob Purdy

    Burnin’ ring of fire!

  56. benwood

    Of all the gas giants, only Uranus is likely to experience spontaneous combustion.

  57. lizzardbreath

    “Beans beabs the magical fruit, the more you eat, the more you toot” Billy never knew that this simple little song could mean so much after eating mexican jumping beans!

  58. Pat O

    Yo quiero Taco Bell.

  59. Molly

    The circus fireater’s secret shame.

  60. gw

    The kids love it when I play Puff the Magic Dragon.

  61. narcosis12

    The navy unveils their new mobile oil rig, eliminating the need to store oil on board.

  62. noddy

    “now kids go eat your brussel sprouts your dad did”

  63. o2bjang

    he was warned that aunt judy’s chili would burn him twice

  64. Anonymous

    Damn chili peppers, I should know better by now! Who’s got the Pepto?

  65. DUDE

    And Bill though that the scorching case of herpes would never spread!!ouch!!

  66. DUDE


  67. Joe Bunt

    Just as well he’s NOT gay.

  68. DK

    I’m not sure which is worse, that fire is coming out of his ass, or that it’s coming out in two spires.

  69. christopher hart

    ohhhhh squeezed that one through an eye of a needle


    Beans, not just for breakfast anymore

  71. dennis

    Pamman has been on beans again

  72. dennis

    Pamman’s holiday picture

  73. kobo

    Please clear the runway..

  74. tafkatadd

    Is it just me, or is it hot today?

  75. Anonymous

    Look what happens when I press this ecret button up my nose!!

  76. Anonymous


  77. Anonymous

    Does it always burn this much after surgery?

  78. ju

    Audition tape for the Deadliest Supervillians.

  79. Lay-Z

    Someone set us up the stinkbomb!

  80. captionmakerman

    damn you, white castle.

  81. Ed Hades

    Well…that explains what I ate

  82. kezza

    my brakes must be caught on” i should be flying!

  83. kezza

    i told you i felt funny in the stomach!

  84. krazy


  85. Marcelo

    N„o como mais repolho com ovos !!!

  86. Ron Ryan

    The Government announced today that there will not be a need to drill for Oil in Alaska or anywhere else !

  87. Sinner©????

    GOT GAS?

  88. Nicole

    Does anyone need a light?

  89. narcosis12

    Organic flamethrower

  90. narcosis12

    I’m gonna invite HIM to my next BBQ

  91. sitaifun

    With Batman’s flaming farts revealed, the coolness factor of the batmobile dropped a few notches.

  92. [NN]Sandwich

    Damn…That chili was GOOD!

  93. Narelle

    “Well, well, well…I suppose that’s why the misses won’t stand behind me.” Thinks my fiance John

  94. Brenton

    Houston, we have a probelm, the probe has blown!

  95. Brenton

    Houston we have a problem, the probe has blown!

  96. Anonymous

    That’s one government office NOT paying $10 million for methane gas !

  97. Huh?

    Bill was confused about the whole siphening jet fuel procedure… and his unique habit of lighting matches with his ass cheeks may have been a hit with the chicks, only made matters much worse.

  98. Huh?

    look…when I pick my nose, FIRE SHOOTS OUT MY ASS!!!!

  99. Larry

    Gives a new meaning to “Blow it out your ass”

  100. Sandman

    This Al Qaeda soldier is being held prisoner on board the USS JFK. CIA and FBI Agents are trying to discover why this individual was able to pass through customs unnoticed, along with the latest Iraqi weaponry given to Al Qaeda terrorist.

  101. FrozenDragon

    Now for your next stunt on Fear Factor, insert this cork in Malcom’s ass…using only your teeth.

  102. TheCro

    Damned Mexican food!!

  103. jwd

    The military reveals its newest weapon: The “Preparation H-Bomb”

  104. jwd

    Fred acts out the film “Backdraft” in a game of charades.

  105. Jack

    By the dawn’s early light!

  106. Jack

    Fleible sigmoidoscapy at a HMO

  107. Anonymous

    Where the term “flaming homosexual” comes from.

  108. Resisobilus

    Proving once again that sequels are never as good – Rocketeer 2.

  109. tag

    hum these gas tablets really work

  110. Quincy J

    Billy took it literally when his friend said, “Blow it out your ass!”

  111. Les

    STOP!! Thats no way to kill roaches!!!

  112. Kelli

    For the second episode of X-Men, directors thought they’d fire it up with a new fire farting superhero.

  113. Joey

    All ricer out there watchout,
    I have NOS

  114. cybbis

    The way to overclock your ass!

  115. Kevin

    Screen test for the upcoming episode of “South Park-Cartman gets an anal probe”.

  116. gragra7

    The trouser trumpet playing some hot jazz!

  117. Grasshopper

    anybody want a light

  118. Grasshopper

    anybody need a light…?

  119. Anonymous

    You told me to “Blow it out my arse!!”

  120. patrick#*()()

    where’s the fire brigade

  121. jimmyr

    Damn, not another new pair of shorts

  122. patrick#*()()

    This is why larry got sacked at the oil refinery

  123. Neocarter

    Yes folks, if you are an inmate, this is the tool to have for those late night “parties”….

  124. Aaron


  125. Rusty

    thats pure Nitros power….fuel injected turbo….V8

  126. Trevor Aylett

    politician of the year finalist

  127. bogusloser

    Carl had a really hot ass!

  128. Dougy da Pizza guy

    the new and improved ciggerette lighter. also with Natural gases

  129. Cdhassing

    Alas, chilli day at the mess hall

  130. BillyJoeBob

    You should see when I burp at the same time.

  131. Anonymous

    A sure-fire cure for hemmoroids.

  132. lawrence

    Finally revealed…the man who played “Spot”…the dragon under the stairs in the “Munsters” show…

  133. Biggie C

    I dont remember having corn(chunks)

  134. Aaron

    Why the atomic chimichungas were taken off the market!

  135. Dreampool

    Now all I have to do is to get on my roller skates…

  136. ?@Ò‡n„ –e £a M?ÄÆtÈ!

    Hey Cletus pull my finger huhuhuhu….

  137. ?@Ò‡n„ –e £a M?ÄÆtÈ!

    “Ha'”said Buttman,”I don not fear hemmeroids,but constipation on the other hand….”

  138. tim

    uh oh… i new i should have only ate 39 beans.. the next one was farty

  139. MeeMah

    This guy should have been sent to do the Saddam interview instead of Dan Rather! (undetectable secret weapon)

  140. Poncy

    And when i breath through the right nostril ….well!

  141. Poncy

    Dont mess with him , He’s packing heat!

  142. David B. Nemeth

    I want what he’s having!

  143. Audiodoode

    Yo quiero Taco Bell?

  144. Audiodoode


  145. Go Go Girl

    Oh Shit! That is the last bean burrito I will ever eat!

  146. CHAOS

    owen realised that when the guy from the take away told him that his curry was so hot it would burn his ass, he wasnt joking

  147. dustin cobwebs

    evidently i have two buttholes

  148. Stuart

    No more hot salami

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