Dog is out of jail… but in wifes custody.

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37 Captions for “Dog is out of jail… but in wifes custody.”

  1. Kenn Young

    Sadly, Dawg’s latest bust only covered the monthly interest on his wife’s silicone implant operation. Seeing nothing but mountains of debt, he tried to escape to the hills. However, he had utterly underestimated his wife’s determination to return him to the bosom of her heart.

  2. trinawoods

    The Dog’s Mexican antics have been a perfect cover for his wife’s smuggling operation. Has anyone noticed her bust has knees and elbows?

  3. jork

    This site used to be funny when you could curse and see your post right away — but now they censor you and treat us like children. This is why caption machine really is a machine. And this is why no one come here any more.

  4. fartman

    In jail Dawg was known as ‘the Mullet’

  5. s.chandler

    “Thanks for the mammories!”

  6. sam

    what did you do with all my hair coloring?

  7. Daniel

    can i pull your hair ?

  8. angeles

    Leave him alone, he’s with me now and no one can hurt him!

  9. Simon

    Thats no lady!… Thats my wife

  10. Alex Kaseberg

    Dog is looking at ten years, which is seventy in dog years

  11. m

    The dawg’s wife is hot bra. She is with Christ

  12. Simon

    Theres no love like an old love….well… except maybe prison love, eh dawg??

  13. trinawoods

    In his younger days he was known as
    “Dog The Boobie Hunter”

  14. Mike

    That black guy didn’t get to use his rocket launcher after all 🙁

  15. Gavin

    Dogs wife tried to warn him there was a guy with a giant black dildo sneaking up behind him.

  16. Kennny

    The Dawg immediatly punched a cop after the photo was taken to get another six months in jail away from the Dawgette.

  17. Josh Kelch

    Dog! Have you been using your flea coller?

  18. Mike Floen

    By Gawd now that I got your fricken ass ou of jail, you WILL get a shorter hair cut !

  19. Mike Floen

    Ahwww, Honey you look so good in a regular shirt !

  20. Paul Richmond

    Honey, let me fix your ribbon this time BEFORE you have the news conference . . .

  21. liam salvage

    its a friend being a bitch lol, shes annoying were in school IT lessons her name is spph

  22. Comedy Matt

    Caption Pugwash 3: The slap of the tart

  23. Herman Langrader

    Wife bites dog

  24. s.chandler


  25. dawn sharp

    Dawg the booby hunter.

  26. NooSweat

    Get home ! now you are finally going to wash up 3 years of dirty dishes.

  27. RedskinRay

    “Hurry Dog, I’m sneaking Leland out of the jail in my cleavage.”

  28. Will



    Dawg meets Dog !

  30. Chloe

    Honey, let me get that nit outta your hair.

  31. Sean

    Beth Big-Boobicals didnt actuallt realise that the man behind her was making a porno.

  32. tev

    I found my match on e-harmony!

  33. Joel

    camera man: ” did dogg jus get out of jail or beth? hard to tell jus by lookin at them.”

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