Dog Tree


This puppy is begging for a caption.

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202 Captions for “Dog Tree”

  1. Fartman

    Staaay, there’s a good boy!

  2. Fartman

    Newest, nature friendly castration

  3. jwd

    “Don’t worry, his bark is worse than his bite!”

  4. dismember

    damn cats

  5. dismember

    looks like i will be stuck here for a while

  6. Newt

    I don’t understand why cats like to climb trees so much, it’s pretty boring here.

  7. jwd

    Usually the frisbee gets stuck.

  8. (pdw)

    My agent says this is just for a couple of weeks…’til I can audition for ‘Rin-tin-tin returns’.

  9. Rob

    Rover, the worlds laziest dog, woke up a bit too late.

  10. ACS

    Rufus didn’t understand why dogs aren’t allowed to audition for Cirque De Soleil.

  11. Morph

    Get the frisbee, Get the frisbee…
    Learn to fricken throw it to me!

  12. Adam

    Sorry I humped your leg! Then sniffed your crotch! Then pissed on your slippers! SORRRRRRYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. lawrence

    I’m having a pressure headache….do you have any Tylenol?

  14. lawrence

    When you call the fire department…just say its a cat up in a tree….I dont think I could take the embarrassement

  15. jk

    Please post better pictures 🙁

  16. etl

    ok guys very funny. now get me down…guys?

  17. s.chandler

    “How much is that doogie; in the tree elbow?”

  18. s.chandler

    Master, can’t ya go to photography school like everybody else?

  19. meg & ange

    This is what I get for barking up the wrong tree!

  20. meg & ange

    Just Hanging!!

  21. filkertom

    “Good evening. I’m Alastair Cocker, and this is Master-Pooch Theater.”

  22. filkertom

    An Egyptian bas-relief showing the ancient god Bowser Hotep

  23. filkertom

    “HAH! I, Dog Samson, shall shove these pillars and collapse the temple atop the Philistines!

    … Any second now, one good shove, and BOOM! The whole thing comes down!

    … So, Lord, any second now, right?

    … Yo, Lord…?

  24. KD

    Southern Accent “I’ll learned ya’ not to piss on my there flaar.

  25. NEtechie

    The fox made it through the tree.

  26. KD

    The Ents don’t like dog piss.

  27. Hi Hello

    Venus Dog Trap.

  28. Gentaur

    Krypto was never really good at landings.

  29. Gentaur

    The good news was the new experimental Miracle-Gro formula was safe for pets and passed right through their systems…

  30. alittleoffcenter


  31. Fred "Wild Man" Jones

    “I don’t know man, Last night we smoked some craazy shit and I thought I was the meat in this Jaimacan dude’s hotdog!”

  32. Freedom Tickler

    The Mississippi version of “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon:”

    “Flyin’ Hounddogs, Horny Sisters.”

  33. Veep

    Johnny Knoxville’s dog

  34. Danni Healy

    Did he bark up the wrong tree ?

  35. jwd

    Not your usual dogwood tree.

  36. Hi Hello

    3 Seconds later, Rover broke the trees apart with his bare paws.

  37. christophlopper

    i hate you. i hate you so much.

  38. Brambo

    The Quick Brown Fox Jumps Over The Lazy Dog And Gets Stuck Between Two Trees.

  39. hensey

    They look like trees. They eat dogs. And they have come to conquer the world.

  40. JoJo

    Pet my belly, I’ll show ya some dogwood!

  41. Resisobilus

    William Wegman is cracking up.

  42. madeofpaper

    The trees’ revenge for all those years of being pissed on and barked up.

  43. jwd

    When the floodwaters finally receded, Fido was the lone survivor.

  44. val

    When “Playboy” sees this, I’ll be a star

  45. Les

    Somewhere in some distant area a cat is laughing his ass off!

  46. Gentaur

    “I hate pet photographers.”

  47. aseaton

    Many believe McGruff’s abusive childhood is what led to his strong feelings on crime.

  48. Dr No

    stay back its a trap

  49. dork

    doe niet triest

  50. Larry

    Shut up! That’s why!

  51. mc-woofer

    A HAH HAH!!!

    dcinside !!!

  52. HAHJA


  53. wo

    Ja Ku I Rer Myun Jot Chi An Ta

  54. ƒÌ?±

    ÀÌ°÷ Çѱ¹¿¡´Â °³Á×ÀÌ°¡ À¯¸íÇØ¿ä

  55. kakbal

    The Matrix; Reloaded really motivated this little dog…

  56. Applejuicemaster

    Hi, my name is Doggy Knoxville, welcome to Muttass.

  57. Robbie

    This is for always pissing on me!

  58. Frenzy

    What happens when your shit is too fertile.

  59. anon

    Tim McClelland, Bud Selig & Scott Amundson are my sodomy partners.

  60. anon

    Bushboy , LOVES LOOKING AT ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

  61. Wasyl

    Not going anywhere for a while? Try a Snickers.

  62. Gentaur

    It’s actually very comfortable. I predict everyone will be wedging themselves in trees this year.

  63. Dirk

    Ja, wat kijk je nou naar me!

  64. Dirk

    Jah, wat kijk je nou naar me!

  65. Hav-A-Say

    Geez .. the trees grow fast around here. All I did was lift my leg & look where I ended up!

  66. Hav-A-Say

    O.K. you humans. You named a song “How much is that doggy in the window?” I dare you to make a song of this!

  67. Hav-A-Say

    O.K. When they said I was going to hang between two trees .. I at least expected a hammock.

  68. aseaton

    Its a dogwood eat dog world.

  69. anon

    Fox News In The Morning SUCKS BIG DINOSAUR DICKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!, And Tamron is a narcissistic c*ntlapper!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

  70. pangie

    charleston! charleston!

  71. Freak

    Ey! How’s the air down there?

  72. Edgar

    “..just a little higher and I might catch a glimpse of Mimi in the next yard.”

  73. Jeroen

    Dog-meditation-sect conquers the world!

  74. Hi Hello

    The dog escaped the shark, his owner was not so lucky.

  75. Gentaur

    Oh, yeah, he’s a clown, that Charlie Brown.

  76. lenny

    Tree of Bark !

  77. psr

    …and so he decided to sit in a tree because Danny said that if he wasn’t gonna finish his meal he’d be eaten by jellyfish. And jellyfish dont climb up trees.

  78. fredbento

    Stay, rover… STAY!!! I said STAY!!!
    damn dog…

  79. aseaton

    the post-castration “air dry”

  80. aseaton

    Blink-o loved how the sap oozed into his orifices

  81. Lisa

    Oh the day I’ve had…

  82. aseaton

    Rufus has humped his last leg.
    Canine Genital Herpes is no laughing matter, please be educated 1800-RUFFSEX

  83. aseaton

    Just one of the many
    victims of Canine Genital Herpes.

  84. Mascot

    Hmmm. Usually I see a different kind of pecker up in that tree.

  85. Matthew Martin

    Dang that Cat was big!

  86. kenny

    Hot dog on a bun, anyone ?

  87. Beam

    I Told you that tree doen’t like being used as a toilet

  88. Beam

    I Told you that tree doen’t like being used as a toilet

  89. JakeP.

    I had more elbow room inside my mother, damn it.

  90. Drew

    Bobby and Sue were very sad, when they found out that Spot had gotten stuck in between them.

  91. Gentaur

    o/~ Squeeezed, in the middle… Smack dab, in the middle… o/~

  92. JC reels

    now emancipation of the flees
    they have everything under control and are fearless ande they have….got stuck in a tree and they have a hostage

  93. JC reels

    the new mupppet hoochie the poochie and he’s crawling in that tree-chie

  94. the other side

    you’re such an asshole

  95. Austin

    They got the dog in the right place but couldn’t find a bun.

  96. hohum

    Well — I guess that’s it for this photo.

  97. senrab

    Meet Thaddeus, newest member of the “brain trust” of the Green Peace organization.

  98. TDR

    Damn these narrow bathroom stalls!

  99. Gentaur

    That’s the last time I ask Wile E. Coyote for advice on catching raccoons.

  100. Gentaur

    Bo had the bad luck to run into a flea cirque de soleil.

  101. Cecelia Hill


  102. new picture please

    Dude, where’s my dog?

  103. a new picture would be nice

    Dude, where’s my tree?

  104. hi-d

    (benji runs towards tree whilst humming the theme song to his upcoming movie) benji, benji, benji of the jungle, watch out for that tree OOOOOF!
    Look Lassie, i told you, if i wanted shit from from a washed up overgrown terrier i would squeeze your head so go home Lassie, go find someone to help me out if this tree

  105. Maico

    my owner wanted to go on holiday so he dumped me in the woods, only he was affraid I’d be found before I die so he hung me up here

  106. Maico

    the pet shop did warn this dogs owner, he was born in a circus

  107. JjAZZY


  108. edub

    Ah, yes!
    The North Korean “Ahtasty Ahdog” tree appears to be very much in season this year.

  109. Conan

    Where is Inspector Gadget when you need him?

  110. cockspin

    throw me a freakin bone!

  111. cockspin

    could u zoom in on my boinker man

  112. mezzb

    Needless to say, the results of the first dog-catapult, lime-ammo test were less than inspiring

  113. KD


  114. Sammy

    The world’s first micro-dog is captured by Uncle Wong’s chopsticks.

  115. Sam shephard

    Stop looking at my nuts

  116. kk

    i always wanted 2 be a monky

  117. Amy

    Finaly the cats ge their revenge! MAWWAAAHHH HAHAHAHAHAH MAWWWAAAHHHHH………

  118. petert

    Look Mum, no hands!

  119. Billy

    And this is the horrific torture abused animals go through. You heard me; adopt today!

  120. that one person

    this really chaps my ass!!

  121. Jeremy Helton

    Ya’ll got guns that ain’t no fun,
    makes me wanna run, i feel like a hotdog and ya’ll be the bun

  122. Pmacca01

    When a dog gets tired of doggie style…

  123. Josh

    Rover never knew the dangers of playing in the park….

  124. Jennifer

    Can you still see me?

  125. anon

    Lawyer assh*le Samuel Bernstein is a Cleveland Steamer with Proviso politician Anthony Travis!!!!!!!!!.

  126. ron

    now that im here, how the f*ck am supposed to get down?!?!?

  127. Impfac

    Why dogs can’t fly

  128. Impfac

    Wonderdogs short career comes to a abrupt and tragic end

  129. Wendy

    Caught in the middle . . . again.

  130. pjijpk;

    i hope it dies

  131. kat

    they say cats only get stuck up trees

  132. kat

    they say cats only get stuck up trees

  133. Dengle

    What are you looking at??!!

  134. Dartha

    Ever have one of THOSE days?

  135. Jody

    I tot I taw a puddy tat!

  136. Harley

    What trees use for tampons

  137. xtina

    Sometimes in life you encounter some serious jams. It’s times like these that your friends wedge your butt out of some tight places.

  138. Monkey_magic

    The best method when you have to pee REALLY REALLY bad and your annoying sister is hogging the bathroom.

  139. Gentaur

    Where we get the expression “hang-dog expression”.

  140. Gentaur

    Is the fat guy gone? Is it safe for me to come down now? He’s not gonna eat me?

  141. Lisa

    Jimmy,did you get the neighbors dog stuck in the tree again!!!

  142. Bisquitlips

    How the hades do you think I got up here?? I am no long man’s best friend!

  143. Bisquitlips

    Ever seen a bloodhound with a wedgie? Well now you have!

  144. Gentaur

    Bo tended to lift his leg a little too high.

  145. Billy Bass

    A bitch surrounded by lots of wood.

  146. Kelk

    never let a dog put up the hammock

  147. Punkita

    Some days all you can do is smile and wait for some kind soul to come pull your ass out of the bind you’ve gotten yourself into.

  148. jcw

    These damn kids–somedays it is just not worth my time. Why don’t you ever hassle the bird? Get me out of here!

  149. Fred

    Oh, Day-vee. Come back, Day-vee. Where you goin’? Day-vee? You’re a miserable prick, Day-vee, you know that?

  150. Reynard Muldrake

    “Hi, Master. Once you get trees to carry you around, life is pretty nice.”

  151. Jackie

    All you can do some days is wait for some kind soul to pull your ass out of the bind you’ve gotten yourself into.

  152. ano


  153. Mike Davidson

    Some days all you can do is smile and wait for some kind soul to come pull your ass out of the bind you’ve gotten yourself into

  154. Kennny

    This Mississippi hound won the laziest dog in America contest hands down after the trees had grown up around him.

  155. emilee

    they said they needed a target i didn’t know they were looking for a dog target! dam those kids

  156. Dragonhost

    read between the lines

  157. nick

    You see I was running after a stick and wasn’t looking where I was going. The next thing I knew all the cats were laughing at me and I couldn’t move.

  158. nick

    Now i see that drinking red bull less often would be better for me. It wasn’t my fault though how was i meant to know the a jet pack would come out of my backside, i thought it was meant to be wings…oh well, shit happens

  159. nick

    Miffy was wedged there for several hours, straining but nothing came out.

  160. Heidi

    Talk about stuck between a rock and a hard place!

  161. Mikey S


  162. Kathy

    “This is a good place for a stick up”

  163. stella

    you’ll be sorry if it rains smart boy ill slip down and getcha,getcha,getcha

  164. Mike

    This tree’s shit. Cunt.

  165. bu


  166. lodi


  167. Col

    Here Samson! Come to Delilah.

  168. Kathy

    Some days all you can do is smile and wait for some kind soul to come pull your ass out of the bind you’ve gotten yourself into.

  169. dawn sharp

    All bark. No bite.

  170. Splat

    Fido+yoga+wind storm=trouble

  171. connor

    ” i dont like it up here. someone get me down please

  172. Miki

    Don’t forget Sunday Night Chat

  173. deena

    Some days all you can do is smile and wait for some kind soul to come pull your ass out of the bind you’ve gotten yourself into.

  174. breeman

    if only i could turn then i could pee

  175. c johnson

    Some days all you can do is smile and wait for some kind soul to come pull your ass out of the bind you’ve gotten yourself into.

  176. whoops

    … Well, ain’t this awkward?…

  177. whoops

    My owner thought it would be cute to put me here. Well i ain’t smilin’.

  178. mike waters

    The new automatic dog wash needed some tweaking

  179. Nicole

    “Some days all you can do is smile and wait for some kind soul to come pull your ass out of the bind you’ve gotten yourself into.”

  180. T Royster

    Some days all you can do is wait for some kind soul to come along and pull your ass out of the bind you’ve gotten yourself in.

  181. Zinc443

    Felix is going to love this, he thought to himself

  182. Elaine Vellianitis

    Fine mess I got myself into! Can someone please help me get out of here?

  183. tiffany manes

    help the monsters got me

  184. scurrie

    Some days all you can do is smile and wait for some kind soul to come and pull your ass out of the bind you’ve gotten yourself into.

  185. p heffington

    Some days all you can do is smile and wait for some kind soul to come pull your ass out of the bind you’ve gotten yourself into.

  186. E

    Hang out with your thing out!

  187. Bryan

    “Hang In There”

  188. LINDA

    I’M BORED!!!!!!

  189. Melissa Mongan

    “Whoever (stupid human) said that only cats can climb trees is way wrong! Now get me down from here damn it!”

  190. sidney

    Who is the artist on this dog stuck between the birch trees?

  191. nancy king

    Feel like you’re all alone out there? Join the SEIU. There is power in numbers.

  192. Marylou

    Some days all you can do is smile and wait for some kind soul to come pull your ass out of the bind you’ve gotten yourself into.

  193. Marvin

    Some days all you can do is smile and wait for some kind sole to come pull your ass out of the bind youv’e gotten yourself into!

  194. Helena

    okkk guys not funny…… now get me down… !

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