Double standard


Redeeming us all, Dave gave the meter cop a parking ticket.

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75 Captions for “Double standard”

  1. uh huh huh

    Note reads: Hey meter maid mama, you’re looking mighty cute in that uniform. Do you carry a real gun? Wanna see if I do?

  2. Professor Kaos

    “give me the bullet Barney”

  3. aseaton

    After his long shifts, Lonnie enjoyed jerking off and then “cleaning up” with the day’s parking tickets.

  4. Lexter Dexter

    Rita the meter maid got revenge on co-worker Lou for Xeroxing her ass and passing out the copies at the Parking Police Christmas party

  5. jwd

    Jim spent most of his first day on the job looking for his “missing” fourth wheel.

  6. Thor

    Proof that there is a God

  7. Uncle Mike

    Sitting in the driver’s seat,Carol finally stopped swearing when she realized she had given herself the ticket.


    Please take the ticket.

  9. filkertom

    He was also fined an extra fifty bucks for driving a goofy-looking Zamboni.

  10. jwd

    Bob’s day got even worse when he was arrested for blasting “Turkey in the Straw” and selling stolen ice-cream bars out of the back of his patrol cart.

  11. jwd

    Sally flirted with herself for several minutes before she realized she was not going to talk herself out of a ticket.

  12. larry

    Wait…the unfunny part of this is that the citizens have to pay the fine to themselves…and that cant be written off on your taxes.


    The first level of the video game, “Grand Theft Auto”

  14. nurg

    Don’t get so excited, everybody, it’s just a flyer from Starbucks.

  15. toast

    Just when you thought the parking in New Hampshire Sqaure Mall couldn’t get any worst…

  16. K

    Senator John Macarthy becomes a traffic cop.

  17. Les

    The results of Bizarro, from Superman, becoming a meter maid.

  18. anonymouse

    Dood….there’s my car!

  19. K

    That’s something you don’t see everyday. snow.

  20. Daniel

    There are two parking control officers and only 6 parked cars. This lot ain’t big enough for the two of us, time to thin out the predators. I’ll just slip this ticket in and slink away.

  21. Jimmy the Fish

    Lured by the promises of lovely Ritas, Dwayne’s career aspirations never came to fruition. After years of bitterness and despair, the little yellow envelope marked the breaking point.


    No, this is PARKING control, ticket control is down the hall to the left.

  23. uncle bulgaria

    even disguised as one of their own, Optimus Prime couldn’t avoid the traffic cops.

  24. Erez

    Michelle’s promising career as a parking maid came to an abrupt end on her first day…

  25. tim ossman

    the disarmed taliban resort to quite unextreme measures

  26. Fartman

    That’s not a parking ticket, it’s against the law to drive something that ugly.

  27. batman

    The meter maid gave herself a ticket after someone thought that it was her car.

  28. Gentaur

    Marty’s suggestion to make a time machine out of a meter cop car backfires.

  29. spryguy

    Ahhh… I get it a blonde metermaid…

  30. Big Dim

    The Office of Homeland Security hard at work.

  31. Big Dim

    The Office of Homeland Security hard at work.

  32. Big Dim

    The Office of Homeland Security hard at work.

  33. c'bra

    When the city budget finally went red, that parking ticket quota really shot up. Those fire trucks better watch out.

  34. mullethunter

    Must have been a woman

  35. meg

    Self to self: “I’m not paying it”
    Self to self: “I’ll ticket me again”
    Self to self: “I’m still not gonna pay it”

  36. Joba

    Ummm… Not Guilty?

  37. E.S. Anderson

    On a cold morning in December , John O’Connor in a quiet rage resulting from grueling ennui, gives up his 401k for a short moment of gratification.

  38. DylanX

    Good for one free box of donut holes when you purchase a dozen donuts and a regular coffee.

  39. jwd

    The chipped paint on the dog catcher’s “Barking Control” vehicle led to some confusion.

  40. cstyle

    Nice parking, Dick.

  41. prplmunkii

    I knew we should have stolen a Cop car.

  42. K

    get a new picture up please.

  43. Atrocity

    Proof that parking attendants aren’t corrupt…they ticket eachother.

  44. mike

    Phil finally found the parking control vehicle that was stolen only two weeks ago by a couple of teenagers. “I’ll show them,” says Phil.

  45. Scott†S.

    I know I ticketed myself, but only 13
    more of these $100 parking fines and I’ll
    win the $50 office pool.
    Now who’s the smart one?

  46. QuickCheetah

    Oh, DON’T I WISH!



  48. Chunkz

    Atleast they’re honest :).

  49. nimrod

    “Good thing Joe went to work for the city and gave up proctology”

  50. WEIRD_1

    Meanwhile in Gothom city…

    Reta the meter maid has a special way of working off her parking tickets with police chief Gorden.

  51. Joel Green

    “…and so the judge said I can’t be fired just ’cause I have a schitzoid disorder. Hey, I double-parked, have to give myself a ticket …. HEY SCREW YOU RENT-A-COP, I WAS ONLY HERE FOR FIVE MINUTES!!! quiet you…”

  52. Morph

    I TOLD you they’d notice, but nooooo.

  53. firestarter

    Lovely Rita,……

  54. la justicia

    Somebody has sabotaged jwd’s caption! It is way funnier than most of the others.

  55. Jonathan

    Finally justice

  56. Ajay

    This must rehearsal for traffic cop !!

  57. Mike

    I thought that this was someone else’s van… and I just got carried away

  58. Idon'twanttotell

    could this be any dumber?

  59. Inoracam

    I take my job waaay too seriously.

  60. hunter

    Bumper sticker on rear bumper – “My other car got eaten by a shark!”

  61. paul bonser

    local robot wars mans build his favorite ticket mam cramped car takes twice as lng to get out

  62. Mark Beular

    Later a doughnut was found and there is only 55 suspects left in the parking office to figure out who gave the ticket to Officer Mahone

  63. ConManXVII

    Dude wheres my car?

  64. alittleoffcenter

    Civil Servants: America’s best and brightest.

  65. christophlopper

    oh, bitter irony!

  66. Robbie

    Where was the “Jackass” parking meter fairy?

  67. martine

    See, even parking controllers are rare civilians…

  68. Dirk

    Heej Piet, we hadden toch eerst van voren 2 wielen????

  69. psr

    And so you see that copying stunts from jackass can be very dangerous. What if the car suddenly would start driving, huh?

  70. psr

    The project that schitzophrenic people clould work for the state didn’t turn out very good.

  71. Checkmate

    Nah… Don’t worry about it. With my connections in this town, I’ll get that taken care of. That’s power…

  72. Zach

    Cruel yet subtle office pranks

  73. Pmacca01

    Police…in the future.

  74. Mark Beular

    If anyone could give a parking ticket to officer this is what it would look like

  75. Outlaw6

    A ticket? How can I break the law when I AM the law?

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