Drop Bombs!


This is a top secret photo of a precision military operation.

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76 Captions for “Drop Bombs!”

  1. Anonymous

    Darryl final understood why the Air Force had rejected his application for Flight School based on his less than perfect vision.

  2. Anonymous

    Don’y ya just hate it when that happens?

  3. Jimmy the Fish

    Today on America’s Funniest Military Industrial Complex Home Videos…

  4. Anonymous

    Be All You Can Be

  5. Crunchy

    In other news, the Air Force’s 40 billion dollar Stealth Forklift program was scrapped this week following reports that its revolutionary design became unstable at low speeds.

  6. Steve M.

    “I don’t care what you’re doing,” said the warehouse manager. “Drop what you’re doing and get in here now!”

  7. Veshka

    OK John, back ‘er up a little more. Just a little more. What are you talking about, you got tons of room!

  8. jcisuzu

    The age old question… “Which drops first, The Military Bomb(in the fork-lift), or the doody-bomb(in the fork-lift operator’s pants)?

  9. Anonymous

    And we wonder how it is possible for foreign terrorists to train at US Flight schools, hijack us air liners and destroy the Twin Towers….

  10. Anonymous

    Your tax dollars hard at work.

  11. Dave

    Cruise control doesn’t STEER the vehicle, moron!

  12. Mr. McGoo

    After he was fired by the airline for landing his plane on the beach, Billy Bob got a wherehouse job at a military base.

  13. shrub

    A rare behind-the-scenes look at President Bush’s “Missile Defense Shield” program.

  14. bgray288

    The invisible man would try anything to steal military supplies from the waepons depot.

  15. nurg

    “Boy, Bob sure came running around that corner fast! What’s your hurry, Bob? Bob?!”

  16. Quitting Time

    **Whistle Blowing** “It’s Miller Time!”

  17. onebad427

    o.k., who’s the smartass bastard who moved the truck ?

  18. Friendly Fire

    Moments earlier this parking lot had been teeming with Canadians and Afghan wedding guests.

  19. cpd

    Due to a rupture in the space-time continuum, the driver of this forklift turned into a small flea, leaving the warhead to its demise at the hands of concrete.

  20. Les

    This is what happens when too many women get in the military

  21. Monkey-Boy !!

    You mean forklifts AIN’T four wheel drive all terrain vehicles?!
    Well damn… Now you tell me…

  22. spat

    Firecrackers get bigger every year.

  23. Spanky Dukes

    Oh screw it. Let Anna Nicole Smith pick up her own dildoe.

  24. Anonymous

    Warning: This medication may cause drowsiness. Do not operate heavy machinery and/or nuclear warheads.

  25. Anonymous

    Scud missile launch platform.

  26. Anonymous

    Equity in the Defence Forces
    Red Teaming is introduced to 3AR Logistics Squadron

  27. (pdw)

    Marlon Brando’s prescription suppositories arrived a little later than usual

  28. Reut

    That’s a pathetic fence for a military complex!

  29. Reut

    Sorry for dropping the mini-submarine guys

  30. Secret Service

    Why Suicide Bombers prefer TNT…

  31. Creepy

    I told you to turn right!!!

  32. Anonymous

    Before Johnny could deliver the bomb, some terrorists had hijacked the plane and were heading for the Pentagon.

  33. Wattaffa??

    “April’s Fool!!!”, yelled Anthony, seconds before he died.

  34. Waaaassup??

    After this fifth unsuccesful attempt, Jimmy gave up trying to commit suicide.

  35. Anonymous

    The real reason Rosie O’Donnell quit her show is they always had trouble delivering her burritos.

  36. Anonymous

    All you need now are your batteries honey:)

  37. filkertom

    Everyone knew it would be trouble when Tony Hawk started tricking on the Quonset hut.

  38. Datz It

    They decided to ban television, so we watched more,they wear more clothes, so we wear less, they drop some planes into the twin towers, so we drove a forklift with a missile attatched to it unsucsessfully to them…..

  39. Datz It

    OH MY GOD JIM!!!! see that Forklift thats driving up the wall with a BOMB attatched to it…..theres a dollar next to it!!!

  40. Mortius

    It was at this point they worked out that letting the blindman drive the forklift wasn’t such a great idea.

  41. peter

    Pictured above, the Pentagon’s latest development: The self propelled bomb-catcher. The forklift like device actually catches incoming ordinance and lays them gently to the ground, thus avoiding detonation.

  42. mugwump

    jeeeezz……. it sure wiggles around more when it has the batteries are intalled eh ??????

  43. Leo

    Who let the woman drive?

  44. resisobilus

    Another short career for Tennessee Tuxedo.

  45. paul

    fighter jet designer to general : ” So let me get this straight, you want me to mount THAT on the wings of your F-16??”

  46. wayne

    Q.According to the ‘NUCLEAR WARHEAD HANDLER’S GUIDE’,what word is banned from a Handler’s vocabulary? A.OOPS.

  47. Pokejedservo

    Funny, I didn’t know there were Missle Napalms on the back of a Home Depot? Makes you wonder why the business has been around for 23 years hasn’t it?

  48. Otto

    They told me it would fly!

  49. alan seaton

    the last remnants of Home Depot’s short-lived “thermonuclear warhead” home delivery service.

  50. alan seaton

    Jeremy the forklift driver left work early because the sheer size of the thermonuclear device made him feel sexually inadequate.

  51. Steven Chapman

    The forklift is actually level. It’s the rest of the world that’s wrong.


    operator: what happen !?!
    captain: sombody set up us the bomb !!

  53. Michael Graves

    (Pilot to Co-Pilot)Ok I’m gonna drop it here, it’ll hit that sign there, fly over to the building, bounce off of that bird sitting in there and land in the forklift, nothing but net.

  54. Kymbo limbo

    OK guys its 17:00 hrs, lets clean this baby up in the morning.

  55. Mr. Ramon

    Omar Mohammed Jihad triumphantly managed to steal a bomb from an Air Force base to use in a terrorist attack, only to learn the hard way that driving a forklift isn’t as easy as it looks.

  56. hi-lo dude

    Osama’s ne plan: Destroy America by way of the all-new INVISIBLE ISLAM!!

  57. fastedi

    Dammit! Who stole my Norden bombsight??!!

  58. Anonymous

    “Guess i should’ve taken the ramp…”

  59. Jona

    A new way of terrorism

  60. Mark Beular

    When drunks drive the fork lift on casual Saturdays

  61. ldghramm

    Oh, thats why the West coast Long Shoreman didn’t want to work.

  62. Atrocity

    When cargo’s had enough of being pushed around.

  63. mike

    America need not fear or concern yourself over terrorism, for you neighbors suffer stupidicism

  64. paulpv

    Resourceful Iraqis try to catch US dropped bombs

  65. paul

    mr. bush, we have a little problem…
    not now jef
    sir, it’s very important..
    ok, what’s the problem jef?
    the caterpilar doesn’t drive like before….

  66. FunkyNinjaMan

    The spider-forklift demonstrates it`s effectiveness by reversing into the warehouse.

  67. dustin cobwebs

    whod of thought a bomb would make this little crane top heavy

  68. dustin cobwebs

    whod of thought this bomb would make the forklift top heavy


    Are New Multi Million Anti Terrorist Theft Device: THE REVERSE POLARITY FORKLIFT!

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