Eat the baby


Get in my belly.

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95 Captions for “Eat the baby”

  1. spat

    Big Mac vs Chicken Mc Nuggets.

  2. jcisuzu

    mmmmmm…. breakfast… aughaughaugh

  3. Susan

    Midget. The other white meat.

  4. DrMynx

    Com’on i got to piggybackride u, so now u can piggybackride me!!

  5. KiwiBird

    u don’t want the whitey to move his head aside…

  6. spat

    Newton’s gravitation theory proved wrong after all!

  7. Gram

    I am going to kick his big butt

  8. Aelios

    while your down there…

  9. Anonymous

    The advance of realism in computer games leads to a version of Tekken that noone could have forseen…

  10. Anonymous

    “You can’t beat me, you’re just an A-Cup!”

  11. Doug

    That guy has a really small head compared to his body.

  12. Anonymous

    I seem to have a human-shaped penis.

  13. Henny

    After fifteen long years in retirement, Mr. T makes a come back special on “Sumo Cannibals from Outer Space”.

  14. John

    There is enough blubber in that man to heat a house for a year.

  15. lilburro

    The Nelson kids were always embarassed by Mom and Dad’s little “Wrestling Matches”.

  16. tatroyer

    Hey Mike, I really appreciate you looking to see if it is still there. I have not seen it for the last two years.

  17. (pdw)

    Nope, still can’t see your balls, uncle Marvin….

  18. ampKing

    Never ignore the ancient Japanese saying, “When his hands are above your head, his groin is level with your teeth”

  19. matt

    Bubba was in a good mood until the midget pointed out he had 2 belly buttons!

  20. Anonymous

    Man: “Do I look fat?”
    Boy: “NO!”

  21. ][V][achine']['heat

    every time you masterbate, god makes a sumo wrestler’s saggy man breasts larger. Please… quit masterbating..

  22. Maxx

    They all fall to my Drunken Monkey style!

  23. dave

    Hiroki vowed never again to fall for the old “I’ll wrestle ya for a hummer” trick.

  24. harry k.

    Aw c’mon, Uncle Willy…I’m getting tired of playing boat under the bridge…

  25. Kilroy

    You talkin to me?

  26. Beeftits

    Beef, it’s what’s for dinner

  27. Beeftits

    Beef, it’s whats for dinner

  28. Beaf

    So thats where they got the saying “once you go black you will never come back”

  29. Anonymous

    This guy’s obviously catholic.

  30. 9Nails

    “Two dollars, I want my two dollars!”

  31. AARON

    Your so fat you mother was a whale, little johny calls out.

  32. Mr. Ramon

    Have you ever seen Mets 1st baseman Mo Vaughn and “The View” co-host Star Jones at the same place at the same time?

  33. Danelle

    It’s there, I promise. Keep looking.

  34. Alex Kaseberg

    Samu was shocked to discover he had just passed a small child.

  35. Anonymous

    I hate watching sumo-porn on cable…they never show the good parts.

  36. The Beaver

    This is no fun trying to play Twister with just the yellow circles….who ever stole the other colors…please bring them back!!!

  37. Karl Marx

    its the new Sumo Aerobics video. Part 1….sumo jumping jacks…

  38. Anonymous

    Hey! One guy’s real fat and the other’s a kid!

  39. wuj

    now to give birth to the second twin.

  40. Pot Smoking Monkey

    Well doctor, there seems to be a human shaped wart growing from my penis.

  41. terreus

    Does my ass look big in this?

  42. Cylo

    In order to get to the other side, Little Jeffrey’s game plan was to sneak UNDER Hippo Howard. Little did Jeffrey know, Howard has excellent eyesight for a hippo.

  43. Anonymous

    Grimmise couldn’t take the ridicule from the Hamburglar anymore, so he joined the Sumo Wrestling Federation.

  44. Drake

    Unequal Farting Contest

  45. brenton

    the first inter-racial simese twins, born joined at the head and penis.

  46. Babylon

    Mmmmm… breakfast….

  47. Anonymous


  48. Mortius

    New improved Daz will even be able to remove the soon to be brown marks from this towel.

  49. det

    Tiger Woods (foreground) vs. middle-aged Fat Albert (rest of picture).

  50. Maxx

    I wanna swing on the rope!

  51. Gram

    I should have worn my wonder bra.

  52. I see all

    Since the beginning of time all men had dicks. Little johnny aims to change that

  53. Raw knuckels


  54. Anonymous


  55. CD

    Welcome to prison boy….

  56. Jefro

    No, I think you wiped pretty good.

  57. Anonymous

    The Nutty Professor III

  58. null


  59. Gilbert

    I just grab the fop…and I get a free round

  60. Anonymous

    There is nothing I could possiby say that isn’t already painfully obvious.

  61. Anonymous

    These breasts are 100% real baby, ladies with the implants, eat your heart out!

  62. mantralord

    Welcome to my ass, population: ass

  63. badlybred

    “FEE FI FO FUM!!!”

  64. Anonymous

    Please don’t fart, PLEEEASE!!

  65. Anonymous

    kid: This is your last warning.

  66. jimmsta

    Where’d you get that pic of me when I was about to eat dinner?

  67. Anonymous

    I’m not your mamma!

  68. Anonymous

    The bigger they are, the harder they fall!! Are you ready fat boy?

  69. MasterOfDisaster

    “And the midget soon realized why they told him he was too small to be a sumo wressler”

  70. john

    Bubba’s son was amazed that his father could fart the entire national anthem without dripping on the canvas.

  71. phknuts

    Hey kid! wanna meet Akeboner?

  72. nar

    it’s not the size that matters, it’s how you use it.

  73. Anonymous

    Careful–or you’ll put your eye out with that thing!!!

  74. Anonymous

    JUNIOR??????????? DADDY??????????

  75. Anonymous

    I can’t see it either? Are you sure it is there?

  76. Anonymous

    please speak directly into the microphone

  77. tps

    Is that your belly button or did a flesh eating virus attack your abdomen

  78. Sandman

    The first man to give birth to a child.

  79. ozzmann

    Little Timmy unknowningly enters Ogre’s lair during feeding time.

  80. drewboy

    Daddy you broke the trampaline again.

  81. Anonymous

    That’s gonna leave a mark

  82. alan seaton

    Winfred knew he was overweight, but when neighborhood children started jumping in his anus for fun, he knew he needed help.

  83. Sultan of Doom


  84. Sultan of Doom


  85. Doughbear

    What ever happenned to William Perry?

  86. Mark Beular

    That looks like a baby, i eat babies, get in my belly, i am bigger than u, i am higher on the food chain. fat bastard off of Austin Powers II

  87. Reut

    Oral Sex! Because you never know…

  88. Fartman


  89. Jontar

    Oh . . . yeeeeah, just like that! Who’s ye daddy, son?

  90. one_liner


  91. canadiana

    Me against the world

  92. robert hall

    how much do you way because i want to be a sumo wrestler and im only 13 so what makes you real fat and can i be like you

  93. dustin cobwebs

    from micheal jacksons porn collection.. boys in black

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