Effective Decoy

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59 Captions for “Effective Decoy”

  1. dogma

    “You’re a cold, cold woman, Bambie!”

  2. theMike

    Dang woman, would it kill ya to at least pretend your into it?!!

  3. stacy chandler

    What cha laughin’ @ ? Hump-o-matic is better than a blow-up doll!

  4. Shadowbat

    “Vixen, I just can’t help but feel that our relationship has fallen into a rut.”

  5. jim

    Safer than a grizzly bear.

  6. austin pierce

    The New Doe in Heat Scent!

  7. captionator

    c’mon baby…say something dirty..

  8. -Mascot

    Ouch. That’s gonna leave a mark.

  9. Elmer Fudd

    “uh…do I shoot him now, or do I wait tiww he wights up his cagawette?”

  10. trinawoods

    Now that’s what I call a “trophy wife.”

  11. Mascot

    “psst – don’t look now but we have an audience watching us from the bushes over there. did you hear me? well, say something…at least moan a little…you do nothing for my ego”

  12. stacy chandler

    Aaaahhh! The enticing scent of musk..it ain’t just for water buffalo anymore!

  13. Mike

    Just when PeeWee the deer thought his masturbation scandal was no more, he has to go and do this…sheesh

  14. Simon

    “Got Wood?”

  15. swede

    Oh, that country air DOES something to me.

  16. Great Sam

    Dame it, i love this game…

  17. Scrubby

    Stag party?

  18. trinawoods

    “Humper! This is exactly why Santa rejected you!” Damn reindeer…”

  19. Gentaur

    Tomorrow he’ll brag about doing a model.

  20. Darin Madden

    What a dry hump!

  21. trinawoods

    “The buck stops here.”

  22. Chris

    Buck You!!

  23. Lex

    The Buck stops here

  24. chain man

    I dont care if she’s not real its better than being married

  25. trinawoods

    A scene from “Debbie Does Doe.”

  26. jazzgeek

    Shunned for his faux pas in the herd, Fred was never promoted above the rank of six-point buck.

  27. trinawoods

    I just can’t get enough deer porn.

  28. nurg

    Scary thing is, I’m sure there’s a name for this particular fetish.

  29. trinawoods

    Ted Nugent’s lawn ornaments.

  30. jerome

    ouch! I think I got a sliver!

  31. trinawoods

    Oh deer, that doe is such a ho!

  32. cinda

    Uhhh…ack…um…im stuck…

    …well, now what?

  33. kathleen

    i love it

  34. Xeres

    She was asking for it dressing herself up like a tramp.

  35. Caz

    Do(h) a deer, a female deer…

  36. trinawoods


  37. trinawoods

    Some girls will do anything for a buck.

  38. FrozenDragon

    I don’t even care, that you gave me splinters last time, this the easiest lay i’ve had all season.

  39. Dylan

    Is this hurting you as much as it’s hurting me???

  40. Max

    You wouldnt believe who is the actual decoy.

  41. DeadElvis

    Artist Creely LaRoix’s new masterpiece, “Deer in Plastic” was soundly rejected by the San Antonio Children’s Petting Zoo today. Board member Sally Humsinger was quoted as saying, “I’m not sure what this is supposed to depict, but it sure did make my Darren giggle.”

  42. Kenny

    Just how much of the “Buck Getter” scent did you sprinkle on the decoy, Bubba?

  43. Kenny

    Pete learned a Hard lesson while going outside in his new Halloween Costume during the rut this year.

  44. shawna

    “Blow-up Doe”

  45. Matt

    I got mine…… You get yours?

  46. trinawoods

    “Yo, Rudolph with your hose so tight, won’t you fuck my ass tonite?”

  47. Robert

    Another example why deers don’t rule the world.

  48. keywa

    i like how it is pre-lubed!!!

  49. luke mcintyre

    were all doing it
    why cant animals

  50. Kenny

    Do you think you could move a little or cough or something??

  51. Eric Neece

    “This isn’t exactly what I had in mind when I said ‘I want to do a model!’ but it works just as well!”

  52. josh ingram

    The newest design in deer traps

  53. NooSweat

    Home, home on the range… where the deer and the antilope play…

  54. Mandy Penson


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