Elephant spanking


When elephants beat there kids it’s a lot more violent.

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53 Captions for “Elephant spanking”

  1. Anonymous

    Spare the tusk, spoil the elephant

  2. alex james

    The phrase, “this is going to hurt me a lot more than it’s going to hurt you” deffinatley does not apply here!

  3. ian

    i said you had to
    be home at 9 you little…

  4. Karenatech

    Dumbo suffered a short lived ventriloquist act after leaving the circus.

  5. Anonymous

    the real reason Dumbo learned to fly

  6. Reut

    After watching “Free Willie” Dumbo felt very strong, may his soul rest in peace…

  7. Ron

    TAG!! YOUR IT!!

  8. Michael Jones

    Now don’t EVER ask me where baby elephants come from!

  9. Michael Jones

    That, son, is close to how Mommy felt on her wedding night.

  10. Les

    Ohhhhhh my Blow-Up Dumbo is looking more life like!

  11. Matt

    oooohhhhhh, just to the left, yep, thats the spot

  12. Reut

    Big elephent: “Is this thing alive?”

  13. Reut

    Dumbo was very mad about the other elephat-kids taking his nickles, luckily his mom was there to stop him from doing something very stupid..

  14. s.chandler

    Wow! Elephant Kabob’s !

  15. boney

    Tusk, Tusk. That’s not the way proper young elephants behave.

  16. kevin

    This picture taken just 2 hours before
    semore the jolly circus animal was arrested for rape just outside the feeding pen. Names of his 17 victims were not released.

  17. nurg

    Screw you, Mom, I’m gonna grow up to be a trapeze artist instead!

  18. spat

    “May the Force be with you my son…”

  19. filkertom

    Baby Tantor’s joyous discovery of his powers was unfortunately ruined when his jealous sister deflated him.

  20. Waaaaassup?

    There is a lot to be said about the hygiene of elephant piercing shops.

  21. mgoldsmith4

    Stop reading my “Play(elephant)girl” magazines or you’re gonna get it!

  22. eu

    VIU FILHO DA PUTA!!!!!!!!!

  23. o

    No wonder elephants never forget!

  24. Reut

    After breaking one horn with his great header, Dumbo took another attemt … unfortunatly he missed…

  25. Reut

    Is that a threat you little ****?? now im going to have to vaccum you!

  26. Jeff S

    Sorry Rosie, show’s cancelled!

  27. mgoldsmith4

    George Bush, jr. punishing one of his daughters for getting drunk again.

  28. Mojo Jojo

    Dumbo attempts to do “The Time Warp”

  29. resisobilus


  30. lad

    Roy Keane . the early years

  31. rich

    and NEXT time…I’m sharpening it!

  32. Missie

    Seen here is earlier footage of an Irish Traveller with her offspring in a WalMart parking lot…

  33. Mark Beular

    HTe elpahnt was sterile the rest of its life in the zoo so the zookeepers had to sell him to a circus where he trampled all of its attendants and made a run for the mexican border

  34. JBob

    Tickling with the ivories…

  35. Akuta Animosity

    I can feel my pancreas turning into salt!! OWW!

  36. Lisa H.

    Demon, leave this child!

  37. Brian


  38. phil


  39. SisteroftheSun

    Mom! When did you get that thing electrified?

  40. Chuck Daniels

    HA! Tusk in your crotch!

  41. jill

    What happened to Jonny when he tried to grab Susie’s trunk in the back of his parents’ car…

  42. paul bonser

    i am horny

  43. paul bonser

    get out the way kid

  44. Atrocity

    I swear mom, dumbo and I are just friends!

  45. Dirk

    Je weet dat je nooit zonder pilletjes naar buiten mag, Philip!!

  46. Peachy

    Help my mom gone Crazyyyy somebody! anybody?

  47. Audiodoode

    “This will hurt you more than it hurts me”.

  48. George Bush

    Gore for President!

  49. Chris -

    I told you to NEVER Give Cocaine to elaphants!

  50. steve

    Don’t try and hide things from your mother dumbo! she will never forget.

  51. bob

    no wonder gollum left home

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