Enron Press


Here is a humorous shot of an Enron employee. And you thought your life was stressful.

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95 Captions for “Enron Press”

  1. jcisuzu

    “Your Honor, Permission to have the media restrained, I just got a camera man lodged up my ass!”

  2. Mortius

    “It’s a lie, I never touched that goat. Honest!”.

  3. tortured soul

    I really, really got to go! yes Mr. Judge, i promise not to shred anything while i’m in there!

  4. larfus

    What! Enron lost money? Thats a shock to me.

  5. gaffster

    “…And I can testify that every Enron employee was issued their own hand-held shredder. As a matter of fact I have mine right √≥ oh, shit…”

  6. Patrick

    The old “Police Academy” hooker-under-the-podium gag really threw Kenneth for a loop.

  7. Anonymous

    “blow don’t bite baby…oh crap…this is on nation tv isn’t it!”

  8. Alex Kaseberg

    For reasons only known to him, Bill called the press to cover his prostate exam.

  9. Molly7

    It’s midnight, I come around the curve doing sixty, and the deer looks up at me like this…

  10. t

    first tuck, then zip!

  11. spat

    Damn, that Viagra is starting to work already!

    Wonder what effect that will have on the upcoming election…

  12. peter

    The international press corps, and the entire planet, anxiously awaited for Mr. McMahon’s first blink in 76 hours.

  13. Anonymous

    Jeff didn’t want to look round, but he was sure that someone, somewhere, was watching him.

  14. lilburro

    After watching the coverage of the Enron hearings, the marketing boys at Sanka couldn’t contain their glee. They had found their spokesman at last.

  15. Jefro

    Jeff was the first contestant voted off “Congressional Testimony Survivor” last week.

  16. Brad

    Hey, I see myself on the TV!

  17. Gram

    I am trying, but I can’t stop staring at her tits.

  18. Anonymous

    for the love of God, please give me some visine!!!

  19. Anonymous

    Enron further incurred Congress’s wrath when the investigating committee discovered Kenneth McMahon was actually an android; it malfunctioned immediately after swearing in.

  20. tatroyer

    Mr. McMahon could not hold it any longer. He hoped no one would notice, but to his surprise the fart was a little juicier then he anticipated.

  21. raymond

    i have balls.

  22. monkey

    … just act natural…

  23. Claw

    Thats where i put the mic!

  24. Gilbert Despriet

    And they all take me from my least elegant side

  25. Ant

    I’m on TV??

  26. doofledorfer

    That’s right, Senator, the auditors said I could keep the Porsche if Santa gave it to me.

  27. Loonquawl

    Rodney Dangerfield’s on-camera de-aging process generated the highest television ratings in history; The record was surpassed only by his transformation into a zygote some nine hours later.

  28. Judy

    As the cameras were all pointed at him, McMahon was the only one to see how the judge changed into the Hulk, ready for a massacre.

  29. Richard Smith

    ‘Jeepers, Creeper, where g’get those eyes?’

  30. Donkeypuncher

    “Damn those guys!!! Every time the media shows up, they pay a homeless guy to jerk me off…”

  31. Chicken Hunter

    She’s how old?

  32. massis

    i never have erections, and NOW it pops up… life’s a bitch…

  33. darqhorse

    I wonder if the midget knows that isnt a boom mike……Wait…I dont care

  34. bob

    THat went up my ___

  35. Anonymous

    Whoa! The Ex-Lax is kicking in!

  36. Anonymous

    “Holy shit, they’ve found me!”

  37. brian

    im not fat….i just have slow metabolism

  38. brian

    i gotta poo

  39. TZ

    Mr. McMahon tried not to show his pain but the tiny cannibalistic east asian fellow knawing at his left shoulder was too difficult to ignore.

  40. Steve Just

    Congressman: Mr. Ed McMahon, Enron might already owe $50 million dollars in the Congressional Sweepstakes challenge.

  41. yfe

    Who me?

  42. badlybred


  43. Anonymous

    “woo, that chick in the back row flashed me!”

  44. Bubba

    Bob, when you said that you wanted us to come out I didn’t think you meant Now!!!

  45. Brian

    All y’all niggaz are gay

  46. Charby

    Honestly I didn’t know she was 14.

  47. Joe

    “Did one of you leave a telephoto lens on this chair?!”

  48. john


  49. brian

    Ill tear off your tongue and lick my BALLZ with it

  50. nar

    The staring match world championships, all this week on ESPN.

  51. Anonymous

    a pooftah?? what’s that?

  52. Anonymous

    The wheels on the bus go round and round! They do, I tell you…

  53. randy

    i am telling you sir!. that dam monkey-man must be stopped. he is taking over the world.

  54. Jim H

    Baliff… whack his pee-pee!

  55. Steve

    Never hire Monica Lewinsky to prompt your lines from under the desk.

  56. Anonymous

    That girl staying in my room is my niece, I swear.

  57. Anonymous

    That is my neice staying in my hotel room … I swear!

  58. mikemenn

    Ready … Aim … Fire!

  59. B-Man

    All the TV cameras turned to Frank when the Brick he had just shit hit the floor!

  60. Rob

    Man. I knew that bean burrito was bad..

  61. Soulcoffr

    “I will never surf for porn on company time again!”

  62. Anonymous

    Who told you that?

  63. Jeff Chastain

    After several hours, the press heard his snoring and realised he had painted eyes on his eyelids.

  64. Donald Hatcher

    Is it that I plead the Fifth, or I get to drink another fifth. Whe had to be drunk to think this would work. I really don’t know where the money is…

  65. Donald Hatcher

    Is it that I plead the Fifth, or I get to drink another fifth. Whe had to be drunk to think this would work. I really don’t know where the money is…

  66. Stephen N.

    “I hereby rule that the defendant√≠s collection of gay porn be held admissible.”

  67. Kevin S.

    In the middle of the hearing, Mr. McMahon has a flashback of Youth Bible Camp.

  68. tps

    Nobody told me the spelling bee would be televised.

  69. Jeff

    She’s right, it DOES hurt!

  70. HoJo

    You can see her???????????

  71. drewboy

    What was that, oh no haha I have never been on crack I promise.

  72. m aubrey


  73. tack

    oww..!!! get that camera out of there….

  74. ctcp

    Remember that scene in Scanners when that dude’s head blew up?

  75. kalam

    …and we now bring you live coverage of the wrold staring competion finals..

  76. alan seaton

    Senate leader Erngstrom remained frozed as Bill, using only his foot and sheer will, josseled his balls underneath the table from ten feet away.

  77. Resisobilus

    “I know nothink…NOTHINK!!!”

  78. Darkman

    “What do you mean, $200,000,000 on coffee!? That’s a lie!”

  79. BillyJoeBob

    That really is an “in-depth” interigation.

  80. GlowMember

    Maybe if I farted again, the cameramen will back even farther away.

  81. Mark Beular

    oh shoot i knew i should have went to the bathroom before i came in here and sat down.

  82. jimm

    Hey wait a minute, which one of you guys just pulled off my shoes and socks?

  83. sully

    Cameraman: You wanna sell that suit and tie? I’ll give ya fifty bucks.

  84. bilbo

    Congressman: Mr. McMahon, you received instructions to dress for the cameras. You were supposed to wear a Fred Flintstone costume!
    Mr.Mcmahon: I…I thought it was a joke…
    Congressman: So you show up in a thousand dollar suit, silk tie and wingtips? How can we make a fool of you if you dress like that? That gentleman in glasses will show you where to change. Here’s the Flintstone costume.
    Mr.McMahon: But…But…

  85. MeeMah

    What? No, what makes you think I’m lying?? what documents? what shredder?

  86. bob

    all of the sudden the congressman grew a little bigger 1 of the repoters ask are on a growth spree the congressman said “I took a dump,and it broke my legs.

  87. CHAOS

    alf quickly realised that shouting “bite me!”, no matter how pissed off you are, is never a good idea if you’re being sucked off

  88. dustin cobwebs

    how do you respond to alligations that youve been “poling the electurate”?

  89. Tramadol

    Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal.

  90. ray

    okay get the f-ing microphone out of my ass.

  91. Ms.Iota

    “The voices, I can hear them!”

  92. Audiodoode

    Buh…. buh…. BILLIONS???
    With a buh-buh-buh B?

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