Evan Jish Geno and Ernie


This photo was uploaded 4 times in an hour. I also received a stack of emails telling me to hustle up and post it. I aim to please so without further ado, here is the infamous party shot of Ernie, Jish, Ev, Geno. How badass are they?

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208 Captions for “Evan Jish Geno and Ernie”

  1. Anonymous

    12 minutes after this photo was taken, a single middle-school bully beat the shit out of all 4 of these badasses.

  2. JISH

    Ernie: “Pull my finger”

    Jish: “Step aside bitch … pull MY finger”

    Ev: “Ahhh … thanks for pulling my finger”

    Geno: “Damn, I think I’m gonna explode … please, pull my finger!!”

  3. brian

    The Wednesday Morning Bridge Club was never the same after 4 young lads from Walla Wall invaded the Yakima Senior Center in Yakima, WA.

  4. Viehauser

    Ladies!!! Buckle your seatbelts, These four sex craved lads are prepared to rock your world!

  5. Tom Working

    Secretly, Ev saw himself as the “Paul McCartney” of the group, while Ernie saw himself as the “Corey Hart” of the group. But Jish knew the truth: he was Hedwig and the rest were the Angry Itch.

  6. Kenoki

    The cast for “Enterprise: The Phat Generation.”

    The best Star Trek convention ever!

  7. chad

    like a spot of chocolate in a sea of pasty-white post-dot-com web developers.

  8. Kenoki

    “Bruce Campbell, George Takei’s 4th cousin (twice removed), Jish, and the guy who plays ‘Preparation H Guy’ on Conan O’Brien, head an all-star cast in ‘Office Space II: Homie Don’t Program That'”

  9. matthew

    alchohol abuse: the fun stops here.

  10. ServMe

    Strategy Talk :

    Hey look, there’s some ladies. If we spread out they won’t be able to get away.

  11. /chris

    photographer: “so who just farted?”

  12. Kate

    ..and what was YOUR high score in Defender?

  13. Kate

    ..and what was YOUR high score in Defender?

  14. erin

    that’s it, boys… purse your lips, act coy…make the ladies love you…erm, AND the gentlemen…do a sort of sexy “Uncle-Sam-Wants-You-to-Blog” sort of thing…. yeah, that’s it… perfect!!! ‘Boys of Blogging 2003 Calendar’ Cover, Mister April, June, October and January!

  15. mike

    That’s it boys! Now give me your coy look! Ok, hold it! Bedroom eyes, bedroom eyes! Strike a pose! (Oh man, NAMBLA is going to love this photo spread!)

  16. ToeTag

    Hey, it’s my favorite boy band! Which one is Dorky Spice?

  17. Anonymous

    These are the “no bidder” leftovers of a date a man auction.

  18. Joe

    Three words: Use Birth Control

  19. Nicole

    Guess where these fingers have been?

  20. Anonymous

    Talk about the wrong stuff.

  21. Anonymous

    Chip-n-dales rejects 2002.

  22. Anonymous

    IPO Bait.

  23. Anonymous

    And you wonder who goes to Poly Esthers???

  24. Anonymous

    O-Town 2

  25. Anonymous

    Gonna getcha sucka!

  26. Anonymous

    Why smart people never score.

  27. Anonymous

    Amazingly, all four are single.

  28. Karson

    More proof that all the good looking guys are gay. So who are these straight men, anyway?

  29. Lethe

    For Sale: 4 of Unused trait “Ability To Be Cool”. Dirt cheap. Also: 4 Slightly overinflated egos.

  30. passion

    Rejects from last season’s United Colors of Benetton advertising campaign.

  31. Bingobowden

    “Do you think that, if we all pull really stupid faces, we’ll become Caption Machine’s most captioned picture ever?”

  32. Kenoki

    Snoop-Dog’s last minute entourage.

  33. Peabo

    Do YOU have what it takes to say no to drugs?

  34. John

    Guy wearing glasses: Would ya just stop pinching my ass?!

  35. Anonymous

    Boys like this give the pro-choice movement a reason to exist.

  36. Margen

    ahaha Jish put what I was gonna put 🙂

  37. Moni

    Boy in Blue: Whoa, are those real?

  38. megwen

    we are like oh my god soo cool

  39. Cletus


  40. domoni

    Fox announces the cast of “That 00s Show”

  41. ac

    “Our anti-drug is that no one will sell to us. What’s yours?”

  42. benny

    Coming soon in summer 2003…. AMERICAN PIE 3

  43. corym

    kids, say no to drugs.

  44. brian

    poking the air leads to severe constipation.

  45. fertile_jim

    Digital Camera: $145

    Hair Gel: $15

    Hotel room: $80

    Stripper: $500

    Bad acid the guy said was “100% pure Ecstasy”:


    Waking up naked in a hotel room bed with your bachelor party buddies, not remembering how you got there: Priceless

  46. vespa boy

    The 2002 remake of “Westside Story” gone horribly wrong…

  47. DrNudi

    After Superman’s death, the Justice League of America went downhill, REAL fast…

  48. sepi

    One word: dateless

  49. John

    Gosh, I must look pretty odd to get looks like that.

  50. Anonymous

    You’re not mad at him, you’re just saying “I know you, I know you”

  51. Christian

    Today’s youth suffer social problems that were unknown to previous generations: Too many drugs, or too few?

  52. YellowSign

    ET go hoommmeeeee …

    .. somehow.

  53. Eric


  54. cecilia =)

    Still learning not to give pple the birdy..

  55. Anonymous

    We are hot!!!!!

  56. Anonymous

    Please, someone help me get back to mother India where people are normal.

  57. Mehljo

    (from left to right)A autistic downsyndrome asian male who enjoys playing starcraft from noot till dinner; a schizofrenzic indian male who’s alter personality is Jack Nicholson; Constant masturbator who is addicted to porn and movies starring Jim Carrey; A confuzed male who only has male friends and suffers from acid reflux and constipation. >>> GOD I LOVE YEARBOOK PICTURES

  58. Anonymous

    And now the cast of Grease 2002

  59. Anonymous

    PHOTOGRAPHER: “What do you mean these are my models? i’ve seen hobo’s that look better than that.

  60. Jimmy Flowers

    This is why you should never replace lip balm with super glue.

  61. jolianne

    yeah.. these guys have *no* idea what’s going on. And even if they did, something tells me that they’d still look like complete morons.

  62. junior

    “corner the swami!”

  63. Kim

    An international incident just waiting to happen…

  64. Emily

    “Oompa loompa doompadee doo”

  65. Vikram

    Bush justifies his unilaterialism policy with furthur proof.

  66. Knotso Cleva

    ahhhhhhhhh geeks…..

  67. Anonymous

    *everyone at the same time says* Shit, I think I was making a stupid face that everyone will blog about, can we take that picture again?

  68. Laxsmi

    Dude, we all got a turn, we’re not lying; smell our fingers!

  69. dbj

    Cripps, Vermont Chapter 283 Networking Party 1999.

  70. Julia

    Ladies, meet the latest boy band craze: 4 idiots and a synthesizer!

  71. Austin

    “We’re never going to get laid, are we Bill?”


  72. little d

    “i’m tellin’ ya — the chicks want me ’cause i have a tan and i wear glasses…

  73. Bella

    SNL already did this…

  74. Melissa

    What all-male LAN parties are REALLY about.

  75. Voltaic

    Fat boy on the far left: Now watch as I poke my ‘bud here in the eyes with my Stooges Fingers of Doom. Fear my mad skillz.

    Four-eyed boy, second from left: I’m wearing glasses, you idiot.

    Fat boy on the far left: D’oh!

    Dude with the bad haircut, third from left: He did it.

    Dude with the even more unfortunate haircut, far left: No no, that wasn’t what you think… I was, uh, making raspberry noises with my face… aw hell, no, look over there! ::and that was when unfortunate haircut boy made a break for it::

  76. Kenn Young

    Reluctantly conceeding that the barbershop quartet was going nowhere, the lads remade their image as a cutting edge gansta rap group, only to find that stardom was still elusive.

  77. buzz

    only YOU can prevent forest fires.


  78. Irish52

    Programmers RULE. Kwel

  79. Victoria

    Your country needs YOU! (an ad campaign to either encourage gay army applicants or discourage them – not sure which)

  80. Kate

    HEY – I thought the Phi Lams were ONLY from “Revenge of the Nerds”

  81. fred savage

    We love that we’ll be virgins forever!

  82. Prdad007

    This could have been prevented.

    Next time, use a trojan.

  83. D.L.

    Don’t worry guys, maybe you’ll make the cut for next year’s Special Olympics.

  84. Melanie

    Attack of the dweebs!

  85. Anonymous

    And my pennis is almost this long. Huh guys, you’ve seen it.

  86. Anonymous

    And I have a 2 headed pennis to point at you.

  87. Anonymous

    We finally know where the hell Wham went.

  88. Dan

    Although human cloning has now been perfected, the tragically flawed early experiments that have survived remind us that any new technology must be approached with caution.

  89. ClitCommander

    Hey! YOU were supposed to bring the vat of vaseline!!!

  90. Invisagoth

    Y34 w3 2 L337 2 8347 EH?!

  91. Inxply

    You’re a dickhead!

  92. Anonymous

    Hot or Not? Hot or Not? C’mon, tell the truth! You want us! You want us SO BAAAD! Oh Yeah!

  93. Obviousman

    “Brutha”? Well, we do have the same mom!

  94. Runfaster

    Mages, clerics and paladins: anything you want to become in order to get away from your useless life. Join your D&D league today!

  95. KRIS

    DUD – WHERE IS MY CAR !?!?!!!

  96. ronincyberpunk

    From left to right we are asking these four bachelors to introduce themselves with only their facial expressions, a hand sign – tell us what you think.

  97. Anonymous

    This os the 100th caption. That is all.

  98. James

    Are you ready for the next Boy Band?

  99. Newt

    What Hank doesn’t realize is that he can’t sing and they’re going to tell him he’s out of the band tomorrow.

  100. Joe Nathen

    We want you for the ARMY!

  101. BlueBox

    Bruce Campbell and gang want to tell YOU to shop smart…. shop S-Mart!

  102. Anonymous

    dude why is the guy on the right writhing in pain? because evhead has his dick up his ass

  103. dawn

    HELLLLOOOOOO CLEEEAAAVVVEELANNNNDDD!!!! WHooooo! Are you ready to rock????!!!!!

  104. Anonymous

    NASA, its not rocket science….

  105. hawk

    watch out for the Western Illinois Moped Posse (W.I.M.P.)

  106. Anonymous

    We are the future.

  107. Anonymous

    We are the future. YOUR future.

  108. Anonymous

    Revenge of the geeks eat your heart out

  109. oni424

    This is what we get for the don’t ask don’t tell policy in the military

  110. Anonymous

    The least successful boy-band in existence.

  111. Micah

    The prime source of the nation’s deminishing hair supply.

  112. Anonymous

    Backstreet’s Back ALL RIGHT!!!!!!!

  113. posterchildofdestruction

    team choad

  114. Wolfman

    The special olympics four-man bobsled team.

  115. Y2Khai

    Four excellent arguments against human cloning.

  116. Jack

    We are a gay family, but we prefer ‘homosexual.’ FIGHT FOR GAY RIGHTS

  117. Anonymous

    Everyone who’s posted something bad about these guys – you do realized that they are all smarter AND more popular than you are or ever will be. Now who’s sad?

  118. Jim Bob

    Rush week at MIT

  119. Anonymous

    Everyone who’s posted something bad about these guys – you couldn’t be more correct about these losers.

  120. Anonymous

    If I was this coll I’d kill myself.

  121. Azteq

    United Colors of Loosertton

  122. ENAR


  123. Fat Seanny

    “Call our friend ‘shrunken head’ and you’re calling all of us ‘shrunken head’, so back off!”

  124. Anonymous

    Runners up in the international Masterbation Championships.

  125. Anonymous

    National Lampoons Revenge Of The Nerds 4.

  126. Anonymous

    Abercrombie and Fitch but for Geeks.

  127. Anonymous

    my friends… please shoot me now…

  128. Joe

    making…. self… look stupid…. can’t… stop…

  129. CB

    The Back-door Boys – the newest boy band to break into the music scene

  130. nathaniel vincent

    retards get their own version of the A-Team

  131. Lou

    Behold! The power of cheesy

  132. Furry

    Guy on right to guy behind: Stevy…could you remove your hand from my butt..it’s bruising my delicate skin…
    Stevy: Franky….that’s not my hand…

  133. Brian

    OMG! It’s Ernie! Throwin out the “gay boy” gangsta sign! ROCK ON, Ernie!

  134. ampKing

    now aren’t we glad we don’t have friends who upload our drunk-at-3-in-the-morning- pictures?

  135. 4

    not that there’s anything wrong with that

  136. Erica

    Taking a break from the physics club and going out to paaar-tay. Wait, man, do you think this shirt makes me look fat?

  137. Quique

    Need I say fruit?

  138. fisher

    You laugh now, but I’ll bet you a million bucks that if you check the old composites you’ll find the founders of YOUR chapter were no cooler.

  139. Jason

    Guys who shouldn’t have made it to college…or out of the womb.

  140. Joane

    diagnosis: mixing drugs with mexican jumping beans. The result- need I say more?

  141. Micah

    The International Geek Society’s new Board of Humiliation Prevention…….

    Anyone want a reelection?

  142. mesa

    The next N*sync

  143. Justin

    WE SUCK!!!!!!

  144. nacio

    …we’re gay….

  145. Lay-Z

    Just when you thought they stopped making those revenge of the nerds movies

  146. Anonymous

    Um, Ernie … where’s your hand?

  147. Marie

    Sum Blink Limp Day 182-41

  148. Anonymous

    We cut to the chase and gave up on women early.

  149. Jordan Woll

    the new superhero team of the city: Ballboy, boyman, and the Super Fag-twins

  150. Reed

    Targetting (almost) all ethnic groups and the socially undesirable, Wham-SynK is coming to a mall near you.

  151. Anonymous

    “No, it’s not that we can’t get dates. We’re just really focused on schoolwork right now.”

  152. Anonymous

    Proof positive that dorkiness is not confined to educated suburban white guys.

  153. Anonymous

    “Wait, wait, wait…let’s take it again, and this time, everybody do something really cool.”

  154. iamdrunk


  155. Mr. Ramon

    Whose salad do I wanna toss? YOURS, THAT’S WHOSE!

  156. Anonymous

    4 youths were killed last night when, after playing Quake for 14 hours straight and listening to Eminem, they decided to head to “the hood” to find some “hos”

  157. anonymously amused

    At a conference for Future Leaders of America, the top-rated break for a photo op

  158. Luiz

    Os caras s„o muitos tosco.

  159. Lay-Z

    The US Army is searching for smarter youths to join, God help us all

  160. no niguh with atitude

    loosers part II

  161. CloudNine

    No one is gonna see this, right?

  162. Anonymous

    Recent gathering of the former dot com CEOs club.

  163. Hecata

    For only 25 dollars you too can have a piece of the little brown man!

  164. magpie steve

    Ich hatte gern deine Schwester……argh, argh…..was kostet zusammen?

  165. Steven

    Don’t laugh.. the two on the left make more money than you do. The two on the right began dating them calling it their ‘fiscal responsibility’.

  166. Bloodthirster

    Chinese guy: I used to be a fat gay chinese guy with no sexual outlet. Not anymore! Now I’m just a fat gay chinese guy with these 3 bitches sucking my cock. There’s no ass like indian one.

  167. Don MatÈo

    Watch out where you’re pointing that finger,dude!!

  168. =+=

    Strike a pose

  169. Benjamin

    Childish: dressing up like a Chinese and doing a Twix-commercial immitation.

  170. susana

    Shame on all of us! We must never forget the underlying message of the tragedy at Columbine High School.

  171. Drae

    Friends don’t let friends audition for ABC’s Making the Band 2

  172. Mr. Pickles

    The photographer was hoping the camera was his gun.

  173. Fenris

    “Don’t think you’re cool, KNOW you’re cool”

  174. o2bjang

    This is your brains on alcohol any questions?

  175. induhvidual

    The gang-banger version of “pull my finger”

  176. Iron_Mike

    Guys if we keep practicing we can be the new backstreet boys

  177. Anonymous

    At this year’s freshman mixer, there was a considerable lack of females, so the boys were left to their own devices.

  178. teej

    “Dude, it’s Stifler’s mom!”

  179. teej

    This is SO going in the yearbook!

  180. Anonymous

    Guess which one has a tongue up his ass.

  181. Anonymous

    we should SO try out for “making the band!”

  182. ozma

    the new age nnuk

  183. tool

    Here in their natural habitat we can see the alpha males demonstrationg the “south-dakota-shocker” – one on the meat, one in the stink.

  184. adam

    Affirmitive action finally reaches the music industry. Introducing the newest boy band D-versi-T!

  185. KDawgTheShit

    What time is it?! IT’S “TOOL TIME”

  186. Anonymous

    were a multicultural rap group, our record is out now, buy it or square!

  187. PhatMick29

    A night in the life of O-Town.

  188. cutetexasgal

    “Macho, Macho, Man….I wanna be a Macho Man………….

  189. Anonymous

    We aaarrreee the wooorrrrld…we arrre the chiiiillldren…

  190. Anonymous

    Spring Break in Kansas – ROCKS!

  191. Nerve Wrack X

    Maxi-Tampon Corp. funds their own boy-band.

  192. alan seaton

    HEY isnt tonight hot-wax the indian night?

  193. Anonymous

    Hubba hubba.

  194. Dirty Dirty

    Friends Forever. Kennedy High School’s Dungeons & Dragons Club Reunion….

  195. K

    The top four on America’s least wanted.

  196. Jayse

    If we put our good looks and intellect together.. we might got some action..

  197. KD

    You at the computer. Yeah, you. Caption this!

  198. Jontar

    Live Web Cam from an Internet group sex site.

  199. Rowland Allsopp


  200. Kenny

    The interns get a little Crazy at the Proctologists convention this year.

  201. Kenny

    The boys get a few prostate exam tips from Haji, the two finger genius.

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