Extreme Segway


New this year at the xgames…

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76 Captions for “Extreme Segway”

  1. iBuZze

    I wonder whether this looks really as cool as I would like to..

  2. Professor Kaos

    welcome to “X games for homos”

  3. jwd

    Due to budget restrictions, President Bush’s manned mission to Mars was not as successful as he had hoped.

  4. Les

    JANE!!! How do you stop this crazy thing?!?

  5. Pismonque

    Defying his frail health, 65-year-old Evel Knievel leaps a souped-up Segway over a world record four buffet bars.

  6. (pdw)

    ‘PARACHUTE???? I thought you said, take the Segway, dude!’

  7. filkertom

    ‘Scuse me while I mow the sky

  8. filkertom

    “Hello. Jackie Chan here for Lawn Boy.”

  9. filkertom

    An early screen shot from Tony Hawk 9: Extreme Retirement to Florida

  10. filkertom

    An early screen shot from Tony Hawk 6: Oh Crap This Is Gonna Hurt

  11. Ben Eatner

    Stephen Hawkings, Make a wish Foundation.

  12. Pete's Rosy Bet

    Justin proves that it is, in fact, impossible to look cool with a scooter.

  13. Funk and Wagnel

    Segway’s have been banned from all sidewalks, streets, and paths. Angry segway riders take to the air.

  14. 1 caption wonder.

    Filkertom finally gets a life!

  15. Pismonque

    In their latest movie, the Power Rangers must confront their own conflicting emotions as they battle the Flying Robot Genitalia.

  16. Mascot

    Yeah, but can he do an ollie to a back side axle grind, and follow it up with a McTwist??? didn’t think so.

  17. gay segway commies

    Tra la la boom de aay
    Up in the air today
    With my little Segway
    Feeling incredibly gay

  18. peter grasby


  19. Jack

    Finally – a weapon of mass destruction!

  20. nimrod

    testing ground logbook, day 1:
    SUV:17, Segway:0
    (need more segway riders)

  21. fauqur

    7pounds.net/users/extreme_segway/gallery.htm expanding beyond your mond into the world of possibilitys, segway is the gateway to freedom.

  22. Gentaur

    The “Oh, what a feeling!” commercials took on a whole new look when Toyota bought Segway.

  23. Gentaur

    Segway unveils their Motocross model.

  24. Gentaur

    Hey, it worked for Mountain Dew.

  25. spat

    Do try this at home!
    (don’t do it on the street)

  26. wuster

    i’m livin it…mcdonalds

  27. Gentaur

    To enforce its ban on Segways, San Francisco put some serious speed bumps in the sidewalks.

  28. Gentaur

    Segways have perfect balance… until you hit a banana peel.

  29. Gentaur

    Segway inventer Dean Kamen’s still working out the bugs in the real “IT” invention, rocket boots.

  30. Joe

    Segway attempts to revamp its image with its new X-Trme Scooter

  31. woo

    In Heaven the ultra-low gravity makes mowing the clouds difficult

  32. Red_Jack

    już do was lece!!!!

  33. Red_Jack

    już do was lece!!!

  34. kelli

    Tony Hawk finally makes the transition from punk teen to slightly-rebelious-middle-age-man

  35. frak

    Up, up, up in the sky!
    It’s a plane, it’s a bird!
    No, it’s Segway-Ballet-Guy!

  36. the_obsessor

    The extreme sport for old people! Now its getting all those trampolines ready before they hit the ground.


    The huge yo-yo forced the unfortunate boy out of the aircraft

  38. jivepuddin

    Rueters: Cap’n SassyPants performs one of his many stunts for the Tacoma Special Olympics Winter Jamboree

  39. new picture please commies

    News: Captionmachine’s Unfortunate Obsession With Segways Leads To Hairy Palms And Blindness

  40. E_the_E

    “Get your yo-yo’s out! Grab a stick of Juicy Fruit! The taste is gonna move ya!”

  41. Gentaur

    Can your ripoff “Q Electric Chariot” do THIS? Huh? Huh?

  42. one liner

    It was at this moment that Jeremy came to the realization that his segway wasn’t exactly designed for hard landings.

  43. Ozzy

    How 27 year old men get 20 year old women into the sac!!

  44. Therus

    Coming soon to cinemas. Segway Ninja’s. Watch the bad guys leave town.

  45. Wayne

    Only possible if an after-market company starts building them. This is not political correct for Segway LLC.
    They don’t like to have fun.

  46. Statmed

    I didn’t think that conditioning the batteries would make this much of a difference.

  47. The Shadow

    Gee – most of the stupid remarks were aleady taken

  48. lery


  49. Its It

    Someone finally found the anti-gravity button.

  50. sassy

    does this this have a GPS installed??

  51. daniel

    sente so

  52. Bisquitlips

    Crap! I knew that supercharger I installed on this thing was going to be a bit much!!!

  53. cabe-o

    hmmm… now where did i leave the ground?….. Ah there it i.. BANG

  54. yeah, I know...

    You should see me do thsi move in front of a speeding motorcycle!

  55. Ben

    “Billy! Have you finished mowing the clouds?”

    “On it now, Ma!”

  56. Crashinoz

    And now for something completely different…

  57. Owen Lucas

    Yeah, Segways are relatively safe, but in the one-in-a-million chance they do flip over….

  58. joe

    Finally, a use for one of those things…

  59. Akuta

    After the divorice, Lance Armstrong is forced to give up half his possessions, leaving him with this to defend next years Tour De France on.

  60. aaron

    “i knew we shouldnt a put the new petrol powered engines in”

  61. aaron

    when they did the old guy jackass i thought they was joking. Now i know their not!!!

  62. aaron

    when they said gramps was gettin on with his life after the war i didnt know he was getting THAT into it!!!!

  63. daniel

    oh shit

  64. Bonnie

    I’m high man, I’m high!

  65. mark

    Don’t divorce me in mid-air !!

  66. russel

    quick batman to the….what the fu-…?

  67. russel

    unfortanutly this poor man doesnt have a penis as it is obvious

  68. russel

    unfortanutly this poor man doesnt have a penis as it is obvious

  69. russel

    unfortanutly this poor man doesnt have a penis as it is obvious

  70. phentermine

    de, – Sunday, February 22, 2004 at 11:47:29 (PST)

  71. ryan kavanagh

    try that in a sinclair c5, suddenly it seems easy on a seg


    I can just picture 700 overweight bald-headed homos in purple capes riding these in formation during the SF gay pride parade.


    I can just picture 700 overweight bald-headed homos in purple capes riding these in formation during the SF gay pride parade.

  74. flip

    Ground control to Major Tom

  75. danm36

    Ya gotta get the wind in your hair…X-TREME STYLE!

    This is getting on jackass f-sure!

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