Family Games


The 4th of July is a time of year for traditional family fun in the sun, like a game of toilet bowl horseshoes.

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65 Captions for “Family Games”

  1. chodeboy

    Hey Erl, you sore from cow tippin’ last night?

  2. SHannon

    Hey Andres tell youre boy to stop shaking

  3. Cari

    Jethro and Bo were desperate to find another way to shoe the work horse after last week’s mishap.

  4. Alex Kaseberg

    Well, our buttuckseses is too big to fit on ’em no more, so we’s gots to use them for somfun.

  5. cutetexasgal

    Next on Fox: “When Good Plumbers Go Bad.”

  6. Anonymous

    “Billy Bob, don’t forget the plungers. We’re playing lawn darts next.”

  7. Drake

    After the complaint of Human Rights Watchers that throwing dwarfs was quite inhuman, Walker and Warren made their point by throwing dirty toilet seats.

  8. Actua rulez!!

    An ideal way to stop women from saying that “you’ve left it up again”.

  9. Kereltje

    What would happen if Americans couldn’t wear guns.

  10. Drake

    After the complaint of Human Rights Watchers that throwing dwarfs was quite inhumane, Walker and Warren made their point by throwing dirty toilet seats.

  11. Cybbis

    Look! It’s Sandra Bullock and she’s coming this way! Men, battle stations! Aim! Fire!

  12. Monkey-Boy !!

    I’d hate to clean up after the horse that could step into those shoes !

  13. Les

    Horseshoes for the blind

  14. spat

    The brothers Coen trying to find a new purpose for their failed invention.

    Originally they tried to design a new boomerang ñ then they tried to use it as a toilet seat ñ after which they failed to market it as a life saving swimming device ñ and now theyíre promoting Horseshoe – throwing – for – people – lacking – some – visual – potential.

    If youíre interested, thereís another 23.496 left.

  15. wrong song

    listen in the background you can hear the squel of another kid falling through toilet and landing in the water.

  16. Mike

    Don’t you just hate it when city folk try to be like rednecks. They don’t seem to get it.

  17. armandbourg

    80$ too much?You can still smell Pamela Anderson’s been on this one!

  18. Anonymous

    “So I says, woman, if you cain’t stop yer bellyaching about the dang toilet seat, you’ve got another thing coming. And then, it just caught on all over the trailer park.”

  19. Anonymous

    The Breezy Acres Trailer Park is one of only few such communities nation wide with a recreation center.

  20. Anonymous

    A case where southern ingenuity beats southern hospitality hands down.

  21. Anonymous


  22. Anonymous

    big crap

  23. Anonymous

    I shudder to think about what they play shuffleboard with!

  24. alan seaton

    In other news, “The horse-shoe bandits” are being held responsible for the recent rash of innocent citizens falling into their toilets and disappearing (Associated Press)7/11/02.

  25. Anonymous

    I’ll leave the seat up if I damn well want to!! Up this tree here… Now Ed hand me the others.

  26. Ron

    Everything is bigger in Texas.

  27. massis

    A man’s gotta do what a woman doesn’t think of…

  28. FED

    Those big horeshoes are funny…gawd… look at the silly hat on that guy too!!!!

  29. jwd

    Fun and games at the stables of the world-famous “toiletfoot” stallions.

  30. Ei Manneke!

    After a game of Bathtub Burying and before a match of Lavabo Lifting, some Toilet Seat Throwing can be quite relaxing.

  31. nurg


  32. JK

    “Zeke, this is so going to get us laid…”

  33. alan seaton

    As the “inner-city” slowly invaded the texas frontier, Hank and Earl decided to drown their sorrows in a game of low income horseshoes.

  34. alan seaton

    Everyone looked like shit at The annual Tom-Selleck convention

  35. Big C

    Billy Bob – ” well if dem der’ aboriginies can do it in sure as hell we can”

    Cleetus – “they use boomerangs you fool, not toilet seats!!!”

  36. Susie

    Practice all you want Earl, but it’s a crap shoot.

  37. PixelGod

    [Peering through neighbor’s window.]
    “None of these are going to fit her ass, Bubba.”
    “Ma! We’re going to back in the truck again!”

  38. Tauri

    Hey you Aussies .. ours is bigger than yours!

  39. babylon

    ahh.. must be single and have no need for that lil rim thingy

  40. FR

    “Hmmm, I can smell a woman here.”

    “Well yeah, and I can see one right there.”

  41. Mr. Ramon

    Earl, let’s wrap this damn game up, already, I gotta take a sheeeit!

  42. Vid

    “Loser cleans up after the horse…”

  43. Anonymous

    UFO magnets my ass

  44. spoonpoker

    hey bob,you sure that guy said that these boomerangs would come back?

  45. spoonpoker

    wow,good shot bob.see if you can hit the postman this time.

  46. spoonpoker

    this one smells ok but its still going in the fire.

  47. spoonpoker

    these do it yourself toilets are harder than i thought,this damn seat just won’t go on .

  48. Newt

    Carl, I knew that trip to the dump would be worth it. Look what fun we have.

  49. Newt

    Not quite regulation horse shoes, but you have make due with what you have.

  50. Newt

    The game taking the trailer parks by storm, Neck-shoes

  51. Newt

    I hope they wash their hands before lunch.

  52. meg

    I dunno, seems like it might work better if we opened the door to the port-a-potty first

  53. hughbertius

    A day at the Gigantic Horse Ranch gets underway.

  54. chris

    10 bucks says you cant tell me what i had for lunch yesterday!

  55. chris

    Honestly bubba, it does taste like chicken.

  56. chris

    WoW! thats the biggest fuking horse ive seen.

  57. Crunchy

    The federal witness protection program is great! Wish you were here!

  58. Daniel

    A case where southern ingenuity beats southern hospitality hands down.

  59. lawrence

    Sheeoot Bobbie-joe-billy-bob…..your magnet is sure to get you one of them damn alieeeons before I get me one.

  60. Derm

    The Official White Trash Games of 2002

  61. Pedro from MÈxico

    Man, if those are the shoes, imagine the size of that horse’s dick!

  62. canadiana

    Redneck horseshoes

  63. CHAOS

    in texas…everything is big

  64. GrooveSamurai

    Elmer and Cletus compete for the coveted “Ranged Toilet Assembly” award.

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