Favre and Vikings coach Childress

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10 Captions for “Favre and Vikings coach Childress”

  1. poo


  2. kmac

    Childress: I’m not letting you back on the team son – you cried on tv

    Favre: I can pop your head like a zit with my bicep

  3. Moody Minx

    Hmmm..You like abit of this…

  4. Simon Hawke

    Your jersey may say four, but I’ll always think of you as a number two.

  5. gareth

    erm..mate i dont think you’ve noticed but you have a swimming cap on your head

  6. mmm

    OK, Brett, I’ll kiss you

  7. George

    My hat is “Ribbed” for her pleasure!

  8. Stat

    Damn.. Coach im not playin for u next season..

  9. Robert

    Favre saids “Good game, good game,” and the viking coach said “I’ll get you next time.”

  10. Firtree

    Now that the game’s over, I’m heading out to trick or treat as a lemon.

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