Do you suppose he’s making this face because he’s scared of rocks?

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74 Captions for “Fear”

  1. Anonymous

    Arafat passes the world record kidney stone.

  2. s. chandler

    OHH! Lace! Gotta Love it!!

  3. Anonymous

    “ooooohhh right in the mommy daddy button!”

  4. Anonymous

    i can’t stand up or else they will all see my bonner

  5. Wrigley

    It wasn’t until his friend’s intervention that Yasser suddenly realized they were right: his sheets were disgustingly crusty and needed to be changed.

  6. Anonymous

    Arafat, getting it in the ass, anticipating the reacharound.

  7. little any nut

    Arafat realizing that the Exlax he took 12 hours ago might be working now.

  8. Anonymous

    When Arafat saw the sausage shaped cushion, he remembered Ahmed, his gay room-mate in college.

  9. Homer Ba.

    Wearing a towel stimulates dandruff.

  10. Greg

    The tooth fairy really IS a fairy!!!!

  11. Amy

    I should not have eaten Taco Bell today.

  12. Anonymous

    Where will you be when your laxative starts working?

  13. Mortius

    You say that’s a typical US condom size??

  14. Anonymous

    Arafat knew there was something fishy about this particular proctology exam when he realized the doctor started the ├Činspection├« and both his hands were around his waist.

  15. Les

    (After Arafat farts fire)
    Cameraman #1: Hey! He’s like Rudolph!
    (for you South Park Fans)

  16. alan seaton

    Yaser Arafat didn’t approve of the latest invention by Palestinian scientists. Despite boasting room for over 20 underfed soldiers, Arafat complained that the new “army-in-a-bag” would not fit in his overhead compartment on airline flights.

  17. Pumpkin Pie

    “Who took the chocolate mint on my pillow?!”

  18. alan seaton

    Accompanied by friends and faculty, Yaser Arafat revisits the motel room where he lost his virginity 80 years ago following the Jahl’quedar High school prom.

  19. bgray

    Arafat hates it when his cat leaves its hairballs on his bed.

  20. Jack

    Motel Six–never again!

  21. Ron

    I’m not lying…I swear to you, the Boogey Man was just here…and he was trying to get me!!….You must have scared him away when you turned on the lights.

  22. Reut

    I will use only my brain force against this cushion! come on take my picture in this large mind-battle! (Later that day arrafat was arrested in a day-care place when trying to to fight the fence .. or that’s what he said..)

  23. Henry Red

    Arafat is staggered when he sees the remains of an ambitious student at the Suicide Bomber School.

  24. Anonymous

    Where’s my Teddy Bear?!?!?!?!?

  25. matt lauer

    “But Katie Couric made a colonoscopy look like fun!”

  26. Anonymous

    This is a travesty–those bed linens clash with the throw rug.

  27. Sammael

    Somebody get the vaseline, we got a bleeder!

  28. GreyDuck

    Arafat’s aides have a little fun with the old man by convincing him that his doctors are insisting on giving him a suppository…

  29. Mr. Ramon

    Goodness! If I had been sleeping here when the Israelis attacked, I may have been covered in flaked paint chips and splinters. Allahu Akbar!

  30. Scotty

    as my pal ozzy ozbourne would say-“GODDAMMIT SHARON, THE DOG PISSED ON THE BED AGAIN!!!”

  31. sarcasmfolife

    and suddenly, as she tends to do, Martha Stewart posessed Yaser Arafat, making him tear his assistants to pieces for allowing him to stay in a room with such poor lighting

  32. Rusty

    arafat is not scared that he is being put in the oldfolks home….look wot the guy behind him is doin to him,…..”wink, wink” if ya know wot i mean!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. massis

    when his invisible girlfriend stripped, Arafat realised she was really a he…

  34. Anonymous

    “Good thing I have a large supply of babywipes on my nightstand to clean up after this”

  35. kulprit


  36. Fishamaphone

    “Wait a sec, I don’t have to pose in this room: my bed’s in tact”

  37. Vid

    Arafat was shocked when he at last discovered linens could be used for something other than headware.

  38. Clark W. Griswold

    I’m not sleeping on the wet spot again!

  39. Zak

    “Ahmed, that better not be what I think it is!!!”

  40. Anonymous

    The relationship had soured of late, but somehow he was still shocked to find the “Dear Yasser” letter next to his pillow.

  41. chris

    look! i told you it wouldnt fit!

  42. Anonymous

    Most of these captions suck harder than a baby on a nipple of Pamela Anderson, thinks Arafat.

  43. BoMoFo

    Released from “House Arrest”, none of the PLO had the guts to tell Arafat the Israeli’s had already removed the toothpicks from his eyelids…

  44. nurg

    Where the F*CK are my 300-count sheets?!

  45. w. lowe

    Shit! they took my chocolates!

  46. Anonymous

    “Bugger me, I ain’t sleepin’ on that.”

  47. Julia

    He really hated what Trading Spaces did to his bedroom.

  48. Johnno

    Oh no, The things you see when you have forgotten your pistol at home.

  49. WhisperingStorm

    What the!?…… oh no….. my wife’s been using her “SPECIAL” pillows again.

  50. O_o Eleni

    It appears that the Pilsbury Dough Boy couldn’t find a bathroom in time.

  51. Crunchy

    Welcome to the Four Seasons, Mr. Arafat. We’ve taken the liberty of sprinkling debris on your bed to make you feel more at home. Checkout time is 11 a.m.

  52. Anonymous

    what you CAN’T see is Arafat’s getting a cavity search.

  53. Aaron

    After searching for weeks…….Arafat dicovered
    an OVER ABSORBANT TAMPON is what killed his wife,
    not asassins.

  54. Anonymous

    Extreme Necrophiliac Yasser tries to decide whos bones it will be for tonight……Lady Diana or Janis Joplin?

  55. lawrence

    President Perez?, wakey wakey…its time to play war or peace…


    holy shit!
    your going to shove that up my arse?

  57. David

    “Sir, Mr Sheron sent this, the biggest tampon in the world for the biggest pussy in the world”

  58. Derm

    Who dropped a deuce in my bed!?

  59. Derm

    Arafat caught bending over to fart…

  60. Matt

    Ok, who’s turd is that on my sheets?!

  61. Mark Smith

    Is that a bomb or a pillow at this time arafat was afraid that someone was trying to do servalince on his balls

  62. MeeMah

    I guess he wanted the honeymoon suite… who’s that behind him?

  63. clem

    ia this what the plo call the reach around

  64. AMY


  65. paul

    sorry guys, I had a little accident tonight…

  66. Shoosh

    …and this is where Monica and President Clinton…nevermind…

  67. dustin cobwebs

    those hotel bastards didnt leave a mint

  68. Don Albright

    Does that tag on the pillow say

  69. Don Albright

    Does that tag on the pillow say

  70. Laura Bush

    Scene from Godfather IV, this time with a different part of the horse in bed.

  71. Chris

    They pulled harder and harder when trying to take out the duvet.

  72. Piran

    Allah’u’Akbar! I’m sure that’s Saddam’s and Osama’s sperms!!

  73. Anonymous

    Yasser Arafat after a night with Michael Jackson

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