First Kiss


Here is the most powerful man in the free world, giving in to the most powerful person in the free world. Though neither of them look very powerful here.

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127 Captions for “First Kiss”

  1. Anonymous

    Get a room.

  2. Kate

    Pucker up baby!

  3. chelle

    Well, go on W… “hunt them down”

  4. Viehauser


  5. brian

    “I’ll give you executive orders!”

  6. Anonymous

    No toung this time you pig.

  7. mike

    A little to the left… no… no… a little higher… Hold still damnit!

  8. Bob

    The W stands for “Women”, baby!

  9. Lethe

    *lady thinking* I’ll pray that dear Dubya doesn’t knock my wig off…

  10. passion

    Oh god we look like idiots.

  11. greg

    you’ve got some frosting on your chin. i’ll get it.

  12. Jack

    You, me, Bob and Laura, later.

  13. Little Miss Bitch

    Oh Great. He’s been eating garlic again. I hate this mandotory publicity shots.

  14. Bingobowden

    Pukka up baby, you’re in for the night of your life!

  15. Jimmy C.

    Is that a bag of blow in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?

  16. rayex

    *janitor* Darn wax museum pranksters! Now I’ll have to change Connie Chung’s wig and drag her all the way back to the Famous Anchors Room!

  17. John

    The Giraffe Impression finals reached it’s climax.

  18. Margen

    Don’t you love it when Presidents blow on your chin?

  19. Moni

    George, honey, maybe we shouldn’t keep our eyes closed. I’m feeling some nose hairs.

  20. mary

    when will someone take down that darn mistletoe? this is getting real old…

  21. dan

    Bush sniffing out terrorism at every turn.

  22. ginny

    Kiss Me, YOU FOOL

  23. megwen

    what the f@$! is on your chin?!?!

  24. crisp

    “George, I think I’d know more about lipstick than you…just because you’ve tried to put some on a few times doesnt make you a professional.”

  25. vespa boy

    George W. demonstrating what would happen if he got Osama Bin Laden in a staring contest.

  26. gjoe

    So, you’re moving to North Carolina, huh?

  27. Anonymous

    You ain’t gonna make me cry Georgie Porgie. If you dare to pull an Al Gore on me, I will knock you out.

  28. Anonymous

    Well, maybe I shouldn’t have told you that I’m really a man right after you leaned in to kiss me.

  29. Anonymous

    Don’t pout George. If you ask him nicely this time, Bob just might give you some free Viagra samples.

  30. Steve 1

    Bush gives public demonstration that going blind makes kissing difficult.

  31. fertile_jim

    “AH-AH! NO TONGUES!” (Madeline Kahn to Gene Wilder, “Young Frankenstein”)

  32. Alex Kaseberg

    No, I don’t smell any pretzels . . .

  33. Charlynn

    Clinton wouldn’t have had difficulties like this.

  34. cecilia =)

    hey, i’m still young! juz look at my pimple!

  35. Christian

    Although the ritual has not yet caught on outside of Washington, even the the President can be found participating in today’s chin-humping fad.

  36. Bob-o

    Talk about bumping uglies……….

  37. Robbie

    C’mon, George. Make me feel like a woman.

  38. YellowSign

    One ET wannabe to another: YEAH Baby!! Stretch that Neck some more!!@!

  39. Vanessa

    “Are they still watching? Are they still watching? DAMN I’m gonna have to kiss him now — See what Al Gore started…”

  40. Eric


  41. Anonymous

    Him: *Sneeze!* *Sniff*

    Her: Gah.. not again..

  42. Cappy

    Ooo! Ooo! Aaah aah! *jumps up and down, throwing dung*

  43. Cris

    None for you, sparky!

  44. Mehljo

    A good example of incest. They look so much like brother and sister.

  45. Anonymous

    Come to papa.

  46. Anonymous

    Just a little bit longer and that pesky chin hair should come out.

  47. tuck

    Lady and the Tramp: you choose which is which..

  48. Bob

    Who farted?

  49. Knotso Cleva

    i wouldn’t do this except those guys dressed like greek gods got telekentic power from eating the food on this planet

  50. Anonymous

    Who’s your daddy? ‘Dubbya, that’s who.

  51. Laxsmi

    Who knew constipation could be so romantic?

  52. Anonymous

    wait a secong where’s your mouth?!

  53. pangie

    hmmm, let’s see…. uhh, yeah, yeah, i’d say that’s definitely a mole.

  54. dbj

    It’s called a “shotgun”, and it helps increase the THC : CO2 ratio…here let me show you.

  55. Julia

    Don’t get any ideas, George…

  56. Anonymous

    Are you peeking?

  57. Anonymous

    (through her teeth) Higher you moron! Do you want every stinking reporter out there to know youre hung over??

  58. Lynnise

    Oh wow. That cold sore does look pretty bad.

  59. little d

    “don’t let this happen to you”

  60. Melissa

    Of course, with all the novacaine from the root canal earlier in the day as well as the six pack after lunch, his aim was a little off, but Laura didn’t really seem to mind anyway.

  61. Chase

    oh really, is that a threat?

  62. paleoguy

    my chin’s more pointy than yours is!

    Is not!

    Is so!

  63. brian

    chica chica bow wow

  64. Kelli

    Says Al Gore: “That’s my boy!”

  65. Johnno

    The Wart Trade Center

  66. fred savage

    Just trust me. It’s way more fun to kiss each others nostrils.

  67. Damion

    Minutes earlier, Laura Bush had been schooled by her girlfriend Bertha about the evils of a Patriarchal Society.

  68. Damion

    “Who’s my wittle love bunny?”

  69. Damion

    “Damn it, Laura, you never share the Fritos!!”

  70. Damion

    George: “You can pick you nose, you can pick your friends nose….”

    Laura: “Oh, shut up and kiss me, you old poop….”

  71. ellen


  72. Anonymous

    George, this is exactly why we need more diversity in the Republican party. People don’t really know if at this very moment you’re actually about to kiss me, your wife Laura, or Lynne Cheney. Stepford wives might make for easy wife-swapping in broad daylight but they’re not going to cut it at the polls.

  73. D.L.

    Watch out, baby! The tongue train is heading for your tunnel!

  74. Melanie

    I hope this gains publicity…..

  75. Dan

    The only existing prototype for Apple Computer’s iMackerel.

  76. David

    Is that an iFish?

  77. James

    She got the jeep in the divorce, but hey, i got the aquarium.

  78. Anonymous

    fish i-mac

  79. grey

    No Keyboard, No Carp-al tunnel… OR …
    Ever heard of SOCKS pal?!?!?

  80. Camillion

    3-D Bass Fishing software for PC

  81. Anonymous

    “Take me to your leader”

  82. Anonymous

    Apple’s least successful model – the iBass.

  83. kyle MB

    oh yea, I got one of these puppies at home, but when I try to eat it, it mega-hurts.

  84. Anonymous

    all for your telle fish are belong to us

  85. Anonymous

    whoa… an iMac AND a Big Mouth Billy Bass, all for one low price!

  86. VenomHead

    I was just about to buy a new windows computer.But I didn’t know that free fishing(shiping) was givin until I saw this picture.

  87. Anonymous

    Jesus…I was just swimming around one day looking for scamming for some food when I saw this bodacious worm then POW! I wake up here.

  88. Anonymous

    Do you have a quarte I can borrow? I forgot my change

  89. nathaniel vincent

    the apple people miss the whole convergence idea

  90. Wulfgar

    What are you staring at? Haven’t you ever seen a parking ticke before? City Folk!!!

  91. virtuoso guitarist

    “…our main weapon is surprise! Suprise and fear! ..err.. Our two main weapons are…”

  92. fisher

    Forced out of the limelight by the popularity of Flying Toasters, the swimming fish screensaver took to the streets to regarner support.

  93. Furry

    Next week on “Computers Can Be Anything”……

  94. Jason

    Apple Computer’s new product: iMackerel

  95. AmbientBleue18

    ok, ok. The Imac was cute, the cube was neat, but this is just pathetic

  96. mesa


  97. Justin

    Oh God, will the flashbacks ever stop!!!!!!!!

  98. nacio

    ….and Chuck STILL can’t figure out why he keeps getting fired for the marketing department….

  99. CatShoes

    …and at that moment,Pookie the wonder fish relised he could not pay the meter….

  100. jade

    new super hero….mutant nijha tv fish !

  101. the schmin

    i think i’m coming down.. up nope the damn fish is still there!

  102. d.

    modern art.

  103. iamdrunk

    DIRECTIONS: insert $.25 , step , twist handle , step into stall 10 , insert penis into automatic bj machine,ENJOY

  104. Mr. Ramon

    Honey, have you been rubbing your crotch on the monitor again or did a fish crawl in there and die?

  105. MrMidi

    The new iMac

  106. Steve

    There’s something a little fishy about this thing.

  107. CloudNine

    The creators of AquaZone Mac, a virtual aquarium software package, have taken drastic new measures in copy-protection.

  108. Hecata

    I’m sorry…the hooker on this corner is currently unavailable, please insert penis here to get the same great feel and smell of rotten tuna!

  109. magpie steve

    they are waiting in the lake, Mr. Simble-Jones!!!!

  110. Bloodthirster

    This is how Britney Spears looks without make-up

  111. Don Mat├ło

    Godamn Mac!!

  112. Benjamin

    These devises come from Sweden and often have pooh on it.

  113. -x-

    Suck your dick for a quarter

  114. Drae

    *cue No Doubt* and I’m trapped in a box

  115. Jeffery Tacket

    One of the many prototypes of the iMac.

  116. Fenris

    how did that fish get into that computer?

  117. babylon

    This fish needs massengill…

  118. Anonymous

    Bill, the abstract statue, works up the nerve to go and talk to the incredibly attractive Parking Meter Twins. Good luck Bill.

  119. alan seaton

    Please, jump inside the box from the back and see what it feels like to come out of the womb dor the first time.

  120. alan seaton

    Hi, I’m Norman. I’ll be your LSD trip for today. For the next 12 hours please feel free to talk to me, stick things into my mouth, and feed your friends and family to me.

  121. Rowland Allsopp

    finding nemo the scenes u never would of seen

  122. Tramadol

    Experience is that marvelous thing that enables you recognize a mistake when you make it again.

  123. garvis williams

    hello, fish can talk computer it. it is funny . fish cannot talk computer.

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