Flight school


See, these things practically fly themselves. [from PDW]

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93 Captions for “Flight school”

  1. badlybred

    “You should see the look on your face!”

  2. KidDeath

    Where is my f@^#$*&@ coffee?

  3. Veshka

    Yeah, right. Next you’ll tell me you’re hiding a box cutter in your pants.

  4. Anonymous

    Okay on the count of three, everybody say—OH SHIT!

  5. Muppas

    Y’all do realize how much the extra 3 years of flight school this incident is going to cost you right?

  6. errrr


  7. spat

    “These costumes really work, Herman, they all THINK we’re pilots!”

  8. John Kater

    last words recorded on the black box:
    ‘relax, we’re in the flight simulator’

  9. Andy

    Fly the Friendly Skies…for a while!

  10. Naughty

    Pilot#1: “Welcome to the Cockpit Folks”.
    Pilot#2: “no sir, we’re not flying past the World Trade Center. Why do you ask..? Is that a gun?”.

  11. (pdw)

    ‘Hahaha, don’t worry miss Anderson…That John Denver is such a practical joker’

  12. Tom Mick

    To hell with it! Let HIM turn, we’ve got the right of way.

  13. Alex Kaseberg

    Pilot: “OK, I’ll bite. There’s a plane coming right at us. What’s the punch line?”

  14. psycho_nole

    “The most exciting part about playing chicken, is knowing when to flinch.”

  15. Anonymous

    Pilot 1: ” I wonder what the pilot in the other plane is so excited about.”
    Pilot 2: ” I don’t see anything back there, either.”

  16. Molly

    It’s been, like, twenty seconds. The self-timer on my Nikon is much faster than this.

  17. Mortius

    The last words of the flight recorded on the blackbox were:


  18. Annoyance_Bot_Prototype/2

    Why Yes stewerdess, I think I will have that drink right about now.

  19. John

    Yeah, we get paid to do this.

  20. Liz

    Ok, we give up. So what has a large nose, two wings and is coming straight at us?

  21. Sisyphus

    “This is your captian speaking. Please, put your head between your knees and kiss your ass goodbye. Thank you for flying American Airlines.”

  22. Drake

    Haha! An airplane in front of us! Like we gonna believe a stewardess…

  23. John D.

    Fasten your seatbelts, people. Oh well, doesn’t really matter anyway…

  24. Anonymous

    Why’s everyone running to the back of the plane ???

  25. The Beaver

    Smile!!! Your on Candid Camera!!!

  26. PhatMick29

    Gosh Ted I just can’t decide between the chicken or the fish.

  27. Bubba

    We are now meeting your connecting flight.

  28. Anonymous

    and flying a plane is supposed to be difficult! there’s no traffic to worry about………

  29. Joe

    Hijinks aboard Air Force One on 9/10/2001

  30. Harry

    Flying in Russia.

  31. Boosta

    Jim and Bob couldn’t help but smile thinking about those crazy religious nuts in the airport, who kept screaming something about brimstone and doom.

  32. john

    It’s OK. Bob always parks at the end of the runway when he is ready for his weekly homosexual adventure.

  33. Anonymous

    Now would be a good time to beam us up, Scotty!

  34. nar

    we should experience some turbulence shortly.

  35. m. simmons

    OH God Harry! Did the ass end break off again!

  36. joe sgambati

    if flying was so hard then howd i get a job yeah bitch go get me a drink

  37. Callous

    Photo developed from the camera salvaged from the wreckage.

  38. Davo

    Wellsir, You boys sure nuff picked one shit day for a hijackin’…She’s all yours.

  39. Andy

    Sure Billy you can take our picture. Just let us put down our beers.

  40. Isobel

    And you folks thought the interstate exits and entrances were poorly planned!

  41. Mark N.


  42. jon

    Hey!, do you want to see something really scary?

  43. Anonymous

    Attention ladies and gentelmen, please fasten your seats belts. We may be experincing severe turbalance shortly.

  44. mark holley

    Hey… I told you that topless flight attendent plan would be fun for the passengers

  45. mikemenn


  46. Ten

    “Got ’em again Joe, too funny, take the picture down now”
    “I didn’t Put the picture up Tom…”

  47. greymous

    Hey Fred!
    Yea Marty, what is it?
    Why is everybody staring at us?
    Dunno Marty, They sure do look stupid don’t they?
    HaHa, Sure do Fred!

  48. B-Man

    This is why we hire ugly flight attendants.

  49. kzk

    thank you for flying al-qeida airlines.

    please exit quietly, and pick up your 72 virgins at the baggage area

  50. Rob

    Darn it…I knew lying about having a flying license would come back at me somehow…

  51. BoMoFo

    Rock Hudson and Danny Bonaducci are all smiles at their ultra-private mile-high cockpit theme wedding. Outside, paraparazzi lurk.

  52. DjDolbs

    Ha! Ha! You can smell that all the way in the back huh? Damn Jimmy! That IS impressive. Now…lemme try!

  53. Jules

    He did it!

  54. MK1

    Gary, your new dashboard ornament isn’t funny.

  55. Jeff Chastain

    Don’t worry, this picture shouldn’t distract you from your job too long.. oops, I forgot the batteries. Wait a sec.. ok, now smile.. oops, I forgot the film.. ok, now I’m ready. Hold that pose and.. Dang!, I left the lens cap on… ok, on “3” you guys. One… Two… Jeez!, I forgot what number comes after “two”…

  56. jo cool

    Are ya SCARED yet PUNK?

  57. Donald Hatcher

    Oh, so you think you can do a better job of flying the plane do ay?

  58. Kevin S.

    I am serious…and don’t call me Shirley.

  59. freddythemonkey

    See? i told you putting that sticker on the windshield would make the stewardesses lean forward!!!

  60. Anonymous

    ….and why exactly are Bill Maher and Mr. Bently flying this plane?

  61. tps

    Oh well, I never learned how to land this thing anyways.

  62. rivercardz

    You’re right, that really IS Shaquille O’Neal back in first class!

  63. Anonymous

    that is what i call a mile high experience

  64. rivercardz

    Pat Boone: “Aw c’mon…”
    Rock Hudson: “Forget it. I’ve seen that picture of your thing in Hustler, and I’m not interested!”
    FTB Note: End of Black Box Recording.

  65. bob

    Do you want us to smile or just look natural?

  66. namboss

    No my grandpa wasnt a Kamakazi pilot…
    Why do u ask?

  67. Maxx

    Have another drinkey-poo…

  68. Mr. Ramon

    The FAA’s Human Crash Test Program performs its first and only evaluation.

  69. Todd Hunt

    Funny, they don’t look Moslim

  70. drewboy

    Copilot: Hey Bill you did put it on auto pilot, right?
    Bill: Yes, don’t worry about it, I know what I am doing

  71. Len Patterson

    What,you shit your pants?!Hee Hee. Don’t worry its only a static cling on decal we picked up at the last pilots convention!

  72. Lorenz

    As a new measure of security, all our airliner cockpits are now installed with a special hidden camera that takes a photograph once every 10 minutes, ensuring that any activity in the cockpit is well documented.

  73. Grizzam

    Tonight’s top story – Two white Muslim supremists left this picture in the glove compartment of the hijacked 747 that crashed earlier this morning.

  74. m aubrey


  75. Ed Hades

    Of course we know what we’re doing

  76. Anonymous


  77. alan seaton

    Pilot Dirk thought his window decal would be a big hit

  78. Les

    Oh sure, I suppose when we turn around, you’re going to say, “Monkeys always look!”

  79. alan seaton

    Sometimes Captains Lawrence and Niles would put themselves in dangerous situations so they hold and caress each other. Needless to say, their sexuality would be questioned long after this final flight……….

  80. Big D

    “Hey look Bob, the nice man in the turban wants to take a picture of us”


    “Hey Johnny,it’s an aircraft!!!”
    “Billy,dont worry,at least it’s not a building!!!”

  82. O_o Eleni

    Jim: Good thing this is only a flight simulator, eh, Larry?
    Larry: Haha, yea…Um *Sees a bird fly by* You so sure on that?

  83. Mark Beular

    Say chees…….THeres a plane coming straight at us.

  84. Chad

    Hey tell the passengers to fly the plane we’re not the ones trying to go to boston

  85. Dirk

    Jah, vlieg er recht tegen aan! Dit is niet het einde, hierna is meer!! Allah is groot, Allah is machtig!!!

  86. Robbie

    It’s a shame but this ain’t no video game!

  87. mb

    Oh Ya! Take off baby!

  88. Impfac

    Laughing at this photo is to laugh at a horrible, tragic catastrophe: these guys hair cuts.

  89. Piran

    Terror: Smile! better look good now! later u’ll look like shit after we hit the building!

  90. Marclar

    My horoscope was right!

  91. ray

    um guys, hello. guys um hello. pay attention. hello

  92. Pricey

    Relax hes on our side of the sky.

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