Forbidden love?


How much did these two drink last night?

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83 Captions for “Forbidden love?”

  1. Shocky

    Ummm…It’s not what it looks like…we were just…ummm…cold. Wow, you’re home early, was the game rained out?

  2. Al Be

    It was a cold, dark stormy night. The power went out and their passion finally got the better of them.
    At that moment they knew they had to be together.
    They knew it was wrong. But it felt so RIGHT!
    Then, the power came back on…

  3. tortured soul

    Now we know what they mean when they say cats have bad vision.

  4. plankton

    Another example of what every man knows: no matter how ugly a dog you are, money can always get you good pussy.

  5. brian

    Dude, I got some pussy!

  6. naaman

    The Clinton’s new dog caught in sex scandal with Monica’s cat — Little Bill to appear before Supreme Court next week.

  7. Big M

    I actually prefer a pussy shaved. But hey, hairy is better than none at all.

  8. Lay-Z

    Sun shines on a dogs ass once in a while when it comes to gettin pussy

  9. Steve 1

    Dear Mom, thought you mite like dis. Las nite in the dorm we glued our pets togeva with Evostick – they look kinda confused!!

  10. Chew

    After a night of drinking, the dog was starting to look good to Fluffy….

  11. earshot

    I’ll rub your back, if you rub mine…
    ooh yeah, that’s the spot baby….

  12. earshot

    flirt with the camera, make love to the camera… I SAID TO THE CAMERA!! oh no, no noooo

  13. Anonymous

    It’s that damn rap music that is making them do these horrible thinkgs.

  14. Anonymous

    Bad-Ass cats, on the next Gerry Springer.

  15. Mike

    hahaa…they’re never gonna believe this at work tomorrow…

  16. coley

    yes…yes…right…NO! NO! NO!

  17. jcisuzu

    rUfus, iF u eVer PiSs on tHe cARpeT AGaiN…dIs pIctuRE gOeS to youR paLls dOwn aT tHe doG pArk!

  18. Anonymous

    Backstage at Purina commerical shoot.

  19. Cari

    What’s really funny is that the CAT is the male!

  20. person

    Cats and dogs living together…

  21. Raymond

    This dog and cat are having sex.

  22. christina

    can’t you see we’re busy?!

  23. AliasMoze

    Damn the law!

  24. Alex Kaseberg

    Churchill and Sasha were horrified to be caught exchanging the love that dare not speak it’s name.

  25. Broken

    oh shit, my husband’s home!

  26. theshiva

    It’s a Dog eat Pussy world….

  27. semi-

    they look tazidermised.

  28. (pdw)

    Both go: PLEASE! Put your pants back on!

  29. NC

    (from the TV) “IT’S ALIVE”!!…”IT’S ALIVE”!!!!!!!!!

  30. b00mHauer

    Hy man, leave us alone ! Don’t you see i’m gonna get me some quality time ?

  31. Bert

    Shit ! I must have forgotten my Alzheimer-pills !

  32. slow burn

    Scratch my nose and you are DOGFOOD.

  33. Anonymous

    Five-year-olds and staplers.

  34. Babylon

    “What? Like you never wanted to try it?”

    -When dogs come out of the closet-

  35. Anonymous

    A dog not noticing the cat has come

  36. zephyrus742

    interspecial dating to the highest power

  37. Fenris

    later than evening i realized that the blob i was looking at was actually a cat and a dog stuck together.

  38. Babylon

    Total Anarchy

  39. JC

    Damn! That camera scares the shit out of us!
    Hold me tighter!

  40. Anonymous

    We know there’s a discrepancy, but we’re both very happy.

  41. Pussy lover

    Friction, Baby, Friction!

  42. Henny

    …and that’s why Cat-ty style just never flew…

  43. Iron_Mike

    Proof that you can always teach an old
    dog new tricks.

  44. lilburro

    I love him, Mom, spots and all. And don’t give that “it’s only puppy love” spiel either.

  45. BigM

    Woops, what the hell can I tell the old lady to explain this?

  46. Veshka

    OK, who rubbed catnip on Butch?

  47. Anonymous

    We’ve just got a bad case of static cling, that’s all. Now put that camera down and for God’s sake, prise us apart.

  48. Anonymous

    Grandma has some weird pillows…

  49. Fresh

    i was… uhhh… giving her CPR. Yeah. That’s it.

  50. Fresh Tasting Always

    Uh… I was… uhhhh… giving her CPR. Yeah, that’s it.

  51. gunrunner

    next week on “the worlds funniest animals – late”

  52. Bungieville

    And then I am going to lick your little doggie nu….what tha… What is that red light behind the mirror?

  53. Maxx

    Jungle fever.

  54. Seb

    Baby…. ROCKĀ„n ROLL !

  55. ktownman

    And the torrid affair came to an abrupt end when Miss Mew’s husband came home and found her in the arms of there neighbor Mr. Bo-Jangles…

  56. mdc58

    MIT’s genetics lab produced another freak set of Siamese Twins?

  57. Gram

    Sometimes I like a pussy.

  58. emale

    Is this Doggy-style?

  59. Ten

    Dog: This is wierd, I just don’t feel right.
    Cat: Your crushing me.
    Dog: I’m just not into this emotionally.
    Cat: Your still crushing me.

  60. B-Man

    Romeo & Juliet 2002

  61. Elspode

    The guys down at the gene splicing lab are *still* laughing about this little screwup…

  62. Anonymous


  63. james h

    They knew their relationship was unorthidox, but damn it felt so good.

  64. phenn

    Dear Butch – I cannot live with the shame. I’m afraid we have to end it. – Tiddles.

  65. JBob

    My dog ate my Viagra!

  66. red southneck

    Hey yall! Watch this!

  67. Hoary


  68. Clark Griswold

    No need to feed the dog.
    Fido got his own bone.

  69. alan seaton

    Today in world news,The chinese government quickly voted against a proposed replacement for the outdated “Ying-Yang” symbol.

  70. chook

    Does the King suspect?

  71. Cary Kingdom

    E! True Hollywood Story: Garfield and Odie

  72. Anonymous

    And here we have the sequel to the painting Dog’s Playing Poker.

  73. Ed the Higg

    Fido: Oh! Uh…heh heh…hey there, Master. Oh, no, we’re not rough-housing, no sir. I’m…uhh, making it up to Felix. Hugging. You know, because I’ve been so mean to him…
    Felix: …help me…Master…he’s going to…eat me…
    Fido: …heh heh…ummm, nope, nothing wrong here, I assure you. I LOVE this cat. Love, love, love him. But we’re not having sex. No sir. I’m not trying to devour him either.
    Felix: …there’s a bottle of…teriyaki sauce…under the…seat cushions…
    Fido: Damn it, Felix! Shut up! SHUT YOUR FREAKIN’ MOUTH, CAT!
    Felix: …and a shish-ke-bob stick…behind the…
    *furious clawing and biting ensues*

  74. KD

    Nickelodeon was forced to cancel the silly show “Catdog” after it’s controversial, “Parents Episode.”

  75. Tramadol

    Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal.

  76. Tramadol

    Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal.

  77. James McDaid

    Newlyweds posing for the camera “say cheese!”

  78. iggyicarusflock

    They were together in the House.
    Just the two of them. It was a cold, dark, stormy night. The storm had come quickly and each time the thunder boomed he watched her jump. She looked across the room and admired his strong appearance…and wished that he would take her in his arms, comfort her and protect her from the storm. She wanted that…more than anything.

    Suddenly, with a pop, the power went out… she screamed…he raced to the sofa where she was cowering.

    He didn’t hesitate to pull her into his arms. He knew this was a forbidden union and expected her to pull back. He was surprised when she didn’t resist but instead clung to him.

    The storm raged on…as did their growing passion and there came a moment when each knew that they had to be together.

    They knew it was wrong…

    Their families would never understand…
    So consumed were they in their passion that they heard no opening of doors…just the faint click of a camera……

  79. lee

    Iranian scientists have created the ultimate creature that can both bark and meow at the same time.

    Its fatal flaw is its inabilty to pass faecal matter.

  80. ginu

    love 4 timepass

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