Fortified Bread


All this traffic, all these posts, all these uploads (keep ’em coming); I need to carbo-load. Who wants bread?

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211 Captions for “Fortified Bread”

  1. draco


  2. Christian

    We smoked soooo much. Dude, how do i make a sandwich?

  3. evan

    “Sir, the bread…

  4. Kate

    *NEW* Wonder.. now fortified with extra fur.

  5. nicole

    “THE new way to make a fosill”

  6. Eric


  7. cecilia =)

    see, it doesn’t pay to be greedy..

  8. crad

    the greatest invention since sliced bread IS a better mouse trap!

  9. josh

    this could be you.

  10. saucy

    baked fresh butter top/mouse bottom bread

  11. Nick

    You never know what you’re eating til you get to the crunchy part.

  12. tj

    In the early Second Millenium, some humans preserved pets inside various perishable food items. This ‘rat in bread,’ the only one of its kind, is a stark reminder of human brutality in the period

  13. Cris

    Dogbert had finally had enough of that dimwit Ratbert…

  14. jcisuzu

    M – I – C (… C, because it’s Crunchy!)K – E – Y (… Y, because 10,000 homeless people CAN’T be wrong!) B – R – E – A – D !

  15. tiff o knee

    some see bunnies in clouds i see mice in bread mold. what do you see?

  16. claudia

    Let the kids visit the mouse without taking them to the Magic Kingdom.

  17. Margen

    Bunny Bread’s new, attention-grabbing rival – RAT BREAD

  18. guava

    . . . and now presenting new Dirty Rat Bastard Bread. More protein, less fat, and a tasty treat for the cat too.

  19. moni

    Who thought you couldn’t get your daily supply of protein from carbos?

  20. jed

    Everyone just assumes that the butcher’s wife just cut off the mice’s tails. But oh no, it goes way deeper than that.

  21. Kat

    no charge for the rat.

  22. Anonymous


  23. Mehljo

    Isn’t the Rat supposed to eat the bread??? Wait, I’m confuzed!!!

  24. mike

    “A prize in every bag of bread! (Contents may shift due to settling.)”

  25. Anonymous

    What makes health food taste so bad.

  26. Anonymous

    Supervisor: Oi! this is HAMSTER bread, is this a hamster? NO! now do it again.

  27. Anonymous

    NO! NO! NO! I ordered the white rat on rye!

  28. Jimmy Flowers

    The bread ate the mouse! Hi-ho the dairy-o! The bread ate the mouse!

  29. brian

    if you give a mouse a cookie… HE WILL DIE

  30. Lethe

    Wonder Bread’s tasty secret…

  31. Pat

    At least getting eaten by bread beats getting raped by wild boars.

  32. Vikram

    John couldn’t understand why his sandwich tasted so bad.

  33. Bob

    Little High Little Low

    Little poppin fresh dough

  34. Paulapoo

    Sing a song of sixpence, a pocket full of lead, four-and-twenty black rats baked in the bread

  35. Knotso Cleva

    at least he’s neatly sliced…

  36. Laxsmi

    Finally, protein-enriched wonderbread.

  37. John

    I told you not to take the piss out of the waiter.

  38. pangie

    and here in the neolithic layer, we see the skeletal remains of the now extent bread rat.

  39. dbj

    New WonderBread!! Now with 30% more rodent.

  40. Julia

    Tom finally had his revenge on poor Jerry…

  41. Queegan


  42. Adam Smith

    ‘Hey, waiter! Is this your idea of a joke? I asked for 10 slices!’

  43. Dennis

    This is a rat on drugs…..any questions?

  44. smack my rats up

    All dogs go to heaven… but all rats go to carbohydrate HEEEEEELLLLLLLL

  45. Anonymous

    what? thats how MY bread always looks

  46. Sporkey

    In an effort to make carbohydrate-conscience consumers buy more bread, the Bread and Baked Goods Council announced yesterday a new, novel approach to add more protein to white bread.

    In an unrelated note, the New York City Department of Public Works announced that the rat population in the city has mysteriously decreased substantially.

  47. julia

    in a cartoon filled with anvils, Mickey got the bad end of it when the director decided more creativity was needed…

  48. little d

    well, i don’t think this actually qualifies as a better mousetrap…

  49. Aya

    Looks like the law of superposition applies to everything.

  50. Salamander

    I live next to a Wonderbread factory.

    I wondered why it smelled a little strange the other day.

  51. Kenn Young

    Walt Disney’s attempt at a hostile takeover of Wonder Bread comes to a sad end.

  52. Anonymous

    what are you guys talking? i only see a superly big raisen. wow, yeah, i wanna… i wanna… puke.

  53. Bob

    Pinky wondered what Brain meant when he said he was despondent at trying to take over the world and would settle only for fame…

  54. Kelli

    I always knew there was something wrong with school food…

  55. ken donaberger

    greed-y (noun): An excessive desire to acquire or possess more than what one needs or deserves, especially with respect to material wealth.

  56. Victoria

    Mum always said the crusts were good for me – now I know why – full of protein.

  57. D.L.

    Somehow I don’t see rat meat sandwiches catching on anywhere outside of Appalachia.

  58. c~a

    “Mommy, have you seen Whiskers around here?”

  59. Anonymous

    yes, yes, a very effective dieting method. see if i ever eat bread again… ick.

  60. Malcolm

    New Warburtons toastie with added protien

  61. Malcolm

    New Warburtons sliced with added protien

  62. Melanie

    My cat did that….. Sorry

  63. Anonymous

    I like PB & J and mouse.

  64. Anonymous

    Notice how the tail is in sections, this rat went through the bread slicer.

  65. Kitten Killer

    Mighty Mouse vs. Wonder Bread

  66. Invisagoth

    Everytime a cat masturbates…

  67. Inxply

    Toast anyone

  68. James

    Just throw on a slice of balogna and some mayonaise and they’ll never notice.

  69. Anonymous

    Okay, *snicker* now open your mouth and
    close your eyes…

  70. benny p


  71. benny p

    now look son when you move out you gotta bargin buy…. now look here!!! this is what you look for, i say half off at least!!!!!

  72. Anonymous


  73. hawk

    straight of the new arby’s menu

  74. Tim Zeiss

    “High in protein, but man, it gives me the screamers!!!”

  75. Anonymous

    Call now and well tell you how to get rid of roaches with cheese!

  76. Chris Crust

    Hey… wait! Mine only came with half a rat!

  77. Chris Crust

    Is that all? My last slice had a whole cat!

  78. Anonymous

    “Our bread Now comes with even bigger,plumper raisins”

  79. Anonymous

    Wonder Bread – now with extra vermin.

  80. PopeOfTheSubspace

    I laughed my ass of. Ha-ha.

  81. posterchildofdestruction

    I fought the bread and the bread won….

  82. chance


  83. Jack

    I have this exact bread at home. What’s the matter with it?

  84. Anonymous

    The bread companies of the nation decided to meet the maximum allowance of rat hair in their product in just one loaf! Wonder if the peanut butter companies are doing the same thing?

  85. Anonymous

    The new CRUNCHIER bread…..also available in other flavors such as cat, dog, goldfish, and squirrel.

  86. Urban Man

    Wonder Bread – Shelf Life ends right before complete decay

  87. Jim Bob

    French Toast

  88. jade

    I would not eat it with a rat,
    I would not eat it with a cat…

  89. Trot McClure

    Believe it or not, the piece with the rat ass on it, is packed full of vitamins. It’s like a Flintstones chewable, only flavored and textured like the nasty ass of a rat.

  90. Palmanic

    Verdict: Ten Million dollars awarded for Pain and Suffering…

  91. da popo

    loaf of bread…………$2.00
    1 pet shop mouse……..$1.75
    the look on your motherinlaw’s face;………………….priceless

  92. Maxx

    The sandwich practically makes itself!

  93. OSAMA


  94. Diane Dinero

    I thought the rat sandwich special came with cheese.

  95. Diane Dinero

    Rat…the other white meat.

  96. Anonymous

    Now that’s what I call a sandwich! Who’s got the mayo!

  97. banana milk

    Can I get the slice in the middle?

  98. Anonymous

    ew..ew..ewww…eeewww…i will never look at a loaf of bread in the same light again

  99. MWilliam

    A sandwich is a sandwich, but a mouse-wich is a meal.

  100. Lou

    This gives a whole new meaning to the “best before” date.

  101. Lou

    A sad example of why young rats should not play with plastic bags.

  102. nathaniel vincent

    in an effort to capture a younger audience, the bread industry takes a stab at the cereal industry with its own version of prizes inside

  103. Anonymous

    I’ve seen a flat-screen monitor up close.

  104. Wulfgar

    Wait!!! Is that the face of the Virgin Mary in the bread?

  105. Furry

    Tom finally beats Jerry only the anvil looked strangely like bread…

  106. Leo the savant

    MOUSSE?… I thought you said ‘mouse’!!

  107. Quique

    Welcome to Every Restaurant You’ve Ever Eaten In, how may I help you?

  108. fisher

    Having managed to escape the butcher’s attempts to cut off his tail with a carving knife, this blind mouse unwisely took refuge at the Wonderbread factory

  109. Furry

    Juicy…crunch..soft….chewy…i’m getting hungry!

  110. Jason

    Order #54, Rat on bread, served with choice of steamed or fried rice. Eggroll extra. No subsitutions.

  111. lil_B

    Then, suddenly, Jerry realized what Tom’s new bread maker was for…

  112. Micah

    The fresh baked bread at Roadkill Cafe is primo!

  113. ryan

    …NEXT, on “Fear Factor!”

  114. mesa

    Next on 20:20 All the mouse wanted was some breed not to become bread

  115. nacio

    …this is why Chuck can’t hold a job in the marketing department…

  116. pejamo

    Oooo! Can I have the slice with the head!

  117. CatShoes


  118. Tim

    The Navy’s new twist on the Brig diet

  119. Jordan Woll

    Now #5 on the McDonald’s New Taste Menu…

  120. Jeremy


  121. Mahatma Adolf

    God damnit Bobby your doing all wrong! The rat goes on top of the bread.

  122. Reed

    How NOT to kill a rat.

  123. Anonymous

    yuuummmmmmmyyyy sammich

  124. the schmin

    CLIFFdoes this mean i dont have to pay for the loafer bred?

  125. Sadie

    Fo sheeze, it was supposed to make a FISH!!

  126. Elf

    I had a rat. And it died.
    Not funny.. end.

  127. Loonquawl

    Having cured every disease known to Man, the geneticists proceeded to breed a strain of wheat which would keep the doctors in business. Unfortunately, it took several tries to get it right.

  128. Orangeblossom

    “Er mum …? I think maybe I should have washed the baking tin before I baked the bread…”

  129. Adam

    yeah it looks like you guys got a little bread on my mouse.. i want my money back, AND a new mouse please!

  130. Anonymous

    Nasty. That is just pure nasty.

  131. Me

    It must be that damned high protein flour..

  132. boris455

    thats nasty you all are sick sick homos

  133. That Guy

    The employee at WonderBreadÆ lost the blender used to ‘Integrate’ the protein. He decided to just add it in whole.

  134. Slow Burn

    Microsoft finally gets a mouse integrated into just about everything and gets a monopoly on Computer Bread.

  135. Slow Burn

    Poor thing. He just did not see that loaf of bread coming around the corner.

  136. van H.

    Our daily special: toast with mouse on the side.

  137. Mr. Ramon

    One of Disney World’s less successful food merchandising efforts.

  138. Droo

    Builds Strong Bodies 8 — er, make that 9 Ways!

  139. FoxTrott

    Humm… Looks delicious… :-D~~~~

  140. Exxon

    must have saved someone a trip to the refrigerator…or to the bathroom

  141. jade

    what should we name this new product? rat bread?, mouse loaf?….oh I know, wonderbread…guess what’s inside.

  142. RÙmulo Xavier

    Mouse sandwich. Just one question: Smashed or sufocated?

  143. Samuel Clemons

    Nooooooo…! Not mickey mouse why could it been goofy or pluto.

  144. CloudNine

    Theorists have yet to determine if toast always lands rat-side up.

  145. Anonymous

    Guess you don’t have to bother checking to make sure the bread is fresh.

  146. Hecata

    The future wafer’s of the Catholic church!

  147. magpie steve

    a pound of mango squash?

  148. Steven

    ‘Pop-in’ fresh dough – now with real rat!

  149. Mark

    Do you want fries with that????

  150. Bloodthirster

    Damn those delivery guys, I specifacly said: NO BREAD

  151. Don MatÈo

    What’s that smell? Oh,it’s just the oven!!

  152. Don MatÈo

    Thank God I brush my teeth after dinner!

  153. Anonymous

    And for the kids, a prize in every package!

  154. aphrodite


  155. jbos

    vegetarian food, huh….

  156. lady playground

    there’s a rat in the kitchen, what am i gonna do. there’s a rat in the kitchen ,what am i gonna do

  157. Shithead

    “Well, you see I was eaten this dough an’ all of a sudden there was dese’ flames an’ it got real hot……………

  158. Shithead

    “Momy! Momy! Look, there’s a prize!”

  159. Anonymous

    special offer: by one bread one free mouse.

  160. jandg

    another precious species on the brink of extinction because of evil corporate bread makers.

  161. benny

    I think they took the phrase “brown bread” a little too far…

  162. Waldo Izenta

    And you thought finding a worm in your apple was bad….

  163. Josh

    Oh, you said, “Use all-purpose flour!” Over the cell phone it sounded like you said “Use all-purple mouse.”

  164. Anonymous

    … and what happened to quality control?

  165. teej

    Quit yer whining! ‘Tis only a wee rat! Now finish yer meal!

  166. teej

    The British certainly have the most *interesting* delicacies.

  167. Bri

    Its WONDER BREAD too a whole new level!

  168. gunrunner

    Everytime you masturbate, God will make you breakfast.

  169. Eggplantchick

    This made my mom vomit. True story.

  170. Anonymous

    trying to sell these fakeleys

  171. Anonymous

    trying on the fakeleys

  172. scott

    What Stromen doesn’t want you to see!

  173. Confeusus

    “In financial news… giant MouseTrap Inc. suddenly dropped 70% for reasons unknown…”

  174. Fred


  175. Anonymous

    Ever wonder what the heck’s in Wonderbread?

  176. mdc58


  177. TopWhizzer


  178. Gram

    What happens when the Machine at the Hotdog factory breaks down.

  179. liam j

    cleatus,jimbob,curly sue,dwayne,brandeen,naydeen,cmown eiin,i got us some super

  180. drahkenfire

    The new Survivor Sub, only available at SubWay!

  181. Roy Cohen

    More proof that Dr. Atkins was right.

  182. Anonymous

    Quality control has faltered recently, possibly due to a rash of firings and a cutting of wages

  183. Nick Jorgensen

    What Upton Sinclair found in mum’s cupboard…

  184. Anonymous

    Another Wonder Bread employee is lost on the job.

  185. Mahatma Adolf


  186. stud

    mouse, the other white meat

  187. hey andrew, it's paul n.

    after the butcher’s wife cut off their tails she killed them each their own way. this one was baked

  188. andrew

    the best thing sense sliced bread

  189. B-Man

    The inspector is here? Shit! Just run the machine we’ll sort out the bad bread later.

  190. Anonymous

    panera bread introduces: rat facocia

  191. plex

    After being captured, Stewart Little was frozen in a loaf of carbonite.

  192. Elspode

    Wonder Bread’s Mouse Loaf never really gained the market share that they’d hoped for…

  193. john

    wonderbread …….. ever wonder what’s in it?

  194. CarMichael

    Forget the Wonder!!!

  195. Resisobilus

    One slice of strawberry tart without so much rat in it later…

  196. Anonymous

    Rupert the mouse never lived to witness the irreputable proof that bread does not always land buttered side down.

  197. Fire Frog

    “I still think they taste better onna stick! Still, pass the sauce….”

  198. newt

    complete nutrition, now with added protein!!

  199. Dejuan

    To cure AIDS, advance penicillen

  200. QuickCheetah

    Bread for cats

  201. Ed the Higg

    The Purina Cat Food Company: A name you can trust. We now include “bread” among our many varieties of cat food. Your cat will love it. Try Purina brand bread today!

  202. one_liner

    road kill sandwich mmmmmm

  203. Rowland Allsopp

    ummm yess wonder white Meatloaf twice the fibre. a wonder white ™

  204. dustin cobwebs


    Splinter from ninja turtles

  205. Kenny

    Local PETA chapter halts bread production a the local bakery after finding this roach may have suffered a “cruel and painful death”.

  206. me

    OMG theres a dead mouse in the bread
    thats crazy
    lol that was really funny lmao

  207. Zinc443

    After having having his tail cut off by a carving knife, his 2 brothers watched, as Jerry was hammered into a loaf of Hovis

  208. Morgan

    Nothing says lovin’ like somethin’ from the oven

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