Free mamos


I thought I would get into the spirit of Halloween with this photo. I’m sure many of you will be using this costume this year. It’s the perfect outfit to wear to an office party; hell just wear it all day to work – it would kill.

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83 Captions for “Free mamos”

  1. Anonymous

    Come to papa!

  2. Anonymous

    Does someone have milk for daddy?

  3. Larry

    I am soooo gonna make this next year, but I think I’m going to build in a helmet is case chicks try to beat my ass!

  4. Anonymous

    I’m board certified, just plop those fun-bags up here.

  5. Anonymous


  6. Anonymous

    Hi. My name is shameless. It’s nice to meet you.

  7. Anonymous

    Gazangaz here please.

  8. Anonymous

    What not to where at an empowered women mixer.

  9. mike

    Cardboard box you stole from work… $0.00

    Aluminum Foil… $3.79

    Plastic surgery to fix how your face is going to look like in a few hours… $$$$

  10. Anonymous

    Sick and wrong, just plain sick and wrong.

  11. Blarg

    From the size of those cutouts, I’m thinking he’s headed to the Porn Star Association’s Halloween Party.

  12. Mat

    Top Ten reasons why costume party family reunions were outlawed in Arkansas – Reason #1.

  13. Snork

    but… there’s ALREADY a boob in there!

  14. Anonymous

    This has got to work, I’ve been wearing it for 3 weeks strait, but I think tonight is the night!

  15. Viehauser


  16. Cletus

    Please??? I don’t have the dollar tip for inside…

  17. Eric


  18. Anonymous

    MISSING: Shallow man suspected beaten to death by small breasted women.

  19. tvela

    …pan down for free Pap Smear apparatus…

  20. Laxsmi

    What a Genius Looks like.

  21. Anonymous

    Trick or treat! Oh my, mom, i didnt know you lived around here…

  22. Dan

    See, there’s actually room for THREE boobs in this box!!!

  23. Porked Your Mom

    Oh, Thank God! I need you to get on your knees so you can check my ASS for lumps! I think I’ve got Ass cancer!

  24. Steven

    “I also do Prostate Cancer Tests”

  25. Southpaw

    The ONLY way to use your superpowered x-ray vision. Watch and learn, Superman!

  26. Newt

    OK, I know this is a free clinic, but this is rediculous

  27. Pimp

    Oh my god, I am a pimp

  28. slc

    In retrospect there may have been better ways to spread the word at the feminist meeting about the need for mammograms.

  29. shawster

    how to know when to change HMO’s

  30. Chris Crust

    That looks like the science project I got an F on in 8th grade!

  31. oni424

    It was a great idea, but i shouldn’t have gone to the nursing home

  32. Y2Khai

    “I’ll even toss in a complimentary pap smear.”

  33. Anonymous

    “Yes the top of my head was removed yesterday–was of no use.”

  34. Jack

    Hope this one knows how to use soap

  35. Jim Bob

    The sad part? That’s not a goatee.

  36. Fat Seanny

    He’s got a free yeast infection check installed down below.

  37. Lou

    Those damn HMOs

  38. Ron

    Boob in the box…lookin for more boobs to join me!!!

  39. ryan

    (From the back, we hear)
    BEAVIS: Hey Butthead, where do we keep the tin foil?

  40. Lay-Z


  41. Anonymous

    The idiot that wrote this:

    FREE MO MORGAN! (check the url and all will become clear) -virtuoso guitarist

    Must be friends with the idiot in the picture…

  42. Reed

    Not many people bought into George’s idea of the “Free Lunch Machine” at the Entrepeneurial Fair.

  43. Adam

    and what you don’t see is the guy behind him checkin’ his prostate

  44. homo stupidens

    Men aren’t sick. We’re just really, really desperate.

  45. FoxTrott

    What a great idea! He’s a genius !!!

  46. CloudNine

    Wait, hold on, let me clarify, females only PLEASE.

  47. Hecata

    And for you lactating women,you get a free milking!

  48. Steven

    Yet another way to waste duct tape.

  49. Anonymous

    And for your eighty year old women, the machine can lower itself!

  50. -x-

    wonder what the sign on his ass says

  51. Anonymous

    Johnny was a big hit at the Porn Festival.

  52. Mike

    I’m not only a member of the Morons Club of America(MCA), I’m also the president…

  53. static

    The new boobytrap 2002. You can feel the difference.

  54. Jimmyhat

    “Oh, real mature Hank.”

  55. kittykat

    The universal invitation to get oneself bitch-slapped.

  56. Fenris

    “define ‘shallow'”

  57. babylon

    he likes those big veiny ones with nips the size of cantalopes

  58. Geist

    Although crammed with boobs, Billy-Joe was soon to realize his excursion to the Annual Lesbian Russian Chainsaw Fetishist Women Convention would not turn out as intended…

  59. rick smith

    should read “place dick in mouth”

  60. Drake

    And now waiting for the first 80-year old.

  61. Karl Marx

    Why daddy is not allowed at parent-teacher night……

  62. Jocal

    Costume inspired by “Girls Gone Wild”

  63. monkey

    The last picture ever taken of Dale before he accidently attended the National Organization of Women conference instead of his 10 year Frat Reunion…

  64. admviper

    The prototype for the new Hooters job application

  65. Dre

    Got milk?

  66. Nerve Wrack X

    Little things please little minds.

  67. Anonymous

    Great idea…I wish I’d thought of it.

  68. Les

    Hey, its how Hefner started!

  69. Nerve Wrack X

    After a whole weekend of playing Tomb Raider and guzzling Sprite, Melvin discovered a new way to find “the perfect woman”.

  70. alan seaton

    After his mom left the state and got an unlisted phone number, Charlie had to find another way to get milk

  71. toad

    Sperm Donations in the middle back panel.

  72. paul bonser

    i prefer milk to beer

  73. mike

    There’s still plenty of opportunities for 75-year-old women to get their thrills.

  74. etl

    John decided to try the subtle aproach.

  75. sdb knox

    I knew President Clinton was working on a new invention.

  76. ceedee

    The results of a wasted, masturbation-filled, misspent youth.

  77. Andrew Anorak

    Hmmm, can it be converted into a guilloteene

  78. Fisher

    The costume was clever, but probably not the best to wear to the Sunnydale Retirement Community’s annual Halloween bash, as Clark soon discovered.

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