Glasses this size make today’s drink prices bearable

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62 Captions for “Glasses this size make today’s drink prices bearable”

  1. Darin Madden

    I’d hate to see the urinal.

  2. Simon

    7/11 franchises market the same Big Gulp products everywhere… except Texas.

  3. Simon

    But osifer, I shwear I only had one teeny weeny little drinky poo.

  4. Darin Madden

    Husband: Honey – I had only ONE beer with the fellas!

    Wife: So why is the car is in the pool?

  5. Darin Madden

    Husband: that’s not the pool, that’s my cup! bada bing bada boom

  6. jazzgeek

    Heave it, and then leave it! It’s the new Ronco Personal Vomitorium!

  7. Coyoty

    Australian for beer.

  8. Coyoty

    Everyone wants to go to the Hulk’s parties. At least until Hulk gets smashed.

  9. Coyoty

    At NASA’s company picnics, someone always gets the dimensions wrong on the orders.

  10. Coyoty

    There are some advantages to being a leprechaun.

  11. Shadowbat

    Microsoft programmers devise a work around to the company’s new one drink maximum rule at lunch.

  12. Kenny

    Those two assholes in the middle are trying to sneek our drinks with the clear cups obviously not the official drink cups! Those are the covers from the parking lot lamps!

  13. Kenny

    Which marketing genius put the 1 cup free beer next to the dixie cup trash can booth at the county fair?

  14. Scrubby

    The city park’s employee drug screening policies were very demanding.

  15. Simon

    Mr Frodo! Mr Frodo! You should see the size of the joints!!

  16. trinawoods

    Finally, a summer Olympic event for the everyday man. Go Team Spooge! U S A!

  17. tmsuk

    You make jokes about tmsuk plowing out humans last week. Now tmsuk see humans plowed!

  18. s.chandler

    Disposable “GET TANKEDards”are a big hit in Texas!

  19. Guy

    The Mini-Me convention was going down a storm.

  20. topaz

    No wonder the invite said byob!!!!!

  21. Coyoty

    Someone seems to have spiked the punch with LSD.

  22. Tommy

    The “Garbage Sniffers Club” Summer Picnic 2005

  23. Kenny

    Someone should mention the porta potty line when they hand you these drinks, damit!

  24. Uncle Fester

    Starbuck’s latest ploy to conquer the world

  25. Rob

    Pre-game photo of superbowl XL referees.

  26. -Mascot

    We want to welcome YOU to Munchkin Land!

  27. -Mascot

    Note to self: never, EVER schedule Oktoberfest on the same day that they do Equine Urine Testing.

  28. Morgan Cheek

    I swear officer, I only had ONE drink!

  29. trinawoods

    Dolly Parton’s road crew loads the brassiere trailer.

  30. static07

    Now, before we enter the bus, please take a puke bucket.

  31. paul

    i promised the wife i’d only have a couple beers

  32. Stick

    Conserve boys, conserve.

  33. Abishek

    If normal people drink in these glasses will the sumo wrestlers drink in BATH TUBS??

  34. Darth munki

    I wish my wife had cups this big.

  35. Darin Madden

    We asked for big JUGS – not big MUGS!

  36. fartman

    Those aren’t large cups, it’s just a midget meeting

  37. lolz

    Ed wasnt sure how he has going to manage this months sperm donation

  38. Goldern Boyg

    People will no longer have toworry about having to pee in that little cup for urine tests.

  39. aaron

    no refills!

  40. trinawoods

    Well, one thing we do know.
    This isn’t a Mensa club meeting.

  41. trinawoods

    “Okay, now whoever fills their container with the most maple syrup from that tree behind you wins.”

  42. David Knight

    Terry, the keen photographer in the foreground, realise that he and his compadres where not drinking gallons of ice cold OJ but rather higly toxic developing fluid.

  43. Mike

    Alcoholics Anonymous Club

    Drinking Anonymously since Prohibition

  44. Rufus

    Hahaha big cups! Cups are not usually big! lol!

  45. Ricardo

    Funding cuts force drastic measures at the latest Ku Klux Klan meeting

  46. Pam M

    You Americans, with your “Super Size Me”…
    no wonder you are all over weight!

  47. Antonio

    “Honey I Shrunk The Hippies.”

  48. Antonio

    Fearing the class trip got lost somewhere in Giant Land Level 5, the students nervously began to throw up in their Wonder Cups.

  49. Antonio

    To the amazement of all his colleagues, Stephen Webber shows proof that ants were really just regular people, who are just much much tinier than all the people we know of..

  50. edith

    with these new cups, we wont ever need to get off our fat asses

  51. Jessica Henson

    Man fired for providing beer at company picnic. Allstate advised only 1 beer per person. Employee was fired for malfeasonce.

  52. josh ingram

    You want me to do what in the cup.

  53. dawn sharp

    Rodney Dangerfield’s friends getting…well…trashed.

  54. Tigra

    Assembly line for new and cheaper Cell Phones.


    They did say we were only alowed one free drink and we had to bring our own glass !

  56. Chloe


  57. tev

    Another McRib Limited Release Ends in Utter Failure

  58. Rach

    Just one more drink then we gotta go

  59. Lucy

    The elves were a bit upset about having to use average-size cups for once

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