Good morning!

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60 Captions for “Good morning!”

  1. DavidLee

    *yawn! I just dreamt I had a fish this big all to myself!

  2. Shadowbat

    Catalepsy is a condition most often characterized by rigidity of the extremeties and the distinct odor of mice and/or canaries on the breath.

  3. Gentaur

    The monster under the bed gets tired of waiting and pulls its victim down through the mattress.

  4. fartman

    AAAAH!! The waterbed is leaking!

  5. Gentaur

    Exorcist IX: The Pussession.

  6. Tommy Vercetti

    …and down in our “Special Interest” area you can pick up a special version of “Snuffing Snuffy”

  7. Darin Madden

    Oy! Get that camera out of my face! I’m trying to take a human nap.

  8. Trint

    GAAH! Keep those cold feet on your side of the bed!!

  9. trinawoods

    “I’m ready for my close-up Mr. DeMille.”

  10. trinawoods

    Joe neglected to read the fine print when he ordered a “Pussy Action” calendar online.

  11. tim fortune

    you’d look like this too if someone sawed your lower half off and tucked you neatly under the covers.

  12. trinawoods

    “Hey! I wanted a manicure, not a bikini wax!”

  13. Alex Kaseberg

    It was at that second that Doris decided her giant rat suit was worth every penny.

  14. trinawoods

    After more than 8000 performances on Broadway, Jellicle Cats have permanant “jazz hands.”

  15. anon

    AAAHHHH. i had a nocturnal catmission!!

  16. Barbara

    “Holy Moses, Catwoman, I told you–Your money’s on the dresser!”

  17. Jack

    No, I’m NOT doing a kitty litter commercial!

  18. trinawoods

    How all of Janet Reno’s pets look after they’ve seen her naked.

  19. Mascot

    Muffy was finally laid to rest in her kitty coffin, with the same expression she had while attempting to use her tenth life. She was, however, able to prove that cats land on their feet…even after a 15 story drop.

  20. Gentaur

    That’s what happens when you hate water and wet the bed.

  21. Rob

    So thats how I got all the claw marks on my back.

  22. lawrence

    Perpetual back up performer to the lead in “cats” still waiting for his big moment and ready to go onstage at a moments notice wakes up to yet another day AFTER Cats has closed and the denial isnt over yet.

  23. Simon

    She was hot and ready for him. All six of her nipples were tingling.

  24. cathy kline saunders

    Get that paw better

  25. -Mascot

    “wow…I was so drunk last night I can’t even remember your name…”

  26. trinawoods

    I think I figured out why Grandma named him ” Stiffy.”

  27. trinawoods

    “I said I was sorry! No more tuna before bed…I get it!”

  28. Robert

    This cat just saved 15% on it’s car insurance by calling GEICO.

  29. Ben

    Whoa! Hon, you won’t believe the dream I just had. First of all, I turned into a ca–Oh hell!

  30. sarah

    hey hunk no more but plugs or you owe me extra.

  31. sarah

    oi nearly sucking it off was enough. quit biting!

  32. brass monkey

    Fluffy attempts to walk on the ceiling for the first time after having his claws removed…

  33. Juice

    Man: “Who wants to jump off the Empire State Building?”

    Cat: “Oh! I DO! I DO!”

  34. Kenny

    Honey, what do you think the kitty saw in the house last night that caused it to die in its bed?

  35. Larissa


  36. yourmomeatspie

    Oh my funyon gravy!!!! I thought that she was at least 16… ah hell, there goes one of my lives.

  37. trinawoods

    Yes, there were times, I’m sure you knew
    When I bit off more than I could chew
    But through it all, when there was doubt
    I ate it up and spit it out
    I faced it all and I stood tall and did it MY WAY!

  38. Eric Neece


  39. saturday

    Fuffy after seen the record catfish picture.

  40. mark smith

    When a cat cums and loses one of its nine lives this is what it looks like

  41. Allie

    *smiles* That was the best nap I ever had, Thank goodness I finally kicked those humans out of MY bed. I was beginning to look like that mask from Scream.

  42. Daniel Flynn

    Help me, I’m in China!

  43. Gino the bookie

    *Police… this is a raid*

  44. Gino the bookie

    *it was this BIG*

  45. Arron

    Argh! I forgot the milk again.

  46. Ian

    Don’t shine that light in me eyes! It burns, yo!

  47. fidelis

    You would look like that, too, if the firecracker up your butt had just gone off.

  48. Matt Finley

    He saw this videotape, then got a wierd phone call, and a week later I found him like this…

  49. james

    Owner: Boo!

    Cat: Aaaaarrrhh!

  50. dawn sharp

    Halle Berry, catty as ever.

  51. connor

    owner:rise and shine.

    cat:jo, i dont want to get up!

  52. NooSweat

    “Jump in hon, I’m ready for ya!”

  53. RedskinRay

    No, no, no. I hate it doggie style.

  54. adam h

    the broadway musical cats meets THE RING

  55. Funky


  56. Mike

    Wear did you put the Dildo!

  57. Ray R.

    And then the vet wanted to stick me with a needle this big! No lies here!

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