Got game


Who says you have to be tall to play?

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87 Captions for “Got game”

  1. Les

    Even Air Mike shoes can’t help these guys!

  2. Reut

    That’s a huge basketball…

  3. onebad427

    “just DON’T do it”

  4. Reut

    lil’ yellow guy: Holy crap did you fart?

  5. Regulation Size Court

    “He Shoots, He Misses. That was well short of the basket!”

  6. boney

    The Americans with Disabilities Act finally gets applied to pro basketball

  7. mgoldsmith

    Mini Me and friends playing some hoops inbetween sets of filming the next “Austin Powers” movie

  8. Sting

    The special olympics for short people.

  9. Anonymous

    Seen here taking a charge, at age 3, Yao Ming dominated the under-8 Chinese league.

  10. Anonymous

    Occasionaly the Nike sweat shops allows their workers a short break for some fresh air and exercise.

  11. Cary Kingdom

    When only white guys played pro basketball…

  12. Anonymous

    outta my way shorty

  13. Kevin

    I just love playing with BIG balls for once.

  14. Anonymous

    my leg is stuck in the cement!!! help!!! get me out!!!

  15. filkertom

    After the debut of his one-act guerilla theater production of “Conception” featuring the characters of Sperm #14 and the Dro Zhan Warrior, the faculty realizes Professor Embry has lost it

  16. filkertom

    Micro Navaho prepares to plant the wheat berry that will eventually save his tribe, while his friend Inichi the Lost Guy gets a little too Bob Fosse-ish in the rain dance

  17. filkertom

    “Hey, your shoelace is untied!”

  18. Anonymous

    The young P.O.D playing out

  19. spat

    Outa my way, I’m gonna dunk it!!

  20. Reut

    The Los-Angeles Shrinkersssssss!!

  21. Mary

    I hope that this isn’t a short game….

  22. Anonymous

    howard stern presents: BALLIN WITH DWARFS

  23. Uncle Mike

    The NBA debuted the new under four foot league today.

  24. o

    Hard to imagine they used to be twins.

  25. balls

    Forecast tomarrow….Cloudy with a chance of midget.

  26. rich

    oh…oh, is THAT right? so, you’re sayin i can’t put it through my legs, huh?….alright…one, two…..(sirens)

  27. Newt

    He’s going to get the basket. He has the power of the mullet!

  28. Pokejedservo

    I dunno why but I think that “Shaolin Soccer”‘s new sequel “Shaolin Basketball” is NOT going to go well do you?

  29. marta

    hey!! were are the staircases?!?!?

  30. littleb

    Go team!

  31. Crunchy

    Their center is huge! We’re screwed!

  32. Tom Thumb

    It’s even more amazing, because they’re playing with a tennis ball!

  33. Tiny Tim

    “Hey, Shaq’s left testicle is really bouncy!”

  34. a

    And one!

  35. Datz It

    The 2 new stars of the sequel to space jam, in their video clip for their remake oif the song “I Believe I Can Fly”.

  36. Datz It

    The dude in yellow is got da biggest dick in da universe!

  37. lawrence

    Hey buddy….is that a tumor on your knee?

  38. Les

    Crouching midget, Hidden Basket

  39. Crazy

    I’ve got a pair of lawn gnomes that look EXACTLY like that.

  40. Saellys

    Peter Jackson received countless audition tapes when the Lord of the Rings trilogy was in the developing stages. This was the reason he decided to use forced perspective and CGI for the Hobbits.

  41. funny bunny

    After being turn down at every other job the midgets decided to put on a little “Midget bouncing balls bigger than thier heads” It won a free trip to the insane asylum for both of them

  42. JGarras

    How to cheat at golf…

  43. charlie cho


  44. jk

    All-Sport suddenly withdrew their new sports-drink with the secret MEGA-MAN additive (designed to enhance athletic ability) after testing revealed that it shrank you in half after two bottles.

  45. LM

    White men can’t jump, and oriental men…

  46. Lisa H.

    We represent the basket ball guild,
    the basket ball guild,
    the basket ball guild.
    And in the name of
    the basket ball guild,
    we wish to welcome you
    to munchkin land!

  47. Jimmy the Fish

    Nike continues their I Am Tiger Woods with an I Am Gary Coleman slogan.

  48. stephen b

    Dennis Rodman receives many complaints about his new lawn ornaments

  49. Brian

    Just a normal game of competitive basketball between a midget caucasian and a normal size asian.

  50. Hung Pow

    Why my Garlic Chicken takes 2 hours to come out of the kitchen.

  51. babylon

    cup check! cup check!

  52. Joe

    I bet my dad can take your 4 year old brother.

  53. yarivon

    this is the first time i play sumo with a ball

  54. Wetjay_27
  55. hi

    What was Jackie Chan doing at that midget convention?

  56. hi

    What was Jackie Chan doing at that midget convention?

  57. kudmunky


  58. Rusty

    ….and i thought ‘short game’ was only a golfing term…..

  59. travis

    get out of the way or i will pound ur balls through the hoop bitch

  60. fartman

    The red guy: “Damn this guy smells!”

  61. jdenzo

    Quazi Moko number 14 for the Hamsters drives the lane…

  62. cyder

    Ted and LArry fought back bitter tears when they realised that the rest of the players had left a half hour ago to play ball with the other “norms”

  63. tandeme

    Late in the third period the yellow team executed a trick play…all five players stood on each other’s shoulders and dunked the ball!

  64. Stu

    FOUND! The only players in the N.B.A not doing drugs.

  65. Rob

    “The Ball will crush us for sure”

  66. jc

    Wee got game.

  67. Mascot

    Bring it on, pipsqueak!

  68. Mike Cancino

    I want Rick Paton sooo bad…

  69. fergie

    little wankers

  70. Daniel

    He goes towards to the basket… (go, go Midget Legs!) – He jumps, and what a jump!!! an scores!!!!!!

  71. pangie

    this guy has an amazing double crossover!

  72. bugjuice

    To see who was the best, they challenged each other to a game of half on half

  73. KenSR

    It was a low scoring game….

  74. Sam Moore

    Hey Sean watch this shot that i learned back in 73 when i got butt raped but an elephant in the circus, these were the circus midgets back in the day.

  75. Mac Daddy/Daddy Mac

    adidas is the brand of choice here for the billy ray cyrus/mr. miyagi inter mural basketball game sponsered by kriss kross, i dont think even the mighty kriss kross can make these guys jump, jump

  76. Atrocity

    Look at Willy Wonka’s Factory NOW.

  77. Gentaur

    No matter how good a jumper you are, you’ve GOT to bend your legs when you land.

  78. Belkris

    The Hobbiton championship came down to the Brandybuck Badgers versus the Took Terapins

  79. bbear

    Score on me…when monkeys fly out of my butt!

  80. ExplosiveDuck

    im small

  81. Audiodoode

    “Bring it on, Chump!”.
    “You’ll never dunk on me!”

  82. quacky

    Although largely unspoken, everyone in the midgi-league knew that when mullet man brought his A game, he was unstoppable.

  83. JimmyFunk

    Bob tries a 3-Pointer, but sadly comes up short.

  84. dustin cobwebs

    the new center for the clippers

  85. Carol

    Midgets, my anti drug.

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