Great hunter part 2


Whenever I post a picture. I get a rash of uploads along similar lines of the recent post. Post a hunter, get a bunch of hunter pictures. I have quite the backlog of photos to upload so if yours isn’t up yet, if it’s good enough, it soon will.

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75 Captions for “Great hunter part 2”

  1. Anonymous

    Hold my beer and watch this. The last words of 96% Wisconsin hunting accident victoms.

  2. plankton

    guns don’t kill people, drunks with guns kill people

  3. Anonymous

    Hey Jeb!! You SURE this aint piss! It shure tastes like piss

  4. Straight Arrow

    Camouflage gear is essential in the underage pursuit of intoxicating beverages…weapons convert this to a felony however.

  5. (pdw)

    Jim Carrey sure has fallen on hard times

  6. spat

    Drink while hunting man! You’ll see twice the amount of game!

  7. spat

    We’re only here for the…
    a) bear
    b) beer
    c) deer
    (select one of the above)

  8. ben

    whhaazzzzzzuuuuu uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu uuuupppppppppppppppp

  9. Alex Kaseberg

    Guys like this make me want to become a black Muslim, and I am a white protestant.

  10. tatroyer

    Jay Leno’s long lost second cousin, Billy Bob Leno.

  11. Danelle

    This is why I dont do internet dating anymore.

  12. Anonymous

    Carson Daly’s TRL replacement brought in the southern demographic.

  13. gunmetal

    It’s a boy!!! I sure hope it’s mine this time…

  14. Anonymous

    The last photo of Cletus Rickenbacker, taken seconds before he was crushed by a deer falling out of a tree.

  15. Karl Marx

    The star of the broadway production of Sling Blade

  16. Jeff Patridge

    “Hey Cletus! You are looking mighty attractive for a man.”

  17. julia

    My name is Indigo Montoya, you killed my turkey.

    Prepare to die.

  18. The Beaver

    Hunt? I Don’t need to hunt. I found the beer cooler. Thats good enough for me.

  19. Anonymous

    “Hey baby, hey baby, hey!”

  20. Zoinks and away...

    You gotta purdy mouth.

  21. ][V][achine']['hreat

    So i climb this tree to get away from the bear right? im looking around when i hear a fart, i look up and there was this deer’s ass in my face. and thats when i said.. sooo.. come here often?

  22. Maxx

    Catholic church camping trip. “Wanna sip little Bobby?”

  23. dave

    This Summer, Don’t Miss Ben Afleck in “Good Beer Hunting”

  24. ellis doppler

    all ned would recall the next morning was waking up in the middle of the woods next to a deer and his camouflage lieing in a neat pile by the tree

  25. Pot Smokin Monkey

    Now, ya see, the holder…keeps it warm.

  26. Newton

    I like the way you talk too, um hu.

  27. Burkoo

    Imitation of Life

  28. Fluff

    Most times, the townspeople were sad when the Blair Witch Killed Someone. In this guy’s case however, no one really gave a shit.

  29. Keenan

    Camouflage + Beer = The Invisible Drunk

  30. Babylon

    I say boy… you’re about as sharp as a bowling ball

  31. Mortius

    After two 12 packs I don’t care if she is my maw, she still looks mighty fine to me. Come to pappa now ya hear!

  32. zatterat

    Yeah Cleatis, nottin sure beats dat dere old free beer. Can’t believe it was jus sittin by da road der. Say, you sure are lookin good tonight, I think your deer scent is turning me on.

  33. wes davis

    And on the next Jerry Springer.

  34. Adam

    Damn Jerry, I just love sittin here in the woods in the dark drinkin my Pabst Blue Ribbon while I wait to hear the final screams of another girlfriend being mauled by a bear in that old Poplar tree, dont you?

  35. Nerve Wrack X

    So, I’s jus’ sittin’ over der and den dis big ole’ moose comes a’runnin’ over yonder. I grabs my rifle… *hic* Sweet Jesus man, I think ders something in this here brewski! Anyway Jeb, so where was I? Oh yeah, the Ford Broke down last week over on Interstate 16…

  36. Jeff F.

    You might be a redneck if…

  37. Hank Hill

    I tell ya, the boy just aint right…

  38. scott walker

    squeal like a pig, boy!

  39. Forbiddenblaze

    “NEVER LEAVE A BANNNANA ALONE WITH YOUR WIFE. You might find some new seedlings running around your house.”

  40. Raw knuckels

    Alex k is a raving – homo wanker fat dick sucking cum drinking pampers arsewipe fart faggot frikkin’ idiot bitch butt-hole bastard cock biting tit pincher nose picking prik.

  41. larfus

    heck all i see is a beer and a hand

  42. Anonymous

    Now you know why they never talk about uncle Fred.

  43. Nick Jorgensen

    Gene therapy still in infancy, researchers warn.

  44. Casey

    New Budweiser commercial that didnt do so hot

  45. Casey

    someday im gonna git me some of dem braces and get this lower jaw all fixed up here

  46. childporn

    tryin on the fakeleys..

  47. childporn

    “yeah dude, tryin on the fakeleys..”

  48. badleybred

    “I’m hunting wabbits…hehehehe!”
    Hearing that statement, the guys thought it funny to give Dave his gun…
    … they learned.

  49. Mike


  50. Adam Ciacelli

    I think that there has been some misleading info. on this site about me… I would like to clear up the rumors… I am NOT gay…ok, so I am

  51. nar

    hand me a second beer, son.

  52. Anonymous

    Hey I opened this one usin’ my 12 Guage!

  53. cri.sys

    (singing) “I’m a danger to myself and others. My cousins are as close as brothers…”

  54. Anonymous

    Anyone seen my sister!?!

  55. Jimmy the Fish

    Safety Beer

  56. phenn

    MICHAEL?! Is that you?!

  57. jesse G

    bitter bear face

  58. KY

    Mike Piazza’s hunting trip

  59. alan seaton

    “Lady Killer”

  60. alan seaton

    although russel had a chin that rivaled Jay Leno’s, he never used it to make anything of himself

  61. alan seaton

    this guys lucky animals don’t know how to use guns.

  62. Les

    Hunting sober is like…

  63. nebelung

    Picture taken before drunk hunter friend blows beer can away with 30-30 … “Ah bet you cain’t hit it”

  64. GlowMember

    I can’t believe it’s not butter!

  65. Fire Frog

    Yep, in my day job I’m a flight attendant. You should see this neat prank decal I’ve got for the cockpit, it’s gonna make my co-pilots shit!

  66. Tone

    i reckon i aint got no reason to kill no bod eee un huh

  67. Bishop

    Uh, oh, Karl Childers is out of the nervous hospital again.

  68. sully

    Would you believe it? A month agoI was a well-dressed executive on my way to work when a homeless bum asked for change. I said “no”. He said “This could be you, Mr. Pinstripes!” I laughed. “Don’t laugh at me, Mr. Executive!” I kept laughing..Something hit my head and when I woke up, I was sitting on the street with a “spare change” sign in one hand and this cup in the other. My thousand dollar pinstriped suit, silk tie, white shirt, tasseled loafers, dress socks, Rolex and briefcase were gone, and I was barefoot and wearing these clothes. Later, my boss saw me and fired me, and they kicked me out of the condo. Moral: Watch what you say to a homeless man.

  69. sully

    “Just one sip of INSTANT REDNECK and you too will be transformed into a true redneck.” Two hillbillies invented this drink and claimed that anyone who tries it will be changed immediately into a true hillbilly. We found Billy Bob and Jeb in their shotgun shack in Tennessee and asked them to prove their claim. They needed someone to experiment on, they claimed. A few minutes later, a stockbroker in a business suit and polished shoes on his way to a business meeting wandered in and asked for directions to the Interstate. The hillbillies looked at each other and decided to try out their recipe on him; if this dignified, well-dressed businessman could be transformed, then it works! They offered him a drink. He accepted. Well, we heard his red suspenders snap and saw his cufflinks and Rolex drop off. Then his black wingtip shoes dissolved, followed by his black socks, leaving him barefoot in his business suit. Then his briefcase turned into a shotgun. Then we watched in amazement as his expensive pinstriped suit, silk tie and white shirt began to change into the redneck outfit he is wearing in the photo, and that old hat appeared on his head. Jeb and Billy Bob laughed out loud, while the stockbroker looked at himself in astonishment. Then we looked outside; his BMW was changing into a pickup before our eyes. Dirt grew on his manicured hands; his hundred dollar haircut grew shaggy, and a two day growth of beard appeared on his face. Then the biggest test: when he opened his mouth, he said “What’s goin’ on!? Why you doin’ this to me?!” Yes, he was now a true redneck, and we took his photo, above. So if you’re tired of the life of a successful businessman and want a new start, try INSTANT REDNECK, like our friend above. P.S. His name is now Bubba, and of course he’s not a stockbroker anymore, but he has a new job helping Jeb and Billy Bob in the still.

  70. MeeMah

    I’m gonna smear deer pussy scent all over myself, hide in a tree motionless wearing camo and shoot an animal who is only acting on its natural instincts and is completely unaware of my presence. Then I can tell everyone what a big man I am!

  71. MeeMah

    SQUEAL like a pig!! (Hey, anyone hear those banjos??)

  72. MeeMah

    Someone give a gun to the animals!

  73. Capcom Freedom

    Oh ya-, then i said, “dont do that talk to me sister.”

  74. Audiodoode

    Phil (Lumpy) McCrevice says;

    “It’s mo-rons like you that gives us huntin-folk a bad name!”

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