Group Negotiations


Who would of thought that soccer could be this entertaining?

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75 Captions for “Group Negotiations”

  1. anok

    look there is a bird

  2. Laura

    Simon says raise your right arm.

  3. Anonymous

    He went thata way!

  4. Anonymous

    man in red ” Listen you assholes, I’m jewish, and if you don’t stop saying HAIL HITLER right now you’ll end up just like your buddy here!!”

  5. Anonymous

    Gangbangers caught initiating a member. “No, officer. We swear, Pele got robbed. We saw him go that way.”

  6. cybbis

    We DO use the same brand deodorant! Smell the armpits if you don’t believe me!

  7. Sergio's Waggle

    While his Team Flight Attendents teammates were instinctively pointing out the emergency exits, Raphael took a nap.

  8. rolly polly fishhead

    NO man you dont see a thing not a thing dont even look down look over there yea thats right over there.

  9. spat

    Viagra tends to have side-effects.

  10. Matt

    ‘I dont care if theres a stripper on the field, im NOT turning around’

  11. Slunt

    Man in blue: “Come on Trevor, we don’t have time for this. It’s time for my spongebath!”

  12. Laura W

    Man in red: “Listen guys, there is no man in a blue uniform. I’m sorry you’re all delusional.”

  13. Anonymous

    A group effort to distract viewers from #17’s little accident on the back of his shorts. Now that’s what I call teamwork.

  14. Anonymous

    His teammates helps #17 hide the embarassing yellow stain on his shorts by distracting the referees.

  15. Mr. Ramon

    Dude! Osama is right over there, man! In the first row! Sitting next to Elvis!

  16. Anonymous

    Coach: “Good practice, guys. So, who wants to go the Dairy Queen.”

  17. Ughe Iszot

    The Good Angel could only stand by and watch while the Devil breeded quarrel amongst the team.

  18. Anonymous

    “Pull my finger! Come on, pull my finger!” “Hey, pull my finger too!” “And mine!” …

  19. Kereltje

    “Okay, maybe executing him for that minor mistake was too severe. But this is my first match,I’m nervous and it is not like we can bring the guy back, right?”

  20. bgray

    The group’s first attempt to dance the mash potato ended in tragedy.

  21. Anonymous

    “Dammit!!! Who tied Jose’s shoes together again?”

  22. Les

    Early versions of The Time Warp were not
    really as popular

  23. Anonymous

    No one enjoyed the impromptu half-time show.

  24. Matt

    I’m a little teapot, short and stout…

  25. Anonymous

    #8 : Why’d you have to go and knock the black guy down huh? What’s a brotha gotta do to get some white folks respect huh? C’mon everyone, power to the people! power to the people! power to the people! ……..

  26. spat

    The reason why France didn’t score… their striker is the only one pointing in the WRONG direction.

  27. Erez

    “Hey, referee, settle this. To what side are we attacking?”

  28. Anonymous

    They came at us from behind. Lost Harry; where’s Hutch?

  29. Larry

    Listen guys I don’t care who kicked him in the nuts, just get him off the field…

  30. Anonymous


  31. Patrick

    Look, I’m a Referee, Jedi Mind Tricks don’t work on me, now tell your friend to get up and hand over those droids.

  32. Anonymous

    Everybody strike a pose; now Vogue!

  33. gragra7

    Ref: “I know your other team member was round here somewhere! Where are you hiding him?”

  34. SoP

    Help, I’ve fallen and nobody gives a shit.

  35. smioux


  36. bendoon

    some people get sent off, some get pulled off but others just nod off

  37. Anonymous

    Hey judge i think this elephant is thrown at ya!!!

  38. Steve 1

    The Frenchies use any excuse to demonstrate their excellent pointing skills

  39. Dianne

    Okay, whoever wants to be next to wrestle the tough looking dude in the blue shirt, raise your hand!

  40. don

    “He said kick with your feet!” Not “Lick someones feet!”

  41. Rusty

    All the french side pointing to where the think Osama Binladen ran after shooting there teammate

  42. bendoon

    at the most crucial moment in the game Manuel takes a power nap

  43. Anonymous

    put your left hand in, put your left hand out, do the hokey pokey…I said the hokey pokey stop getting that part confused!!!!!

  44. Alan Seaton

    who the hell do you think you are? Only we can kick our teammate in the nuts

  45. Anonymous

    the truck went thataway! er..that way…


    “Hey, referee, settle this. To what side are we attacking?”

  47. Owen

    he went that way!

  48. Kate

    Da plane boss.. da plane!

  49. Nurg


  50. Johno

    You’re not singing, You’re not singing anymore!!

  51. Big D

    “oh yes, of course there is a man behind me who is going to give me an atomic wedgie! you damn french”

  52. PixelGod

    Gentleman on left: “You be steppin` on my brotha’, man! Better lay off!”

  53. Tauri

    We keep telling you .. he went thataway with his ball!!!

  54. babylon

    I tellin ya man.. it was like 50 of them

  55. travis weir

    the french team showing the ref(really an undercover agent FBI) where Osama is hiding

  56. travis weir

    but ref the bullet that hit him came from that direction and i think he was wearing a condom on his head,just like that guy in the light blue, just behind you………….shoot him some one.
    ok than me being the ref i will pull my gun out see me do this now!!!!

  57. Van Caldwell

    The Real Reason Men Never Stop and Ask For Directions!

  58. Anthony

    Damnit man! Someone knocked out his glass eye and which way did it roll?!

  59. spoonpoker

    get off,we told you to stop hitting the players.(bully).

  60. spoonpoker

    who wants to be next?

  61. Crunchy

    I’m a little teapot, short and stout…NO! I’M a little teapot…NO! *I’M* a little teapot!

  62. Cary Kingdom

    I’m sorry, but it’s a boring sport. How can I help it if your players keep falling asleep?

  63. lawrence

    SEE?. Our new deordorant works better than your deordorant.

  64. Pancho Villa

    guy in blue:messieurs u got it all worng again it’s:turn-look-step-twist-jump ok?allÈ un more time *clap clap*

  65. Mark Smith

    He wold him to lay down and then he would put the his foot in his anus ref

  66. Justin

    Ok, 3 to 1 You may kick’em again

  67. ososlow

    Where did that ball go again?

  68. canadiana

    to infiniti and beyond! Must defeat zurg!

  69. dustin cobwebs

    i dont know is it a goose.. im no good at cherades

  70. Tramadol

    The secret of health for both mind and body is not to mourn for the past, worry about the future, or anticipate troubles but to live in the present moment wisely and earnestly.

  71. Tramadol

    Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal.

  72. Nicky hohohomo

    Look! a unicorn!

  73. Mascot

    Proof that men do, indeed, occasionally ask for directions when they are lost. Of course, it doesn’t help much that the ones giving the directions are lost, but still…

  74. Woody

    Let this be a warning . Never ask football players for directions.

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