Guard Dog

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31 Captions for “Guard Dog”

  1. Victor Nelson

    Scruffy Boy couldn’t figure out why he kept hearing, “Brains!!!” Unfortunately, his confusion wouldn’t last for long.

  2. s.chandler

    “Double keggers with free fur balls” just might catch on!

  3. s.chandler

    Isn’t it grand that Miller provides a warm and fuzzy duster for thier aluminum kegs!

  4. Dan

    Amid rising oil prices, even dogs have started to keep their own secured oil reserve

  5. Coyoty

    A larger dog could reach the openings, and you can’t risk that.

  6. Jig

    These two bitches are a barrel of laughs1

  7. trinawoods

    The Keg Heave is one of the most popular events in the World’s Strongest Scotty Dog competition.

  8. trinawoods

    “I swear officer, the dog is 21.”

  9. abi

    The Back Seat Of Lindsay Lohan’s Car

  10. RedskinRay

    “He can’t stay down with 2 barrels in him….not with 2 he can’t.”

  11. trinawoods

    The trip back to the store in the morning to return the empties is absolute hell.

  12. trinawoods

    Step 1: Admit you have a problem…

  13. trinawoods

    “There better be lots of bitches at this party. It’s been almost 6 hours since I got laid, dawg.”

  14. nice

    No matter how you are, We make you comfort and secure

  15. trinawoods

    Man’s Best Friend…
    Oh yeah, and a dog.

  16. HJWood

    Two 35 gal. nitroglycerin bombs. only one fuse

  17. Brian Meskill

    Please don’t turn
    Please don’t turn
    Please don’t turn

  18. Joekirr

    What? What?! I don’t have a drinking problem, you’re the problem of drinking, I say, *hick*

  19. cyco Lee

    Safety First.

    Always wear your seatbelt.


    Traffic police pull over this driver. Cop — ” why hav’nt you strapped your dog in sir ? ” Driver — ” well officer its a warm day and you can’t drink a dog !”

  21. typeFirst.ThinkLater

    beer. it makes you see this doberman guarding the kegs as a yorkie, and it makes it seem like a good idea to go get youself a sip.

  22. Oh Caption My Caption

    …they WILL be mine. Oh yes…..

  23. Chloe

    Ohh…we’re gonna have a good one tonight boys…

    Hot bitches for everyone!!

  24. Sean

    It was recently announced that Mr Bush was hiding nuclear waste, apparently he needed someone smarter than him to deny its existance.

  25. Kennny

    I said “pick up keg and a couple of bitches” you dumb bastard!

  26. Ray R.

    “SHHHHH! dont tell anyone, but im trying to sneak these too imigrants over the border!”

  27. tev

    His Wife, Sparky, Swears that Spuds MacKenzie is Still on the Wagon

  28. Jolie

    The dog says, “How are you two?”

  29. Fisher

    Who took this?!? I’m calling pet services! I mean, you didn’t even have the decency to leave him a tap!

  30. Joel


  31. sops

    lifetime supply of dog food !

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