Happy Thanksgiving Leftovers


Enjoy your leftovers folks.

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43 Captions for “Happy Thanksgiving Leftovers”

  1. jwd

    FDA WARNING: The lastest date-rape drug comes in the form of a turkey & gravy soda loaded with tryptophan. Second-hand belch vapors have been known to put diners at adjacent tables to sleep.

  2. filkertom

    “Tastes great!” “Less stuffing!

  3. filkertom

    “… Marge, I simply can’t understand why this and Beet Beer aren’t selling better….”

  4. filkertom

    … and the low calorie version, especially popular at Broadway shows, is also good as a basin, tub, & tile cleanser. “Trip the Light Fantastic with TryptoFantastik Lite!”

    Thank you! I’m here all week. Don’t forget to tip your waitress.

  5. Pismonque

    With 10% Real Gravy for that Fresh-Squeezed Turkey Taste!

  6. Pismonque

    “…[burp]…oh man, I am so basted.”

  7. Gentaur

    I’ll wait for the pumpkin pie soda.

  8. (pdw)

    What?, no fizzy lard?

  9. chevman

    Thanksgiving Dinner for the man who can’t chew and watch football at the same time!

  10. Phil Madikener.

    It took a whole lot of jerky, to get this much liquid turkey!

  11. DelSol

    The end result of leaving a turkey in the microwave for 2 hours.

  12. KD

    And its VEGAN! Though it is gross. 😉

  13. aseaton

    grandpa found a simple, yet profitable way to get rid of yapping grandma.

  14. Naz

    From the creators of “I can’t believe it’s not butter!” comes the latest revolution in products, “I can’t believe it’s not turkey!”

  15. Version One

    Clearly, Willy Wonka hasn’t learned from the last time he tried to package a complete meal in a single package. Somebody tell the Oompa-Loompas to prepare the cranberry squeezer.

  16. Mark Beular

    This drink not only has a genuine turkey taste, it also only has 300 calories per bottle.

  17. Weird As A Bagel

    Hey, this doesn’t taste like turkey! Ewwwwwww.

  18. manicuklawyer

    Those boys at the urology testing lab really did go to extra special lengths…

  19. Gentaur

    After this, you’ll need a bicarbonated beverage.

  20. Lawrence

    The newest scourge of the atkins camp. Carbs in a bottle.

  21. deidre bodiford

    “hey sue do you want the pumpkin juice or the tukey tea?”

  22. pando

    Now with 50% more mashed potatoes!

  23. smoove

    Now with hunks of real Turkey Skin!

  24. Matt

    Thanksgiving at the old folks home….
    ‘One straw per person’

  25. caitlin

    wanna go grab a bottle of turkey?

  26. Obnoxious Politician

    In other dimensions, Alcohol Prohibition was a great success.

  27. krymelink

    No hennessy or alize left so I figured what the heezy,ima mix me up some tricked up ghetto version from them grazy gravy thangs and this what I’z came up with.This shit guaranteed to knock ya lights out

  28. E_the_E

    New Butterball-In-A-Bottle!

  29. one liner

    Now with or without pulp!

  30. Bad Dream

    Do you think it comes in deep-fried turkey flavor?

  31. ttsquared

    Annnnndd they’re recyclable!!

  32. Owen Lucas

    And people wonder why Coca Cola dominates the market.

  33. Tinkey Winky

    MMMMMMMMM,…..liquidized turkey.

  34. Dominic

    And it makes one hell of an ice-cream float!

  35. Dominic

    Does this come in diet?

  36. Dominic

    Warning: May cause drowsiness.

  37. Love ya Often *Kiss*

    Im sorry, but it looks like bottled barf

  38. Sam Herman

    mmm mmm… not good

  39. Sam Herman

    Jones Soda Co.
    Can you believe it’s not crap?

  40. Babs

    Also try our Salmon Soda.

  41. pete

    billy jones was so excited, his first high school party. he wondered if his dads famous beverage would go down well with the cool kids. hmmm better take the “broken glass” cocktail just to be safe.

  42. Webtoes

    The top pops up when it’s aged to perfection.

  43. Funny_Bunny

    It’s NEW Stroke in a bottle!

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