Head Butt


This is a little late, but it had to be posted. It’s a picture of Hasim Rahman after his fight against Evander Holyfield on June 2, 2002 where Rahman’s head swelled to freakish proportions.

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80 Captions for “Head Butt”

  1. B

    It’s not an injury, I’m saving a sandwitch in there for later.

  2. Anonymous

    Introducing the new 2003 model with expanded head room.

  3. ju

    it’s not the size of the dog that counts, it’s the size of fight in the dog.

  4. DK

    eet’s not a toomah! (said in Schwarzenegger accent)

  5. brad

    look at the size of the head
    on that man

  6. armandbourg

    Mighty hard to put these contact lenses in with them gloves bro’!

  7. armandbourg

    Anybody seen my left arm?

  8. Anonymous

    Introducing the new 2004 model with expanded head room.

  9. Anonymous

    Introducing the new 2002 model with expanded head room.

  10. (pdw)

    Saggy tits? SAGGY TITS? Come here and say that to my face /%*!ß!!

  11. spat

    “Hey mthrfckr, inside my glove I’m putting up a finger for you!”

  12. spat

    “What?!…you can see I’m thinking?!”

  13. U-boat

    Wait a minute, I just had him in front of me…

  14. U-boat

    Eat your heart out, whitey!

  15. HEY!!

    you ruined it, “it’s not the dog in the fight it’s the fight in the dog”

  16. Wobblebot

    Trainer Angelo Dundee couldn’t remember the last time one of his fighters had to throw in the towel due to brain erection.

  17. Anonymous

    Uh…I dunno…how many fingers am I holding up?

  18. larfus

    Thats my backup brain in case my main brain crashes

  19. Anonymous

    Look at the size of the head on that lump!

  20. Mr. Ramon

    It doesn’t hurt so much here, or here, but right here.

  21. captionmakerman

    that was one big ass mosquito

  22. meir

    Swolen brain. More fluids less wisdom.

  23. Viehauser

    I think this guy needs some pro-active….. cause thats one big @$$ zit!

  24. Alex Kaseberg

    There was no denying it, he just couldn’t get the thought of buying a Volkswagon off of his mind

  25. Anonymous

    The kids were not amused by Hasim’s sock pocket.

  26. Anonymous

    Hasim’s new pickup line: “If you think this lump is big, wait ’till you see my other lump.”

  27. Anonymous

    Life imitates movies-Rahman’s forehead gives birth to baby “Alien.”

  28. Anonymous

    Doctor’s discover boxer can store water in camel-like hump.

  29. Anonymous

    Michael Jackson offers to purchase Rahman for his elephant man collection.

  30. Anonymous

    The zit that won’t quit.

  31. Anonymous

    Weeks later, Rahman’s lump sprouts an eye and he’s offered a role in “Jason & the Argonauts.”

  32. Anonymous

    Doctors become concerned when his growth spreads to his left shoulder.

  33. Jim

    Check please!

  34. Ed Hades

    I know where I am…I know where I am

  35. leozam

    They won’t stay dead !

  36. leozam


  37. leozam

    Chicken Vindaloo really screws you up

  38. Rick

    Say hello to my little friend!!!

  39. HooCares

    I can still spell better than most people who post on this site.

  40. Drake

    The worm had eaten all the brain and was finally full-grown. So it was craving to get out.

  41. Kereltje

    Come on, hit me another one. I look silly this way!

  42. Bill R

    Against his trainer’s advice, Hasim the one-armed fighter switched to southpaw, which many believe cost him the title.

  43. Anonymous

    In a desperate attempt to be casted for Planet of the Apes 2, Bernie thought it was a good idea to pick up boxing… Only later he ‘d find out the faces were make-up effects…

  44. Nicole

    And my opponent said he’d make me look real pretty. (What The…?)

  45. [NN]Sandwich

    Hey, How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie roll tootsie pop?

  46. Matthew

    AHHH!! So this is how men give birth 🙂

  47. kenoath

    Boxers’ victory speech foiled by microphone snatcher.

  48. Meso

    Hey, you are supposed to pop it when it gets that big!

  49. Fred

    and for his encore, the amazing Rahman pulls a rabit out of his head!!

  50. Anonymous

    “I am not an animal!”

  51. cozmo

    do i HEAR Tyson?

  52. ctcp

    This sign language stuff is HARD!

  53. Anonymous

    Damn! The Air Bag deployed!

  54. HoJo

    “Damn girl…….that was some good mother f&*kin head”

  55. spat

    R.E.M. (Redundant External Memory)

  56. Sandman

    On the next “Ricki Lake” when body piercing and implants go awry.

  57. masa

    He trained and built muscles in the forehead.

  58. wobbley pete


  59. JD

    What lump?

  60. cybbis

    Stand-in for King-Kong.

  61. Techno Duck

    Not here, and not so much here…but right here…

    Jesus what happened to your face!

  62. Holy Moly Schackadoly

    In Ronny’s mind, Britney Spears’s “Hit me baby, one more time!” kept playing over and over again.

  63. Gragra7

    Help!!Im sinking into my shorts!

  64. Trevor Aylett

    duh…paper…rock…duh..cutty things…duh

  65. Alan Seaton

    my psychiatrist says my hand puppet morton the penguin is good therapy for me.

  66. Anonymous

    Can’t you see?! I’m a genius too, you know!!!

  67. Les

    Bob thought his Quasimodo costume would be a big hit

  68. PixelGod

    Gentleman being sucked into tube.

  69. Anonymous

    eem…not, shoor thish wath worth tha two million dollarth…

  70. Sultan of Doom

    i will eat your children!!

  71. lawrence

    its this big and its this color….nahh…its not my weewee….its my peepee

  72. Anonymous

    Huh? Where am I? What year is it?

  73. Mark Smith

    I will fight you with only my right hand since you broe the other one

  74. CHAOS

    ok is there something on my face everyone is staring

  75. dustin cobwebs

    what do you think mr glove puppet…

    I think your an ass

  76. Stuart

    C’mon man, don go hidin from me man. I knows ya there somewhere

  77. mature

    its killing mashine!

  78. shemales pictures

    Superb! (I wrote something else and then I read below that I aint supposed ter. So I deleted it.)

  79. driver

    Urgently! Friends asked! I have a ! I can sell.

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