Heeeeeeeee’s Baaaaaack

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112 Captions for “Heeeeeeeee’s Baaaaaack”

  1. anon

    I got your ozone right here!

  2. Mark

    You dared America to vote for me Osama, now we’re coming for your terrorist ASS. PWNED!

  3. George W. Bush

    Awwwwright! License to commit more impeachable crimes!

  4. Mascot

    “Hey John Kerry…report THIS for duty, biatch!”

  5. Simon

    Smell my finger

  6. Dubya

    Looky what I pulled outta my ass!

    You forgot Poland!

  7. jwd

    W shows off his “moral values”

  8. Babs

    George wondered if the networks would be fined (except Fox)

  9. Scott

    See this America? Your fucked!

  10. Rod

    Someone shoot me in the head………just once. I’m a complete fucker.

  11. Bush Supporters R Fuckheads

    Hmmm, smells like Dick (Cheyney’s ass)

  12. gapa

    O My God, he killed Kerry!

    You bastard

  13. edman

    Hey Rather, report this!

  14. jazzgeek

    Fresh from his narrow victory, the President demonstrates yet again how he is a “uniter, not a divider”.

  15. Dubbya

    This is what I have for the asshole who keeps coming in here and spamming us with all those friggin’ links!

  16. Nimrod

    “hmmm…I guess Laura is ovulating”

  17. Uncle Sap

    Thanks, America, for falling for it. Now fuck off.

  18. Sports

    I like being President all the time!

  19. opstap

    can you do this kids

  20. the dude abides

    “…and this, Michael Moore, is my special way of saying thank you”

  21. Cheb

    President Bush’s response to the debate moderator when asked about civil rights was pretty self explanatory

  22. The Prez

    “Hey Osama… Saddam asked me to give this to you”

  23. Leader of the Free World

    “I’m Number 1…I’m Number 1 …I’m Number 1”

  24. Da Winner

    “Hey Kerry…ROTATE ON THIS”

  25. G.W.B.

    Yo Mikey…I got your Farenheit 9/11 right here.

  26. Media Reporter

    …and to answer ALL your questions

  27. Da Bushman

    “Read it and weep”

  28. jwd

    “Hey, Dad, how many terms did YOU have? Here’s a hint!”

  29. Jack

    Touch your finger to your nose. Excellent, sir.

  30. Bushman

    Brevity is the soul of wit. So take this Kerry supporters!

  31. Jim

    Hey Jib Jab!

  32. Marc

    Bush: There really are two Americas, just look at the states I won. Here is what my America, Jesustopia, thinks of everyone who isn’t down with us!

  33. Chris

    This is what Blair likes in the morning.

  34. Danimal

    Hey George Soros Loserman, MoveOn.org, Dan Rather, and all you other left wing nuts: You cant buy an election!

  35. Danimal

    Hey France and Germany: We still dont need your help!

  36. Danimal

    Go ahead, move to Canada … or France … or Germany … or Iraq … or Iran … or North Korea ….

  37. h0bobo

    Here’s MY 10 grand!

  38. Gentaur

    My name is George Bush, and I approve this message.

  39. Gentaur

    Bush prepares for more negotiations with the U.N.

  40. DubyaDubyaDubya

    Fuck you U.N. !

    Fuck you Europe !

    I’m the leader of the fucking free world.

    How come you’re not following me?

  41. We got Bush!

    Hey sorry ass: you’re *LESS* than half of America, moron. This is for you!

  42. Darin Madden

    Hey! Blue States! HA HA…

  43. Bite Me

    Isn’t there any way to block that asshole from posting those links? WHO FRIGGIN CARES ABOUT YOUR LINKS? GO SOMEWHERE ELSE JAGGOFF!

  44. The Whole World

    The Whole World Is Laughing At America

    What A Bozo

  45. Steeley Dan

    Just when I say
    ’boy we can’t miss
    You are golden’
    Then you do this

    You say this guy is so cool
    Snapping his fingers like a fool

    One more expensive kiss-off
    Who do you think I am
    Lord I know you’re a special friend
    But you don’t seem to understand
    We got heavy rollers
    I think you should know
    Try again tomorrow

    Can’t you see they’re laughing at me
    Get rid of him
    I don’t care what you do at home
    Would you care to explain

    Who is the gaucho amigo
    Why is he standing
    In your spangled leather poncho
    And your elevator shoes?

    Bodacious cowboys
    Such as your friend
    Will never be welcome here
    High in the Custerdome

  46. Bushwhacker

    hey American voters, this is the number of friends I had before my dog died…or is it my IQ?

  47. RUFFUS

    I just took Teressa’s temperature.

  48. Shadowbat

    I don’t feel guilty because I didn’t vote for him. Wait, I DO feel guilty cuz I voted for Kerry. Oh well, the lesser of two evils won. I hope. God bless America. We need it.

  49. Fire Frog

    Go on. Pull my finger.

  50. Laura Bush

    What passes for wit in Texas.

  51. Red Happens

    Bush tallies the score: Misguided, hypocritical, self-serving notions of morality 1, clarity of thought 0.

  52. Shazzamiam


  53. jeanne

    1 more term.

  54. roswell52

    I said I was going to reach out to the left

  55. BIGRED

    Whoooo’s your daddy?

  56. roswell52

    Jeez…did that come out of MY nose…????

  57. BIGRED


  58. patriot without a cause

    my fello mericns’

  59. Da Bushman

    Hey! All you non-millionaires! Here’s what you get for your votes! HA HA!

  60. Fire Frog

    This to all you spammers out there. Go get a life, leave these fun pages alone.

  61. Fire Frog

    Looky here! If I press my nose like this it goes all flat and cute like a bunny. I like bunny stew. But Spam stew is better.

  62. Del Flinky

    President Bush takes a moment to remind John Kerry he is still the number one democrat

  63. Bush

    For those of you who say your support the troop but don’t support the war!

    Fuck You!

  64. The Republican Party

    The bigger the lies, the bigger the payoff.

    Fuck you, assholes.

  65. *B*U*S*H


  66. Matthew Dickson

    4 more years…What Bitches!

  67. Jordan

    After his behavior during the debates, Bush was required to take a field sobriety test.

  68. fishersm

    In a rare moment of candor, President Bush outlined his foreing policy agenda for the next four years.

  69. Andi

    Fuck you!

  70. *B*U*S*H

    Auh… MEME

    Next day, Colin Powell comes in and run is arm accros his nose,and says Auh… Saffron !! (It’s and old joke)

  71. Proud American

    Quyen, I’m going to tell you this many times to shut your Canadian pie-hole and get out of this country if you don’t like it. Nobody asked you what you thought, and quite frankly your insults are getting really old, really fast. Take off, hoser!

  72. Sarah

    I have three words for you… No, wait!

  73. corn fed

    Number 1# I dont give a fuck

  74. Luke Hansell

    i’d like to jam this up bin ladens ass twice.

  75. Luke Hansell

    i hate blacks

  76. decay

    This is for you, Quayle, for calling me, “Tommy Boy” when you were dad’s bitch. Can you say, “One potatoe?”

  77. tc


  78. Tone

    Im saving this for tony blairs ass

  79. The Architect

    Dubya finally comes out and admits he’s #@$*&! the world.

  80. surv

    hey rumsfeld, come and smell my finger!

  81. Hogarth

    Today President Bush came out and did the ‘fuck you’ dance on the Whitehouse lawn.

  82. decay

    The mantle of power is passed to a new generation

  83. Homer Simpson

    “See?!? I told you I was going to be President!”

  84. Max

    I accept your offer!!!!!!!!!!!!

  85. Max

    I accept

  86. Lancehead

    I’m George W. biatch!!!!!

  87. trinawoods

    Picking a president is alot like picking your nose.
    Two sides to choose from, and the slimy boogers get all the Kleenex.


    Y do u always want to fuck me why don’t we FUCK U

  89. DelSol

    Up yours, Micheal Moore!

  90. Kenny

    Shown in a special sattelite link to Osama, is President George W. Bush…..

  91. Fuck CRS

    Bush says: “Fuck Saddam!”!

  92. princess2

    I have just one thing to say to the American people…..

  93. Bohatnik

    I want to make peace… in the Middle East!

  94. brass monkey

    And now, ladies and gentlemen, the president of the US attempts to count to 1…

  95. Sam Reavill

    this is the amount of americans who actually did vote for him

  96. Arry

    That’s one small step for man
    and erm o bull crap i forgot the rest of the line. dop.

  97. Boulin

    Va crever McCabe, c’est pas moi qui vais te souhaiter ton anniversaire.

  98. Boulin

    Tu croyais que j’allais encore te souhaiter ton anniv cette ann?©e? Plut?¥t crever McCabe…

  99. Mike

    I used this finger on Monica Lewinski….haha Fuck you Billy.

  100. abdul

    Bush właśnie to sądzi o Paradise!!

  101. emo kid

    and thats where you can go and shove your koyoto protocol!

  102. Rollschue

    At the latest white house press confrence, George Bush demonstrates American Foreign Policy

  103. Tim smedley

    “Have you seen the legnth of my middle finger?? I could get in the Guiness world records!”

  104. dawn sharp

    A bird in the bush…wait, that’s not right

  105. Preeya

    Journalist: “Which finger did you use to clear Tony Blair’s constipation?”

  106. Preeya

    (In a silly accent) “Can you touch your nose like this?”

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