hole in one


This one was uploaded by 4 different people, so I guess it’s a good one. The first one was from a person who calls herself minders.

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147 Captions for “hole in one”

  1. Anonymous

    yay, i got a hole-in-bum.

  2. Patrick

    T time!!!

  3. Anonymous

    constipation sucks

  4. Patrick

    James was praised by the rest of the Budweiser marketing group after finding a new spokesman for their upcoming PGA ad campaign.

  5. Micah

    The Hare gets his revenge…..

  6. Steve 1

    Megaphone: Freddy the amazing flying tortoise is preparing now to clear the lake is a single bound. Today he is using his famous golfball reverse launcher. Good luck, Freddy! And watch that cameraman!

  7. James kelly

    Dr Harold Shipman was certain the Suppositries would clear up Leonardo’s coldsore

  8. Viehauser

    Hey FRANK!!…….FRANK!……FRANK!!!! Get over here and get this god damn golf ball out of my ass NOW!!!!

  9. James Kelly

    Breaking News: The Cyclopse turtle had a terrapins head for a tail!

  10. James Kelly

    I should never have shagged that albino!

  11. Barry Moore

    After accidentally swallowing the golf ball timmy the turtle knew it was going to hurt on it’s way out

  12. James Kelly

    The ‘literally’ everlasting gobstopper.

  13. KT

    Oy vey!

  14. Anonymous

    Not even his time in jail could prepare the little turtle for this digestive mishap.

  15. Indy

    “im gonna explode, ive gotta fart”

  16. Maxx

    What… I thought this was how you play golf…

  17. ProfChow[CotC]

    Someone call my therapist, I’ve been violated!

  18. cari

    Nature’s newest ball returner has second thoughts about his new job.

  19. Anonymous

    I told you I could drive that ball up his ass.I just didn’t think it would get stuck. OK Frank, pull it out.

  20. koush

    My ass is par for this course.

  21. snork

    “You can take your ball out my ass now, Carmine”

  22. minders

    George suddenly decided he didn’t like to play golf anymore.

  23. Fat Seanny

    Last photo on a roll of film found beside a dead man with broken glasses.

  24. Raz

    Wait! Wait!, i tell you i can do this… It’s a Spaulding right?!?!?

  25. SPOOF

    “…and Tiger Woods was born naturally, in the water trap of a golf course.”

  26. Annakie

    This species of turtle is known for its interesting kidney stone formations…

  27. VenomHead

    Oh my god, its a new born!
    Get the camera hunny!!

  28. Invisagoth


  29. Dena

    The newest attraction at Jimmy’s Golf ‘n Stuff

  30. ENAR* and not one made by josh but an original made my nick and this name is getting too long but hey, its part of a really really really long joke and I hope you liked it as much as I did so thank you very much. You are the weakest link goodbye


  31. Anonymous

    Boy, the Humane Society is going to have a feild day with the PGA in court over this one…

  32. guava

    Take that Richard Gere — even animals know better than to abuse animals like that.

  33. Gary R.

    Early attempts at golf:
    Why golf clubs were invented.

  34. CaveDog

    Doctor, I think I’m crowning!

  35. Anonymous

    The cover for a new and very specific “gentleman’s magazine,” Terrapins and Tees.

  36. claudia

    Does this make my butt look big?

  37. ronincyberpunk

    Alright officer, I’m ready for prison. Lets see Bubba try this on for size. Bam! I won’t even cry “FOUR!”

  38. tiff

    ouch. dammit tiger – get contacts!

  39. Anonymous


  40. nathaniel vincent

    caddyshack 3

  41. Lou

    A hole in “number 2”

  42. nathaniel vincent

    where’s eddie murphy when you really need him?

  43. Kim

    Those golfers really are beginning to become a pain in the ass!!

  44. Luc

    I think I have a ball that belongs to Mr “Spalding”… Have you seen him?

  45. Ron

    Having a ball!!! Wish you were here!!!

  46. Lil Burro

    ..and so, Billy, that’s where golf balls come from.

  47. Raithan69

    Sadams new Skud Launcher!!!

  48. ryan

    that one tasted better goin’ in than out!

  49. Nat

    Is it a boy? Is it a boy??!

  50. brian

    detox tea.. please.

  51. Megs

    So how do I tee off from here?

  52. Megs


  53. draco467

    What does this have to do with Beer? This was not in the job description.

  54. craptacular

    animal rights, shmanimal rights

  55. Ken

    Is this a playable lie or can I drop?

  56. julia

    OK, really guys. That’s a gimme.

  57. Tyler Barton

    After this Freddy, the gay turtle, LOVED golf.

  58. BC

    The effect of pesticides on Golf Courses

  59. jasonclick

    As he awoke in the morning sun, he thought of last night.. the keg of beer, the smoking..the drugs.. the various partners…”What could be better?” he asked, but then he felt this odd twinge from his ass…

  60. Jimmy Flowers

    “Man, training that turtle to go into the water and retrieve the ball with his ass was a bitch! Can somebody get me a coffee? I’m still under par, right?”

  61. GoneRidn

    What? Do I have something hanging out of my nose?

  62. Quique


  63. fisher

    As golfing superstars like Tiger Woods continue to make a mockery of existing courses, its seems newer venues are trying everything to increase their difficulty.

  64. Julles

    sheesh. I’m so not playing golf with Bobby Knight ANY more, ok? Anybody got an Advil?

  65. Castellano

    $5 if you eat the ball they say. You can digest it they say…last time i get wasted with those dicks.

  66. Jason

    Hell, this sport goes slower than I do.

  67. Broken

    Breakfast? Commin right up!

  68. Newt

    I gotta go real bad..I have a golfball sticking out

  69. Newt

    So that’s titleist’s secret

  70. Missy


  71. Justin

    …..like a glove.

  72. Anonymous

    Hey look!It’s one of those new golfball shootin turtles they installed last night!

  73. jade

    and the crowd is hushed as the turtle takes aim……

  74. Hay

    Hole in one!

  75. Lynne

    And the well-aimed shot goes straight to the only vulnerable spot on the tortoise…

  76. Slow Burn

    Crap, George Bush shot me with a BB gun and tried to squash me with his foot when I was still tiny, but Gerald Ford is one damn mean golfer.

  77. SailorBob

    You still have to play it where it land

  78. Robert

    Is it just me, or is that turtle smiling?

  79. Reed

    Not the best evolutionary tactic to protect their eggs…

  80. Adam

    apparently, someone for got to yell fore again

  81. cecilia =)

    Gee.. this can realli stop anything from dripping out of THAT hole! Note the size pple!

  82. Me

    Now you can’t see how many golf balls are really inside there…

  83. d.

    turtle with golfball.

  84. Elf

    Turtle abuse!

  85. FoxTrott

    Geez… Now, they gone too far!! ;-(

  86. goo hound

    Drew-Gage! Is this yours? Titleist 3?

    Gage-Nope. Mine landed in an alligator’s asshole.

  87. diego

    And Tiger gets the par.

  88. loteq

    Peter now fully understood why his mother had told him not to eat the white round fish.

  89. Iwan Sjokotov

    Now that’s a strange looking dildo

  90. pascal

    damn i thought these were chinese balls

  91. Akuma

    FORE! And, it’s a hole in one!

  92. Samuel Clemons

    Butt Plug

  93. Hecata

    EXTRA…EXTRA..read all about it, angry turtle grabs one of golfers ball’s!

  94. Xenin

    what happens when it wants to fart? if they can fart? lookout cameraman!

  95. magpie steve

    sick! this one is for American perverts!!!!

  96. Joan

    What happens when you cross a tortoise with Tiger Woods?

  97. sam

    What happenes?
    I can’t see, so could you tell me in detail?

  98. Bloodthirster

    See? I told you I could do it! Now give me that beer you promised me

  99. Don Mat├ło

    It’s in the…euh..the..euh..Brown!!

  100. malice

    this has got to be worth some points

  101. Bubba

    it’s a hole in…no wait, it’s one in the hole

  102. tessab.

    The Plaza Del Lago Golf Club’s new ball washer.

  103. Curly

    i tought it was a dildo, bitch put some more in

  104. aphrodite

    “Titleist? You mean its not ben-wa?”

  105. zagood

    I told you it wouldn’t hatch you stupid bitch…now pay up!

  106. Wimbo

    “Ship it out Frank”. “No, I can play. Hand me my 3 wood.”

  107. lady playground

    we present you: our new instrument: this tortoise brings your golfballs across the lake, so you will never have wet balls again

  108. Mystic

    “Just hit it on the nose” claimed anakin, shaking his head at the stupidity of jar jar

  109. babylon

    Yeh? bettcha can’t do it twice!

  110. rodney

    watch everyone! it’s the amazing golf ball trick!


  111. Emoscreamo

    i’d rather be crapping a titleist.

  112. dalida

    Winston found the local food hard to digest

  113. dalida

    A lesson in Aristotelian thought; “When a ball drops, it follows its natural course”

  114. Fat Tony

    I dare you to try and wipe this smile off my face!

  115. induhvidual

    Mind if I play through?

  116. Mj

    I apologize for the many pockmarks on my face.

  117. Brendth

    Turtle> Hmph…nothing can go wrong today…i am totally in powe-!!!HELLO!!!

  118. Grant Palmer

    Jeez George, I never thought you were actually going to do it!!!

  119. Anonymous

    yeah…I didn’t think that was part of a turtle

  120. ellis doppler

    that’s right….closer…closer…

  121. zatterat

    Oh, shit. He is pulling out his driver now.

  122. Me

    haha very funny, now take it out……guys…?…..GUYS!!???

  123. I luv urine


  124. Anonymous


  125. Scott P.

    Oh, so THATs where my mulligan went..

  126. Anonymous

    Play the ball where it lays??? But frank …….

  127. Klvino

    The rule was “Play it where it lies”, right before PETA began capping golf players.

  128. Dave

    “When Proctologists strike back!” (No animals were harmed in the making of this film.)

  129. Resisobilus

    Mommy, Daddy, I don’t like Goofy Golf anymore!

  130. alan seaton

    Cecil the turtle found no humor in the artist painting his shit like a golf ball in mid-pinch.

  131. Chris Compson

    What the hell is a PING-PONG ball doing in my ass?!?

  132. Lawrence

    How many licks does it take get to the center of a tootsiepop? I aint got time for that kid, I’m still working on the last stupid question from the brat down the street!!!

  133. Reut

    Hey im Turtle Knoxville

  134. moe

    target iraq

  135. Ele

    What happens if that turtle farts?

  136. dustin cobwebs

    its a birth mark okay!

  137. Tejan

    The turtle felt something strange as he sat down….

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