How have you been Mel?

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32 Captions for “How have you been Mel?”

  1. Coyoty

    Passion for the blood of Christ.
    Mad Mel: Beyond Thunderbird.

  2. Cowboy Patrick

    I’m a douche bag.

  3. Cowboy Frank

    No officer, I haven’t been drinking – my ‘Swerve If You Love Jesus’ bumper sticker must have fallen off.

  4. Sahil Lamba

    If everything is not lost then where is it….???

  5. trinawoods

    Lethal Weapon 5: Mel’s Imagination

  6. Alex Kaseberg

    “I’m sorry, but did you just say would Jew like to smile?”

  7. trinawoods

    Poster Boy for the pathetic no-sense-of-humor-but-think-they-are-a-riot asswipes who rate these captions without knowing the meaning of the + and –

  8. james mcdaid

    She was my sister honest, she just bent over to my side of the car because she dropped a contact…..

  9. Tiny

    Mel: Jesus touched me when made that movie, I drink to forget how much it hurt.

  10. trinawoods

    “Jew lookin’ at me?”

  11. Jim Hourihan

    “You’re asking me why I don’t like Jews?I converted to Judaism last year. I agreed to be circumcised but it all went wrong when the rabbi lopped 4 inches off the end of my penis. So yeah I am upset. I’ve been left with a 10 inch stump.”

  12. Jim Hourihan

    “My agent said to my wife that my fart smells worse than my breath. But she put him right, she told him to stop f****** exaggerating.”

  13. Darin Madden

    Ich bin eine kleine Teekanne kurz und stämmig, dies ist mein Griff und dies ist mein Ausflussrohr

  14. Sahil Lamba

    Life’s a bitch, ’cause if it was a slut, it’d be easy.

  15. Josh

    Do you have any crayons?

  16. Zombie13

    I’ll give you 2 million dollar ransom to kidnap me and make me stop making another movie.

  17. cambria36

    I’m great. How are Jew?

  18. rathiz kumar

    The man with the only face !

  19. Filo

    I’m not wearing any pants.

  20. Jake

    “Damn Jews!”

  21. dawn sharp

    Mel-o-drama…from nearby Jewpitur

  22. Michael E

    I guess they CAN take our FREEEEDOM!!!

  23. NooSweat

    Christ !! Where’s the passion…??!!


    ” What day is it ? ” its drink your self to death coz i got too much money day. By the looks of it !

  25. Chloe

    Um…I have been taken hostage. If you don’t leave $50 million on top of the big HOLLYWOOD sign, I will be killed.


  26. Sean

    customs just had to take the P**s out of Mel’s passport photo.

  27. tev

    Wal-mart proudly uses Mel Gibson as a model for its new 3-d image shirt line

  28. cmto

    Zionists did 9/11.

  29. Joel

    “hi, my names steve, im 29, iv got a bubbly personality an looking for a woman who doesnt mind a liar!”

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