How to spot a rich man

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90 Captions for “How to spot a rich man”

  1. mo

    Xorgill couldn’t believe his luck. While this one was a bit scrawny, the minimal wrapping meant that he wont waste much time unwrapping his 2:30 snack.

    Earthlings, so tastey!

  2. Shadowbat

    Bubba couldn’t resist cheating on his eHarmony Personality Profile test.

  3. Coyoty

    Preview of “Shallow Hellen”.

  4. s.chandler

    Ebony & Ivory live together in perfect harmony.oh, why can’t we?

  5. Simon

    Call her… Ishmael

  6. Simon

    Plan of attack
    1: sneak USDA Grade A logo on his shorts
    2: get him to slaughter house before closing
    3: profit

  7. Darin Madden

    What happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas.

  8. Coyoty

    Lisa found a way to look slimmer without dieting or exercise.

  9. Simon

    This report just in. Record low temperatures all around the pit and reports of snow on Mount Perdition. It looks like Hell is indeed freezing over.

  10. Donny

    There were two of them but Frank needed a snack before supper.

  11. Coyoty

    o/~ Iiiit’s thuuuh Man Show! o/~

  12. Coyoty

    They both like the way the other’s boobs jiggle.

  13. s.chandler

    New @ 11 dr.phil talks about flab love = why some women love big meaty mountain men.

  14. Ankur Kalita

    Opposite sexes, same sides, opposite sizes

  15. Alex Kaseberg

    Sadly this was the last picture of her alive. In retrospect the man realized he should have been on the bottom.

  16. Coyoty

    Ariel couldn’t believe how easy it was to get the whale she found on the beach to follow her back to the water.

  17. Amy

    He ate his first wife.

  18. Harry

    I’m leaving you Maaza

  19. Coyoty

    He would tell them he has an allergic reaction to shellfish. He wouldn’t tell them the reaction is to eating a lot of it.

  20. lawrence

    Its all about Girth, not length, and dont let anyone tell you otherwise.

  21. Achaggi

    Dumb and Dumber’er’! 😉

  22. Arun

    Love is indeed blind

  23. Steve

    This guy has more a LOT more game than me. About 200 pounds worth.

  24. Anoop R

    BUN n CHiLLY ???

  25. Bubba

    Next lap I wear the thong

  26. trinawoods

    One cannonball and it’s all over.

  27. Coyoty

    Life comes at you fast.

  28. Clifford

    A Blind Date I guess !!

  29. trinawoods

    Miss Louisiana wasn’t about to take any chances surviving another hurricane season without some kind of personal flotation device.

  30. trinawoods

    Charlie eats alot of steak and has to floss often.

  31. Sonic

    Shallow Hal gets a re-make

  32. jay

    while dating earl, helen was known for walking around asking “does this make me look fat?”

  33. keziah

    She learned to speak “whale” from Dory…and they lived happily ever after…

  34. Fekete Miki


  35. Simon

    She could tollerate the funny looks but didn’t like being refered to as “Jabba-the-hut-slut”

  36. edith

    so u eat often…

  37. DJ

    “Nikita…y’know people will think this arranged marriage over the interent won’t last, but I know you love me. They’re just jealous!”

  38. Hugh

    Damn!… My mail order hotty hasnt come yet…

  39. nob

    Happy couple, Ian, and Claire Moffat

  40. Sahil Lamba

    Now thats a real heavy duty stuff…….but still………… is blind!!!

  41. Vikas

    Money With Honey!!!!!

  42. fred

    would u like fries with that?

  43. fred

    its deputy prime-minister john presscott

  44. Matts

    That’s the way to walk out of house without costing your parents much! They are on same boat lo!

  45. Jim Hourihan

    “You know your breasts are just perfect. I always find that attractive in a man.”

  46. Coyoty

    He said he was a Power Ranger.

  47. honey bunch

    i got a waiter to take a picture of us strolling into the sunset i love you phil

  48. Kennny

    Obviously Ernie’s ass isn’t the only thing that is huge.

  49. trinawoods

    The bakery is missing some rolls.

  50. D

    His meat shake brings all the girls to the yard…

  51. Mike

    In texas the boys do the birthing!

  52. yozimzim

    he know they would laugh but he is thick skined

  53. Chris

    “Oh honey could you buy me another diamond ring?” “Sure thing but its gonna cost you another finger.”

  54. Jerry Cashman

    Honey, I know that you are man that likes to throw his weight around – but pleaaaaaaaaaaase don’t empty the pool again today with a cannon ball!

  55. T. Pauline

    Has she had TOO many drugs or not enough??

  56. Chris P

    Amnesty International resolved to rescue the sumo’s first prize.

  57. kirk

    Incest is best

  58. dam

    Dam et Sandy a la plage, été 2007

  59. Mr. Grizzly

    After Lisa’s failed facial reconstruciton she had to lower her standards.

  60. Atul

    Girl: ” He is the newly appointed life guard. He does not get the victim out. He gets the water out”

  61. Dan Teepen

    As “salesman of the month for ANAL FLOSS R US”, Harvey got to escort the models to the pool.

  62. dawn sharp

    Osama Bin Laden dons yet another ingenius disguise to foil Jenna Bush.

  63. y hunt

    Walking hand in hand by the pool, Syd pondered; when & how he should tell Derek that he was a ‘pre-op transexual’…..!

  64. mebeeb

    It’s not so bad, i’m just glad that they didn’t get their swimming costumes mixed up.

  65. Michael E

    Bob was Jane’s perfect cover. No one ever suspected she suffered from anorexia…

  66. NooSweat

    He had tried to wear a thong but it dissapeared on him.

  67. george

    of course honey, i love you for WHO you are, not what you are…uh-huh?

  68. breeman

    it’s a fight for survival every night

  69. claire

    Jane thought that after a few months the magic would wear off and Hagrid would return to his original form as a hansome prince.

    she was wrong.

  70. whoops

    Oh, her? She’s just my aunt. I easily get lost sometimes. Tee hee.

  71. Tim Ownes

    that should be against the law…

  72. Tigra

    When walking towards you…they look like the number 10.

  73. Gem

    “The American Dream”

  74. cyco Lee

    I need to stop lossing bets. Lucky for me only 35 more minutes and Im done

  75. cyco Lee

    I will have what he’s having!

  76. Chloe

    Wow…it’s amazing who you can find through donating your fat.

  77. Sean

    ….5.99 on Ebay, not bad for a blonde thought Ted

  78. Jodie

    a walk by the pool infront of your mates with the fittest girl in the hotel : $100

  79. Ray R.

    Why hello there my fellows! My name is Obe Ease and this is my girlfriend Anna Rexic.

  80. tev

    “Down with Subway, Up with Ecstasy.”, says Jarred.

  81. Mandy Penson

    Guess whos on top!

  82. Joel

    man: “you may have 2 big breast but you dont have 4 breasts like me!”

  83. Kennny

    Okay, I’ll walk around the pool and hold hands for a thousand,but sex will cost 2 million.

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