I got mine on sale!

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51 Captions for “I got mine on sale!”

  1. Dan

    The first even woman and anti-woman particle annihilation has reported to occur last week in a accidental street collision.

  2. Rob

    You shop at Walmart too?

  3. s.chandler

    You Polish? me too!

  4. Will

    yay we can look stupid together!

  5. morgan

    Two blind girls run into each other at a party.

  6. Coyoty

    Hey… where’s the cream filling?

  7. trinawoods

    Here’s to adding the zebra to the endangered species list! Cheers!

  8. sam

    lets hope our husbands don’t get confused

  9. jesus doesme

    oh my god. im so gald i bought the matching hat or this would be embarrasing.

  10. shahrz

    ummm…. nice hat

  11. Simon

    Your right! The left one IS more firm!

  12. Simon

    The girls shared dubious tastes.

    Todays lesson? Use the word dubious every now and then. No one knows what it means, but it scares the hell out of them…. much like this picture.

  13. adam

    5 minutes later, a fight broke out

  14. trinawoods

    Twins separated at birth and brought together in an uncomfortably dubious way was fodder for the British tabloids.

  15. deanna holzer

    its a good thing i look better in it!

  16. vizman

    Does this make our butts look bigger?

  17. nitz

    look like were twins

  18. HH


  19. JESSiCA


    [[BiG GURl]] hA… ARE yOU KiNDiN ME??

    [[GUy BEHiND BiG GURl]] WoW i NEEd TO CUt My NAilS T0NiGHt!!


  20. leozam

    I may BE flowerpot woman but at least my arse wont get STUCK in the car door!!

  21. METZ


  22. DJ

    Sala Penchod!

  23. Alex Kaseberg

    Wedding present: $100

    Brown and white dress: $338

    Discovering that poor taste runs in the family? Priceless.

  24. Ronda

    “Just another day at the horse races, Charlie Brown”

  25. s.chandler

    “What – you couldn’t blow an extra 35 cents for the hat?

  26. b

    “…and I was going to wear MY furry pill box hat…that would of been embarrasing.”

  27. cal

    Did my husband buy you that aswell? Bitch!

  28. Britt

    Hey gurl wats up

  29. Fartman

    “Heeeey, we both look like a swiss toll booth!”

  30. Hay

    Pshh, the zoo called, all animals are supposed to stay there til 7 pm an Friday. Ooops!!

  31. Dan

    Since we can’t talk about each others dresses, let me introduce you to my husband. This is my husband Bill.

    No, thats my husband Tom.

    Bill/Tom has some splainin’ to do.

  32. Matthew

    And then she screamed a terrifying scream, never to show her face there ever again

  33. Edgel

    Does this wheel on my head make me look fat?

  34. nickie

    brown haired girl witout hat: SEE! I look better in MY outfit coz that cute guy is refilling my drink
    skinny girl with hat: Um…thats the butler.



  36. HJWood

    Jessica’s hacker boyfriend perfected the virus dress. She expected it would infect all of her friends clothes in minutes.

  37. dave

    My hair gets stuck up arse my crack too!!

  38. JS

    Beatlejuice Beatlejuice Beatlejuice….. Nope, that didn’t work…

  39. Joe Bagodonutz

    well, lets see your underwear

  40. Oh Caption My Caption

    (Translated from Mandarin Chinese): Yeaaagh! You wear the same sacred garments as I. We must fight!!

  41. Chloe

    Aww My Gawd, Lucinda .. we look like twiins!!! Aww My Gawd!!

  42. Sean

    It was reported last week that there was a decrease in the zebra population.

  43. Jodie

    Although They didnt show it .. they couldnt help but think ” bitch “

  44. Ronan cole

    So you’re a fan of zebras too?

  45. tev

    Blinds Hide the Interior of “House of Horrors”

  46. dj

    “Stay away from my man, you hear!”

  47. dev

    “”Mirror, mirror upon the wall, Who is the sqairest fair of all?”
    “”O Lady Queen, though sqair ye be, Snow-Zebra is sqairer far to see.”

  48. Joel

    “i wonder if your husband would recognise me with my mouth open!”

  49. Daniel Denniss

    Harold stared on at the women hoping and praying that the woman he fumbled under the table was his wife and not his mother-in-law.

    After a closer inspection, Harold decided it would be a good time to have a drink. Along with saying “It’s going to be a long night”.

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